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Features of behavior of dogs: we correct by means of medicines

According to statistics, behavioral problems (aggression, phobias, disobedience) are twice as likely to cause the death of dogs, rather than oncological diseases.

This sad statistics made specialists andVeterinarians around the world seriously tackle research on animal behavior. First (to the unconditional joy of the public), it turned out that with the help of some drugs used in human psychiatry, it is possible to treat some behavioral problems of dogs.

And later, specialMedicines for use in veterinary medicine. To date, sedative medications for dogs are as common as other drugs for humans.

Nevertheless, experts studying behavioralDog problems claim that only exercise and training can provide the animal with stable mental and physical health, and the use of medication is justified only in rare severe cases.

What drugs are suitable for correcting the behavior of dogs?

Conventionally, sedative drugs for dogs can be divided into two categories.

  1. The first category includes quick-acting preparations.
  2. The second - for a long process of treatment.

In other words, if the dog is afraid of a thunderstorm,Trips in the car or salutes, the vet will prescribe her tablets from the first category (clonopine, valium, xanax). Animals suffering from acute phobias, panic fears, anxiety, aggression - drugs from the second category (clomipramine, amitriptyline) will do.

In nature, there is no universalA miracle pill that, as if by magic, will turn your nervous pet into a calm and balanced dog. Any medicine, including sedative, is selected for each dog individually and only after consultation with a veterinarian.

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