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The dog is poured for joy or fear. What to do?

Often, the owners of the dog, finding a puddle in the house,Come to resent and scold the dog. However, such a reaction does not stop repeated incidents, but rather, on the contrary, will cause irreparable harm to the psyche of the dog.

To begin with, it is necessary to understand why the dog is being written for fear, and sometimes for joy, with a meeting with the host.

The dog is pissed for joy

First of all, we are not talking about joy at all. Meeting the owner at the doorstep and happily wagging his tail, a dog (and more often a puppy) makes a puddle to show you that he recognizes the master as the principal and agrees with his subordinate position. So dogs establish a hierarchy of relationships.

However, such puddles in the apartment are not very pleasant and the dog should be weaned from such behavior.

Shouts and punishment will not help here, because the dog will not understand at all what it is doing wrong, and the puppy will only be "stalled" in development, but the puddle scenario will be repeated again.

  • Best of all, going into the house after separation is notHurry to iron the puppy. Pretend that you do not notice his joy. He will not be offended, but he will calm down much more quickly, his excitement will pass and then the dog can be stroked safely (better, not bending down, but squatting) without fear of a puddle.
  • Doing this every time, you will fix the dog's correct behavior and she will not constantly strive to prove her subordination with the help of puddles, but calmly take her place in the family hierarchy.

The dog is scribbled for fear

The dog urinates for joy or fear

Also a puppy, and sometimes quite an adult dog, can be written for fear. Most often it is frightened by the sharp voice of the host, a sudden visitor in the house or the appearance of another dog.

In such a situation, it is very important never toPunish the animal for making a puddle. It is already frightened and does not understand at all, for which it receives punishment. And fear and reaction to it will only be fixed. As a result, the puppy will grow intimidated and lose all sorts of protective qualities.

Puppy, described after the punishment of the master, For example, for pogrezennuyu furniture, Shows his submission. It also means that the owner has overdone with punishment if the dog is forced to prove that she remembers her subordinate place in the pack.

  • To avoid such behavior, you should not intimidate the dog. Even if she was naughty, it is enough disapproval or disregard, and not screaming and slapping.
  • Overexcited dog, which stopped listening, first you need to calm down. It should be seated, but not by the team (it may not "hear"), but with your hands and keep it until the dog calms down.
  • In this case, the voice of the host should be calm, butPersistent and demanding, and the movements are strong, but not sharp. The owner should not be nervous because of not obeying the dog, but always be for her an example of calm confidence.
  • When overexcited, the dog can be described precisely from punishment or simply by a too strict command, shouting.

Therefore, the scheme of education of the dog should be as follows: calm the overexcited dog, but only after this obedience command.

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