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Dog education: basic mistakes

To save the dog's health and psyche,It is important to remember what can prevent it. We present to you the top mistakes in the education of the dog, most often committed by the owners of animals. Read to not repeat!

Although the first error is not directly related to the dog's upbringing, we attributed it to this list, because it causes many problems in your relationship with the pet.

Error 1

Buy a dog spontaneously

Purchasing a pet under the influence of a momentaryRush or out of pity, you run the risk of getting the wrong friend you were dreaming about. Despite the fact that the homeless dog looks very harmless in appearance, it is not known what his character is. A cute doggie, which is sold off hand in the underground passage, may be sick.

Finally, do not underestimate the featuresBreeds of animals: some pets really need a lot of attention. And, for example, if today you "save" such a dog from hunger, then tomorrow, going to work for a day, doomed him to loneliness.

Mistakes in the education of dogs

That is why it is better to first learn the habits of the pet, which are inherent in its nature of genetics, especially care for it, and only then take a fateful decision for you and for him.

Terriers love to dig. Taxes can not walk on the stairs. If you are interested in some breeds, read everything you can find about it, talk with those who already have a similar animal.

If you are going to buy a pet from the breeder, carefully consider the puppy's parents, they should be healthy and behave appropriately.

Education error 2

Neglect training

Bad habits of the dog are formed in the earlyAge. And, get rid of them, if they finally strengthen in the mind of the pet, you can only with the help of a specialist. So do not overlook the upbringing of a four-legged friend. If you have little idea how to train an animal, entrust this matter to an experienced instructor.

But even before the puppy starts the training course with a professional, you can teach him to simple commands like "Sit!" And "Nearby!"

To start formally training a puppy is already at 8 weeks, and ideally up to 12 weeks, since this is the most favorable period for mastering information and developing norms of behavior.

In order for a pet to remember valuable lessons for a lifetime, it is advisable to repeat vocational training courses every 2-3 years.

Mistake of the dog 3

To be impermanent in prohibitions

If one member of the family allows the dog to sleep in the master's bed, and another prohibits the pet, of course, the pet will get confused. He will begin to set his own rules, which you hardly like.

To avoid this, make sure that all membersYour family is aware of - and strictly observed! - laws established for the pet. You do not want? So that the animal begs for food during your dinner? Then do not make exceptions even under the most plaintive look. Having indulgence only a couple of times, you will provide yourself and the pet problems for a long time. And vice versa - having shown strictness at the beginning, you will continue to live peacefully.

Error 4

Puff dog

Treats that are used not only forEncouragement, and even without a special reason, quickly lose their value. Consider delicacies as a kind of "pocket money", which are issued in the form of incentives for particularly good behavior. And do not do it too often, otherwise the animal will stop listening if it does not get food for it. Moreover, culinary abundance will have a bad effect on the health of the pet.

Mistake in dog breeding 5

Deprive the pet of communication

Animals, whose childhood goes on alone, develop fears and suspicion, and then - as a consequence - aggressive behavior.

Try to introduce the pet to new people,Both with adults and with children, from an early age. Sometimes place it in an unfamiliar environment, including transportation. It is necessary to save him from unnecessary fears, and himself - from unnecessary trouble.

Error 6

Neglect exercise

Animals have much more energy than humans, andIt is necessary to spend it. Otherwise your favorite dog will turn first into an unruly mischief, destroying everything in its path, and then into a grumpy idler with shortness of breath and heart problems.

How to Raise a Puppy

A dog needs to walk at least twice a day for at least half an hour for the approach. And not on a leash, but give her how to run about. For this, a ball, a flying saucer or an ordinary stick will be useful.

Very good, if you ride a bicycle, and the dog runs after you. For a dog, with an error in the characteristics of the breed, this is the norm of activity - birds fly, fish swim, and dogs run.

Error 7

Do not care for the mental development of the pet

In nature, all your energy and all the power of the intellectThe animal must be directed to search for food, shelter and protection from enemies. At home, the need for this disappears, and the pet begins to get bored. A bored individual, of course, is more likely to get into trouble.

In order not to have a domestic catastrophe, borrow your friend with an exciting game. If you make him no company, buy an animal special toys.

Error 8

Leaving the animal alone for a long time alone

Bored on the owner of dogs and cats can beVery inventive. Therefore, do not be surprised if, after returning from a business trip, you will find that the floors are covered with a thin layer of feathers from the ripped pillows, and toilet paper will "scatter" throughout the apartment with a bizarre labyrinth.

To prevent this from happening, one should not leave the puppy alone for more than seven hours. If you are forced to leave for a day, ask someone to look after your four-legged baby.

But this does not mean that the loneliness of the dog onBenefit. On the contrary: the earlier the dog realizes that the owner may have business, and learn to wait for him, the sooner he will become the best defender for your property and a companion for you. Only before teaching a pet "lesson of obedience", be sure to leave him toys so that the dog has something to do.

Error 9

Do not equip your house for the pet's needs

The place where you brought the animal - this is his housealso. So, here it should be cozy. Therefore, you will have to give up some part of your space to provide the new friend with the proper conditions.

A pet must have its place. A dog that does not have a comfortable bed for sleeping will inevitably sooner or later take up your own bed.

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