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The disobedient dog barks, jumps on the guests: what to do, how to wean

The guests have come to you, and your dog behaves the mostInappropriately. He barks, stands on the guests with his front paws, tries to attract attention, puts his slobbery head on the knees of your friends. What to do, and how to wean the dog from such unpleasant behavior?

First, you need to understand that any attention toThe dog is perceived by her as a encouragement. Immediately we must warn our guests that they do not pay any attention to your four-footed friend. It should be remembered that by patting and stroking from the dog it will not be possible to get rid of it, it will demand attention with even greater perseverance.

You can not have a dog meet your guests,Standing on the hind legs. Explain to friends what to do so that the dog ceases to so intensely rejoice. You can not look at the dog, talk to her and even more so while she is making her welcome jumps.

Push the knee forward, step on the hind paw- and the dog will stop jumping. But the best way to prevent this behavior is to isolate the too active animal from society in advance. As soon as the doorbell rang, tie the dog to the hook. Better in another room. Do not pay attention to her insistent demanding barking. Prepare an activity for your dog in advance.

What to do with a naughty dogVery good help special toys withHole, which puts a treat. Better, if it's delicious pieces of fresh meat - they are not so easy to get out of the toy. You can pour a broth into the toy a couple of hours before the guests arrive and put it in the freezer so that the liquid stiffens. The licking of the ice broth will take the dog a long time, and she will no time bark and distract you and your guests.

If your guests are againstA four-legged friend was isolated from society - ask them to pay attention to the dog only when she behaves calmly. Dogs very quickly understand from which of your acquaintances she should require rewards in the form of stroking and patting, and from whom you will not wait for a single sign of attention.

When the guests came, calmly, without slaps,Take the dog on the leash and give the command "Near!". When trying to rush the dog to meet your friends, a sharp jerk, stop it and repeat the command. Repeat this until the dog calms down. Only after this, the dog can be released from the leash. And ask your guests that they never bring your dog goodies. Otherwise, insistent barking can not be stopped.

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