/ How to behave with an aggressive and evil dog?

How to behave with an aggressive and angry dog?

Only a rabid animal can attack just like that. A healthy dog ​​always attacks for some reason and, often, knowing it, it is easy to avoid an attack.

Causes of dog attack

  1. The dog protects its territory, and if you know that the territory can be protected or see a resting pack or dog in the distance, it's best to go around it.
  2. The dog guards his puppies and food. You should not approach the logo of a bitch with puppies or a dog with a bone. To his bowl the dog should let only his master.
  3. The dog can react aggressively toCausing her pain. Do not stroke unfamiliar dogs, even if she seems affectionate, she may have health problems (unnoticeable wounds, etc.) and she will instinctively bite if you accidentally hurt her.
  4. Do not like dogs and when they are not familiar people are pulling their hands. When getting acquainted with a dog, first she should give herself a proper sniff and get used, and then iron.
  5. In a poorly socialized dog, an unusual object can trigger aggression: a mop, crutches of a disabled person or a stroller, creaking wheels of a bag.

If an unknown dog attacks

Statistics say that most often from dogsSuffer insecure people, afraid of bites. Therefore, the first and most universal advice on how to deal with an aggressive dog is to show confidence and leadership qualities.

Evil and aggressive dog

Never try to escape. First, the dog is still faster, and secondly, it will necessarily rush to catch up. She perceives the fleeing as a victim, but standing on the spot as an adversary and, perhaps, more powerful.

Also, you can not demonstrate other manifestations of the victim: wave your arms, scream, fall to the ground. A cyclist should stop. The dog will have no one to chase and it will go away.

If you are attacked by a pack of small dogs - you needTo attack in return. Usually it's enough to shout at them with a stern, confident voice and picture an attack: take a stone and swing, or even run it into the most active dog. If there are no stones nearby, imitate a throw or serious readiness for it. And wait until the pack retreats without turning its back to it.

If the dog frankly runs to bite, thenYou need to throw in it any object: a bag, etc., and prepare for protection of the left hand. Well, if it is protected by outer clothing. Then you need to bend it at the elbow and point at the grin of the dog. You can try to wind up winding something on your hand - a jacket, scarf, etc. The most painful in dogs are the nose and genitals. You need to hit the nose as hard as you can.

If your own dog attacks

Dogs do not attack suddenly. They have a lot of warning signals: grin, growl, pose. If your dog, for some reason, threatens you, you first of all need to protect yourself from bites by some obstructing object: a bucket, a chair with legs towards the animal, etc. You can throw something into the dog that will knock it off Sense.

In this threatening voice, command the ban: "You can not" or "Fu".

Later it is necessary to turn to professional cynologists for correcting the behavior of the dog, since it should never, under any circumstances, manifest aggression towards its owner.

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