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Breed Kern-terrier - description and photo, care and price

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Kern terriers are intelligent, enduring andUnpretentious little dog. Due to its hunting nature, it is very energetic. Representatives of this breed have absorbed a lot of good qualities. It is a friend of the whole family, an elegant representative at the exhibition and at the same time an excellent sportsman or hunter.

Cairn Terrier

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History of the breed

Cairn Terrier

Kern terriers are the oldest descendants of the old Scottish hunting terriers.

There was a breed on the islands and the Western highlands of Britain as hunting for badgers and foxes, despite their small growth.

In the sources of the late 18th century, they were called SkyeTerriers and described as elongated in the back dogs with short paws, weighing 5-6.5 kg. Their wool was stiff or of the type of drachhaar, and the color could be very different.

In 1910, they were called Kern Terriers, which translates from the Celtic language as a "pile of stones." Also called stone obelisks on the ancient tombs of Scottish and Celtic chiefs.

So in the name of the breed reflected the mainFeatures of this breed. Dogs are invisible against a background of stony terrain, but they hunt well on it. And the character of these kids is hard like a real leader of the clan.

Officially, the breed was recognized in 1912.


Cairn Terrier

A distinctive feature of the core of the terrier is its dishevelment and fox expression of muzzle. His height reaches 30 cm, and the weight does not exceed 7, 5 kg.

The constitution of the dog is harmonious, the movementsFree and easy. The head is small, proportional to the trunk, the muzzle is short, the wool sticks out on the cheeks. Between the eyes is clearly visible groove. Eyes are dark brown of medium size, widely spaced. Nose black, small ears pointed and standing, high set.

Forelegs straight, slightly larger than posterior. A short, high-set tail is held up by the tail, but does not tilt back.

Ruffled wool consists of awn and undercoat. The coat of hair is rather long, stiff, the undercoat is short and fluffy. Thick coat protects the dog from the rain.

Color can be gray, tiger, sand, red, almost black. For the breed, a darker shade of muzzle and ears is typical.

Character of the Kern Terrier

Kern Terrier - very active and brave littleA dog that perfectly combines good working qualities and love for man. She is obedient and affectionate, perfectly gets along with any other domestic pets.

These little hunters cope with both the mouse and the fox. They are vigilant, but they do not bark at trifles. Even when performing guard functions, they are not aggressive, but fearless.

Kern terriers are very energetic, enduring, cheerful. They are very good-natured and patient, but they are able to defend themselves without realizing their small size.

For his master Kern the terrier is ready to go to the end of the world. However, he is quite independent and independent.

Dogs of this breed get along well with all members of the family, love children and are very capable of training. They learn with great enthusiasm, easily and cheerfully, demonstrating the fantastic rapidity of the reaction of the cores.

Maintenance and care

Cairn Terrier

It's a real terrier and that's why it feels better.Myself in nature. And to live such a dog is better in rural areas, although it easily adapts to any living conditions and is able to live even in a small apartment.

On the backyard of Kern, the terrier likes to dig in beds and flower beds in search of mice and other animals, so you need eyes and eyes.

At any content, representatives of this breed require a high level of physical activity and regular long walks.

Care of the coat does not take much time. Kern terrier enough 2-3 times a week to brush. His hair does not need a haircut. Even in the ring this dog is exposed in its natural form. This breed does not shed.

It is possible for convenience to shear off excess wool from the tail and front paws, trim on the abdomen and near the ears.

Kern Terrier prefers two meals a day, not with large portions of food.

Kern Terrier Health

This breed of dogs is distinguished by strong health, as well as longevity. They live up to 16-18 years old and to the oldest age keep active interest in the world around them.

Nevertheless, the core also has a "pedigree" disease. This is the form of glaucoma - Ocular Melanosis.

Also in the representatives of this breed is foundDislocation of the patella and liver shunt. These are hereditary diseases, so it is necessary to examine the puppy and the adult dog in time to identify the signs and reduce the consequences of these diseases.

Aging dogs may experience an increased allergic skin reaction. A wet dog should always be dried quickly so that it does not soak in its thick coat.

Also recorded are cases of inherited blood disease - poor coagulability and neurological diseases that develop with age.

Price of the puppy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Kern the terrier is not considered an elite dog and its puppies without a pedigree can be bought for $ 50. However, the offspring of the best breed representatives from elite parents are sold for 1200-1700 dollars.

Photo of a core of a terrier

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