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Chinese crested dog, naked and downy (puff): a description of the breed, the nature, the price of puppies, photo

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Chinese Crested (Chinese Crested, Hairless) - a small decorative dog. It is also called the Chinese naked because of the lack of hair on the body. This mutation in China is known since ancient times.

Chinese Crested

Tendency to training
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Chinese Crested

Periodically this breed was very popular, butIn the middle of the last century it almost disappeared. Its only representatives in 1966 were only one American breeder. After this, the dogs were brought to the UK and a new era of their breeding began.</ P>

History of the breed

The ancient giving tells how smallThe fluffy little dog found a freezing baby in the forest. The caring little girl shook the whole fluffy fur on him to warm the child, and then called for the help of the spirits of the forest. The gods were surprised and touched by such care. They allowed the parents to pick up the baby and let the lost dog go after the people. They say that the Chinese crested has appeared.

The heroine of fables

There are other amazing parables about thisBreed. The Chinese believe that the naked little dog with a wavy fur on his neck and muzzle accompanied the Buddha himself during his long travels. He wandered around the world in the garb of a simple monk. When the enlightened tired, the little dog turned into a giant lion and carried a traveler on his back.

Another story is connected with unhappy love. Lovely girl Lou fell in love with the poor guy Tsu-Li. Their feelings were strong, but the girl's father promised to give her daughter for the rich old man Ho Chan. Desperate lovers went to the great sorcerer for help. He promised to change the fate of young people, but they had to pay a great price for this service.

The Wizard turned a bald, wrinkled Ho-Chan into aCharming little dog, but this spell passed to all future children of Tsu-Li and Lu. Their descendants in the skin of dogs continued their lives in Buddhist monasteries, setting the stage for the breed of Chinese Crested.

Adherents of Buddhism and other religions in theirThey believed that the naked dogs were mysteriously connected with the afterlife. It was believed that such pets after the death of the owner went with him to the realm of death and became his lawyers in a great court.

Fans in Russia
In Russia, Chinese crested dogs hitPretty late in 1991. After 5 years, the National Club of the breed appeared, which did much to popularize it. Now in the Russian Cynological Federation annually register more than 1000 puppies.

Chinese Crested

Made in China?

Many people want to believe that if the naked dog does notIs a relative of the gods, at least it belongs to the ancient breed. Alas, the past of our heroine is vague. Nobody is sure that the Chinese Crested was a favorite of ancient mandarins and lived in the imperial mansions.

However, the historians of Minh Tao and Chao Tai managedTo find ancient manuscripts in which "small hairless dogs with a delicate skin, a crest of a crane, the tail of a lion and the legs of a monkey" are mentioned. They say that these naked little pets were bred by Buddhist monks.

There are also more outlandish versions of themOrigin. Some researchers believe that hairless dogs were brought to China ... Latin American Indians about 2,500 years before Columbus. It just happened during the reign of the Han dynasty. In this case, the Chinese crested really luxuriated in the imperial lands of the Yangtze Valley.

Also popular is the African theory of originBreed. It is believed that the dogs of this hot continent have grown bald due to a genetic mutation. In the constant sun they were lighter without wool. Then the mutated dogs were taken out by seafarers who reached China.

Amazing mutations

But the most obvious seems most plausibleversion. Mutations that lead to hairlessness, are manifested not only in the four-legged friends of man. This transformation is subject to cats, guinea pigs, rats. Probably, populations of bare dogs at different times appeared on all continents. Moreover, independently of each other. But the sailors who arrived in China drew particular attention to them.

Curiosity, and only

Since the 18th century, British, Portuguese andFrench travelers often met hairless tiny dogs in different parts of Asia and Africa. Descriptions of these exotic creatures are found in captain's diaries and travel notes.

But the crested beauties got to Europe only in EuropeEnd of the 19th century. For the first time the breed was shown at the exhibition of the Westminster Kennel Club in 1885 in New York. Animalists became interested in an unusual way. They began to depict naked dogs on their canvases.

In 1986, Mr. V.K. Taunton, who collected rare breeds, showed a cute doggie named the Chinese Emperor in the Crystal Palace. Alas, the British public was not impressed either by cute tufts, nor by the velvet skin of a dog. The animal was considered a biological curiosity.

Towards perfection

However, at the English dog shows there were also those,Who was interested in a strange miracle from China. Taunton, along with the famous dog breed, Ida Garrett, began to develop a hairless breed. Latin American bare dogs, as well as the Maltese lap dog, the Tibetan Terrier and even the Afghan hound, actively participated in the selection. It was these shaggy breeds that gave the "Chinese" a silky mane, woolen socks and cute tassels on their tail.

However, before the standard was still far away. The ancestors of the Chinese crested, shown at the exhibitions in the early 20th century looked modest. They did not have any crochets, nor manes. The modern appearance of the breed began to take shape only in the 70s of the last century.

A big role in this was played by American andEnglish breeders. Among them - actress Gipsi Rose Lee and Englishwoman Ruth Harris. In fact, the "Chinese" dog was created by English specialists. In 1969, a club of fans of the breed appeared, and four years later it was officially recognized.

Two species of Chinese crested: naked and down (puff)

Chinese Crested

Dog height at the withers is 23-33 cm, dryConstitution, weight - 2-5 kg. The body is completely devoid of wool, the skin is very smooth and thin, it does not tolerate cold, damp and direct sunlight. The head is long with an extended muzzle. On a head a magnificent crest is preferable. Wool on the feet should be raised above the hock and wrist. The skin is hot and soft to the touch, can be of different colors: pink, blue, black, pale lilac, mahogany or copper. Under the sun, light-skinned "Chinese" sunbathe to a bronze shade.

Color of wool Admits any - solid or spotted.

There are two types of constitution of Chinese crested -"Deer" and "pony". "Deer" is more light and thin bone, looks more elegant. Excessively emotional individuals are not uncommon among them. Dogs like "ponies" with heavier bone, stocky. They are more self-confident and calm, which helps them to win more often at exhibitions.

In the name of the breed there are no words "naked" or "hairless". An important feature of Chinese crested: In one litter can be born as completely naked individuals, which later grow on the head, paws and tail, and puff puppies, ie completely covered with wool. Standard allows any colors and combinationscolors. They can range from brown-red to blue. In combination with the pink pigmented skin, we obtain patterned, marble and spotted colors.

Chinese Crested

It's funny that the saturation and color density of the fur coatVaries depending on the season. In summer the skin of an animal can get tanned. Then its color will be bronze or graphite. In winter, the shade of the skin becomes lighter again. Of course, crested dogs are very susceptible to sunburn.

The representatives of the breed have an unusual structure of paws. Their extended fingers look like human fingers. A clever pet, just like a small child, stretches his hands to his beloved owner, or rolls a toy from under the bed with his long paw.

No allergies?
Alas, even naked dogs cause allergies. An allergic reaction can trigger the release of the skin glands of the crested ptomes or the components of their saliva.


Naked pets from China have neverUsed as hunters or guards. Their ancestors were honorary participants in ancient rituals. Yes, and modern breeders have created a decorative breed. Hence, many of its qualities occur.

The Chinese Crested is very friendly. She loves all family members, especially children and is very affectionate to people unlike many oriental breeds. She is gentle, gentle, cautious and flexible. Puppy, just entered the house from shyness will not even be the first time to play. After that he will show how "Chinese" are playful and curious.

It's a pretty temperamental dog, but it will not bark in vain. Her barking may mean that the pet is either too nervous, or bored and waiting for affection.

It is easy and necessary to teach it, just like any dog. At the same time, she is able to learn hacking tricks: walking on her hind legs, climbing stairs, jumping over obstacles.

She takes great pleasure in communicating withMan, terribly does not like loneliness. And so that it does not grow shy and distrustful, it is often better to take it with you to human society, acquaint with quiet, small dogs.

Chinese crested dog loves hisMaster, that he becomes vital to her and if he leaves the house, she will wait a long time and look for him. Therefore, in adulthood, this dog is very difficult to adapt to the new owner.

Bitches "hohlatok" zealous mothers and nanny even with fairly grown-up puppies.

Many representatives of the breed are afraid of both hot and cold water. She needs to give more toys, so she does not chew things from boredom.

Chinese crested startleEmotionality. They are very attached to the owner and do not tolerate loneliness. It is necessary to leave the pet in an empty apartment - a bored dog immediately starts whining and barking. To get such a pet is to be in the center of attention forever.

They perfectly feel the mood of people. Usually the representatives of the breed are cute, playful and affable. But if the owner is busy, such a pet will not bother. He curled up in a nook and cranny and peacefully sang. The main thing is that the family should be there.

Playful pythomist can find herselfentertainment. For example, to roll on a floor a coil of threads, a cover from a plastic bottle or a rustling package. Her character will let her get along with other pets. True, she may be a little jealous.

Experts of the breed claim that there are manyCat features. For example, the temperature of the naked body is higher than the temperature of the woolen coat of other dogs. Therefore, the Chinese crested can, like a cat, work ... a warmer. They say that it can relieve pain with rheumatism, venous inflammation and osteochondrosis.

Not for children
All crested dogs are very fragile, so they are notIt is recommended to start in families with young children. The child is able to accidentally harm them. In addition, these dogs are afraid of screaming and sudden movements. Constant noise will lead to chronic nervousness and shyness.


Chinese Crested

Degree of care for wool by Chinese crestedDepends on how much the host grows. But her soft skin first and foremost requires constant and serious attention. You have to try hard!

It is necessary to monitor if there are cracks, rashes and acne. If the body becomes dry, you need to lubricate it with non-fat hypoallergenic creams.

Have to arrange a bath day for everyoneA week. It is recommended to use a soft cloth and a gel for sensitive skin. Mane is better to wash with shampoo, which will give extra volume. After water treatment you need to get wet with a soft towel and treat the skin with light cosmetic oil.

Hair on the muzzle will have to be removed by the machine, and after the haircut, you should gently treat the skin with a light cosmetic oil.

Hair on the face has to be removed by the machine, andAfter a haircut, you should gently treat the skin with an antiseptic solution and baby cream on herbs. Also periodically it is necessary to shear growing hair on the back, shoulders, hips.

Fluffy varieties of "Chinese" do not moltSeasons. However, their wool is gradually renewed. So it will also have to be washed and combed on a regular basis, so that the hairs do not get lost in the coils and do not absorb unpleasant odors.

The most yummy
The breed has unusual taste preferences. Many crested adore sweet fruit.


Naked torso is a mutation, but not a genetic defect,This is confirmed by the fact that the "Chinese" are quite healthy animals and on average live 11-14 years. In their litter there are from 1 to 9 puppies, but on average 3-5. However, there are "pedigree" zaoling.

Most often crustaceans suffer from keratoconjunctivitis,Perthes disease, allergies. They often dislocate the knee cap, jumping from a height (chairs, sofas) and have problems with their teeth. Often dogs of this breed are born with insufficient number of teeth or already at an early age lose teeth.

It is not uncommon for bare Chinese crested heavy labor, as well as acne formation and sunburn skin.

You can walk with the Chinese crested at any timeof the year. She is happy to play in the fresh air. Three or four short walks per day will be enough. But in the winter she will need warm clothes. Acquire a waterproof jacket or overall with a synthepone. In general, all representatives of the breed have good health. But, as we already wrote, you need to constantly monitor the condition of their skin. Under the influence of the environment, allergies can occur, which, in neglected cases, leads to itching and bacterial infections.

Also, the crested often have problems with their teeth. After the change of dairy to the root of some unremarkable teeth can not be counted. Sometimes they grow up incorrectly curved. Such a baby will often have to be shown to the vet.

Contents of Chinese Crested

Keep the dog should only in the homeConditions, guarding against overheating and hypothermia. To avoid the need to take her out on the street in winter, it is necessary to accustom him to the tray from the puppy's age.

However, fresh air and active movementNecessary and crested Chinese dog, so do not make it exclusively home. Walking in the cool season, the dog must be dressed. If you rarely go outside, it is necessary to provide the dog with enough activity, otherwise it can gain excess weight.

Wool of the dog in no special care is notNeeds, bathing should not occur more than once a month with the help of special hypoallergenic drugs or baby soap. The crest and tail are combed daily so that it does not get tangled. I protect her skin with a special cream from drying out and peeling.

In summer it is necessary to use a quality sunscreen.

The teeth of the Chinese crested dog are very bad, because they need to be cleaned from puppyhood.

The ideal host
Crested baby is suitable for a man with a creative mindset, adoring small dogs and preferring exotics.

Price of puppies, how much does the dog of the breed Chinese Crested

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

If you decide to buy this dog, then you shouldTo know that the Chinese crested down, as a rule, is 2-2.5 times cheaper than its naked relative. Approximate price level for today on dogs with a pedigree and a good level is From 12 000 to 25 000 rubles For a puff and From 20 000 to 50 000 rubles For a naked dog.

And boredom will evaporate!

Although the Chinese crested and referred to decorativeBreeds, she has excellent ability to learn. Training is built around the dog's natural curiosity, which makes her an attentive and diligent pupil.

Thanks to the inherent dexterity and jumpingCrested dogs can perform various tricks and even run around the obstacle course. But even if you do not plan to train a python and drive exhibitions, it will not let you get bored. The crested dog will become an angel-keeper for the whole family, relieving stress. This cult and exotic animal will be your muse and faithful friend.

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