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Proper dog education

Marina has dreamed of a big dog since childhood, withWhich you can walk fearlessly through the streets at any time of the day. After all, a large, formidable dog - a real protector! When the opportunity appeared, the girl started a boxer.

But here's the paradox: With the appearance of Jesse - an angry dog, but it costs a stranger to go to her (no matter what a person's intentions - to stroke or hit), the dog hurries to retire. At the same time she drags the poor landlady with her on a leash.

Marina does not understand why the pet serviceBreeds to insanity is afraid of people. But the breeders and trainers will say at once: in the socialization of Jesse mistakes were made. Not only to Marina, but to everyone who wants to start a dog or has already done it, it is important to know how to avoid them!

What for?

A puppy must get used to things, people,Sounds, other animals. If in his memory something is not written down, this object or individual will continue to seem to him dangerous. So, dogs, grown up exclusively in a society of women, start to be afraid of men, and on the contrary.

In incorrectly brought up dogs reaction toDanger is different. Some escape, like Jesse, others hide, while others seek protection behind the master, whom they themselves should have obscured from the unknown, and the fourth even have involuntary urination.

There is also an aggressive form of reaction - the dog of the firstAttacks those or those who are afraid. At best, it barks, at worst - bites, until the enemy did not have time to recover. Moreover, fear is stress, which, as you know, reduces the life of a pet. And it is so short in animals.

So make every effort to petLess afraid. To do this, you need to help the puppy to fully understand the world around him. Three initial periods of development of the dog - your chance to instill in the pet all the necessary qualities and adjust the negative features. Do not delay - miss the time!

Early childhood

The pet should be with the mother until it reachesThe age of 8 weeks. In this time the kid will learn to be a dog and learn the first principles of discipline from his mother. The bitch will growl at the puppy, in which she discerns the leader. Will try to suppress his disobedience.

This will have a good effect on the nature of the pet inFuture: he will learn to recognize the leader - the master. An important skill that puppies master in this period is the control of teeth. They bite their relatives, and they respond with "reciprocity." So kids understand what pain is, and learn to adjust the bite force, compress their teeth so as not to cause discomfort, or, on the contrary, fight for real.

Communication with the dog-mother in the future determines howThe pet will behave with individuals of the opposite sex, and who he is. It is interesting that if in the early childhood the puppy was only with people, he considers himself to be a man, and his relations with other animals will be strained. A person in this period should often take the baby in his arms, iron it. Otherwise, the dog will never be able to trust the owner.

Right choice

At this time, you will be able to determine from whichThe puppy will be able to raise an obedient dog without special difficulties. Make it your own pet. Sometimes the dog-mother aggressively brings up the kids. Some breeders are afraid that it can harm them, take them away from a mother who has gone away and feed them separately.

In the education of such dogs there will be manyComplexities. Pet, who first ran up to you, pushing his brothers, - the leader. This will also be difficult to make obedient. The shivering doggie, huddling in the corner, is too shy and fearful. He will never become a real protector for the owner and his family. This will significantly complicate the upbringing. Stop your choice on the "golden middle" - on an inquisitive dog with a balanced character.

Proper education of a dogTime of cognition

While the puppy has not reached 5 months, he should learnAnd see as much as possible. The most important meeting is with a veterinarian. For the first time bring the pet to the doctor, but do not perform unpleasant procedures. Let the veterinarian caress the animal and give him a treat, hold a routine examination and give advice to you.

This will develop in the dog a positive attitudeTo the clinic. Inoculations take another time. It is at this stage in the development of the incubation period of vaccination. Puppy should avoid contact with other animals so as not to get sick. Many owners, being careful, do not walk around the whole time. But it's not right.

So the pet has a fear of the street,Cars, strange sounds, strangers and animals. To prevent this from happening, you can take the dog out onto the street in your arms or in a carport to places where animals do not walk and there is no risk of encountering them. Such short walks are priceless for the baby!

As soon as the quarantine time passes, goWith the pet on the street and spend there as much time as possible. It is very important to communicate with older dogs that are properly bred. It is they who will teach the pet to the "dog code of conduct". You can take the puppy several times to the breeder, from whom he was taken. Let him talk with his parents.

The dog must see other animals, people, children,Approach them, sniff it. Do not encourage the fear of the pet. Do not try to calm him down. If you say "Do not be afraid of a baby!" And stroking it on the head, the dog will think that fear is what needs to be done. In fact for it it praise. It is better to ignore the reaction of the pet and show him that things or individuals do not need to be afraid.

Let's say a baby was scared of a vacuum cleaner. Keep cleaning. You can sit down slightly on the mechanism and call the pet. He will understand that the object is not dangerous, and will run up to you. And you encourage his courage. Treat it with a delicacy. Praise the dog for every brave act. At first, always take a lot of treats with you for a walk.

But remember: So that the dog needs your encouragement, it must be hungry. At this stage, the owner has a chance forever to earn the authority of the pet. You will be the one who protects the dog, explains what you should not be afraid of, and whom he can rely on in case of real danger.


What is the proper upbringing and socialization of dogsDo not over-do with fearlessness. Too much stress in one day is dangerous for psyche psa. The period from 6 weeks to 5 months is considered the time of imprinting the fear: if the toddler experiences severe fear, this experience will haunt him all his life. So protect the dog from severe stress and any possible injuries.

Tatyana, accountant: We picked up Irma on the street. She was about 10 weeks old. The dog was dying of hunger. When I got stronger, I started eating everything. It did not matter if it was tasty or not, Ira was hungry. The veterinarian explained: our pet is just afraid of once again being left without food, because she was starving during the formation of the character, and "stores" food.

Vasily, veterinarian: The dog of my friend as a child fell from a chair withBack and damaged the paw. Now he is afraid of such chairs and even barking at them. I had to remove the hotbed of fear and get stools. Transitional Age From 6 to 10 months your puppy will turn into an adult. Be prepared for the fact that his behavior will deteriorate noticeably.

To start, the dog will try to establish a hierarchy inYour "pack" - the family. Naturally, he wants to become a leader. Therefore, during this period, you should take an active part in training to show the puppy daily, who is in charge at home. If you can not express yourself on your own, invite a professional who will show you how to behave with the dog.

At the age of transition the dog manifests itself in this wayCalled the "flight instinct". Stop moving the pet down from the leash. Replace the leash to a more maneuverable roulette. So the dog will have the necessary freedom, which you can control, nevertheless.

Communication with the fugitive

The dog will run away from now on, if you scoldHim when he returns. During the escape, he will have a pleasant time, and then he will get a serious shit from you. Of course, the dog will conclude: at large is better than with the angry owner, so you need to escape again and maybe forever.

Therefore, as soon as you find the dog, praise him forThe fact that he returned, feed more delicious than usual, play with it. A warm welcome will show the fugitive that his houses are loved more than in the street, where he is also full of dangers.

Consequences of errors

What to do with dogs like Jesse, whose character has already formed, but not as it should be? Trainers assure: the consequences of incorrect socialization can be corrected.

  1. First, find out exactly what the pet is afraid of. Unknown men? Children under 5 years old? Other dogs or cats? Begin to work on overcoming fear.
  2. Praise and encouragement are the most effective methods in this case.
  3. Control the situation. Create a barrier between the dog and the source of its fear - stand between them, so that the animal understands that while it is near you, it does not threaten anything.
  4. But do not scold or punish the dog forTimidity. After all, then you will get a cowardly and embittered pet, to socialize which will be even more difficult. In your power to educate yourself a friend in life, not a problem!
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