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Dog bites guests, puppy bites strangers

With small dogs,An unpleasant story. They bite people's feet. Especially gets guests of the owners of such a dog. There are several reasons for this behavior, and they differ in puppies and adult dogs.

What if the puppy bites?

Puppy learns the world with his teeth and therefore for himBiting is a fairly natural behavior. However it is unpleasant to people and to avoid a meeting with canine, let even milk teeth, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules.

  • First of all, you do not need to show your puppy legs as an opportunity to play. People often entertain the puppy, wiggling their toes. Naturally, the puppy perceives his fingers as a toy and gets used to it.
  • If the puppy begins to show attention to the legs, it must be distracted by the toy, if this fails, leave him in another room, ignoring.
  • Accustom the puppy to the command "It is impossible", speaking it sharply and rigidly, it is possible to slap the puppy in front of the muzzle with his hands or newspaper, as if punishing him.
  • "Snarl" on the puppy with an angry intonation or gently shake it by the scruff, severely chastising with a voice. After that, deprive him of his society for 30 minutes.
  • Looking closely at the puppy in the eyes, suppressing itHis eyes, you can add a dull growl. It is possible, with short sharp jerks, to easily hit his fingers in the neck, imitating the mouth of a dog. So you need to achieve submission posture when the puppy lies on his back.

What to do when an adult dog bites?

For an adult dog, bites are not a game. She behaves this way, because she considers herself to be the main person in the house. She decides who will come to her house, what he can take and where to sit.

The puppy bitesAnd if the adult dog behaves this way, then the puppy was flung out of his hands like that, laughing and cheering him. Now a real house tyrant has grown up.

But with an adult dog, not everything is lost and there is an opportunity to get rid of its biting.

  • First of all, it is necessary to lower its status. The master in the house should be the master.
  • Every time (without exception!), When the dog allows himself to bite guests need to say with a confident terrible voice (but not shouting): "You can not", take the dog by the withers and press her face to the floor. The dog will wriggle and squeal, but it must be held until it resigns and takes a submissive pose. It is important that she does not put her paw on top of the owner's hand that holds her. So it is necessary to do constantly until the dog does not accept your persistence and does not understand its place in the family.
  • In parallel, it is necessary to deal withDog, practicing the usual obedience commands "sit" and "lie down" and do not necessarily go on about when the dog tries to dictate his diet from his favorite dishes. Feed should be balanced, and if the dog does not go to the bowl, hide it until the next feeding.
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