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How to start puppy and dog training: initial education

If you allowed yourself to have a dog, you need to beReady for a radical change in the image of your life. It depends on you what it will be, when next to you will be, there is always a four-footed friend.

For a dog to understand you betterIt is necessary to regularly deal with it, that is, train. "But where to start training puppy and dog?" - you ask. Below are a few physical as well as moral aspects that you need for a successful process in preparing your dog for training.

Do you think the dog hears you when youWith a loud voice shout at her address? From all that you tell her, what exactly does she understand? What does the dog mean when he hears your tone? For people, communication is a specific art form that can make relations warmer, or negative and cold.

All power and authority in the human language. There is a body language and the language of the word. As for dogs, they perfectly feel the human attitude to themselves and catch the slightest changes in behavior, or in the intonation of the owner. From the very "puppy" age for the dog is understandable and it is natural, the body language. The body language of the dog and the body language of the person vary in nature, but you can learn the meaning of the movement of your pet and allow the dog to examine you.

Learning to understand a dog, begin training

Where to start puppy training

Remember, the closer you get to know each other inRespect to the body language of each other, the closer and more effective your communication becomes. Start to consistently perform certain movements in the presence of your four-legged friend, and soon he will learn to perfectly understand your gestures and body signals. Of course, it is very important that you do this consciously and understand the meaning of what you want to convey to the understanding of the dog.

In the process of growing a dog, the second clear to herThe language becomes the word, and the intonation that accompanies it. Treat your pet as an infant who does not yet know how to speak, how little children they learn to understand some words that you repeat in sequence in communication with them. Of course, unlike a child, a dog will not be able to learn the whole complex grammar of a word, but some words it will learn to associate with something and perform the actions that you require of it.

For this it is necessary to show the dog thatIs followed by one word or another, and what follows. Our four-legged friends have a wonderful memory and, acquiring the experience of a dog, learn to perfectly compare your words with actions and understand what is required of it. The dog will never understand what she has not encountered in the past.

From her "dog" experience she always extractsJust amazing things. People can only guess approximately what dogs know about the world around them. They have an amazing gift to see in the dark, to understand the language of the body, to hear certain sounds that we can not hear, to distinguish the most subtle smells - all this indicates that we and they live in completely different worlds.

The sooner you let the dog know that world, inWhich you live, the sooner she will learn to understand you, and you will be amazed at what environment and what opportunities your pet lives while near you. It must be remembered that dogs, like people, are all different, each character has its own character, its talents, even the structure of the eyes of each individual dog is different, the dogs may lack one of its perception organs, it can be born with a lack of hearing or smell .

How to start training puppy and dog

Also they have brain damage thatLimit their ability to train. All this must be well remembered when you start training your dog. If the time has come and you have taught your dog, for example the "sit!" Team, be sure to check what exactly your dog means by this word.

Notice which posture accompanies you,When you say the words of the team. Try to experiment and, speaking the same words of the team to change the pose, for example, lie down on the floor. Do some training in this style. One of the most important recommendations for those who wish to do dog training is that the animal should always see you as a leader.

Your authority in her eyes must be unbreakable. For this purpose, try to put the dog in such a frame, when your order to it can not be fulfilled and, moreover, immediately. The correct and satisfactory behavior of the dog should always be appreciated in the form of motivation on the part of the owner, for example, by delicacy, praise or stroking the wool. In parallel for the unsatisfied actions of the dog - a little criticism in her address, on your part with a loud voice will not hurt, or jerk leash, etc. Remember: the initiative should always be in your hands.

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