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How to wean a puppy to bite his hands, legs?

All puppies bite each other during the game. Going to the place of residence to the new owner, the kid continues to play as well.

But a man's skin is thinner and playful bitingAre very painful. Even among dogs there is a code of biting. If the kid flirts, then his brothers and sisters scream and refuse to play, and the mother leaves.

Especially kusuchim can be a baby, too early weaned from the nest, where he was not taught to dose his strength. Also, more pups bite during the change of teeth. They want to chew something all the time.

How to properly disaccustom a puppy to bite your arms, legs?

The puppy bites his hands, legs

  • When the puppy is too flirtatious it is necessary to stop playing and leave, so that the kid realizes that after his biting the game always stops.
  • You can also send a puppy to his fence if he flirts.
  • For a puppy, any movement means a game, so if he grabs you for clothes you do not need to twitch, but stop. Then the kid will lose interest and weaken the grip.
  • You can also strictly look at the puppy and say in a strictly lowered tone: "You can not."
  • Always at hand should be a puppy's toys, in order for the game to offer him a more interesting alternative to the human hand.
  • If the puppy grabs the hand, it should be gently detached and offered a toy.
  • The kid should know what things can be gnawed and which ones can not be. So put it on your back and scratch your tummy, and at this time offer him something to gnaw - a special bone or toy.

Games with a puppy that will help us to bite him off

Teach your puppy to use his teeth cautiouslyThe game can be played with special games. So, you can clasp your hand and stretch it to your puppy. If he does not bite, but licks or pokes his nose, he is given a treat. This action must be repeated several times, constantly encouraging the correct behavior of the dog.

Gradually need to lengthen the time, duringThe puppy must ignore the hand and increase the speed of the hand movement. Then the game can continue with a chewing bone or toy. The task is to teach him not to miss the subject at once, but to wait calmly for permission to take it. If the kid tries to grab the object, it needs to be hidden.

If calmly reacts - immediately give a treat. The same thing you need to do with your index finger, open hand, shoes, clothes, etc. Even when the kid realized that he was getting a treat for calm, this game should be repeated periodically to fix the result of the study.

It is important not to run this problem by regretting the baby. Especially it concerns small decorative dogs. Otherwise, in a few months, an adult dog will find it difficult to explain why one can not grab a man's teeth by the hands.

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