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American pit bull terrier (pit bull): description of the breed, the nature of the dog, photo, price of the puppies

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American pit bull terrier

History of the breed American pitbull TerrierIs interesting because it originated not in America, but in the Old World, but it seemed particularly useful to the Americans, who began to develop and improve it purposefully. In England and Ireland in the era of modern times, dog fights were popular, which were held between bulldogs. Also, these dogs were used to protect housing and to hunt for large animals. Already in the 16th century there were dogs that looked like modern pit bull terriers.

American pit bull terrier

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Protective properties
The size
Attitudes towards children

The formation of the breed was also promoted by Englishlaws. In particular, poor people were not allowed to establish large hunting dogs, as only large animals could hunt for large animals. Therefore, less wealthy citizens had to keep small terriers for hunting and bulldogs for property protection. In order not to violate the prohibition on the possession of large dogs, poor people left the smallest puppies from the litter and used them for further breeding. So there were the first bull terriers, in which the fearlessness and numbness of the bulldogs were combined with the dexterity and mobility of the terriers. The prefix "pit" appeared later, it denoted that the bull terrier is used for battles, since the pit in English is a pit for the fight, where the dogs were being pitched.

The exact date when the first pit bull terrier swam acrossOcean and got to America, is unknown, it is clear only that it happened before 1774. Dogs came with immigrants from European countries, especially many arrived in the mid-19th century from Ireland. It should be noted that in Europe public opinion was negative about dog fights, as a result of which they were officially banned. For example, in England such a law was adopted in 1835. In America, on the contrary, such entertainments were welcomed and for a very long time were in a legal position.

Therefore, it was in America that people were found whoAssessed the prospects of this breed and began a difficult journey by officially recognizing its identity. At that time, the breed did not even have a specific name: such dogs were called pit bulls, pitteries, pitdogs. Especially in the price was the purebred line of the "red-nosed", who was called the "old family". The mistake of lovers of this line was that they zealously guarded its thoroughbredness, not allowing crossbreeding with the pit bull terriers of other lines. Sooner or later, this would lead to undesirable consequences in breeding.

A huge role in the development of the breed was played by the IrishmanJohn Colby, who in 1900 brought excellent representatives of purebred pitbulls. He also called his dogs an "old family", but believed that they should be used as much as possible in breeding work with other lines. Many contemporaries did not understand and even criticized Colby, adhering to other views, in particular, they believed that it was necessary to breed only the line of "red" dogs, not mixing it with other representatives of the breed.

However, time showed that Colby was onThe right way: he managed to get and grow many legends of the dog ring. Until 1900 it is difficult to trace the specific statistics and history of the breed: it is not known how many dogs were brought from different European countries. Characteristically, they all had the most diverse color, in general, a single breed standard is very difficult to work out, since the exterior has always been of secondary importance to pitbull terriers in comparison with their character and the qualities of the fighter. After 1900 systematic documentary confirmations of the development of the breed already appear.

Many American breeders followedKolby's example, and began to breed this interesting breed. So for the pit bull terrier, the name was American, although, as can be seen from the history of the breed, many European countries could claim it. The first pit bull terriers lived in England, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Spain, but it was the American breeders who did the basic work on the formation of the breed.

FCI did not recognize this breed, howeverLovers of American pit bull terriers that never stopped. Back in 1898, the UKC club appeared especially for fans of this fighting breed. However, later this club ceased to be monobreed and officially stopped supporting the dog fights.

Another organization in whichThe breeding work is ADBA, which appeared in 1909. Now it is an international organization in which pitbulls from around the world are registered. US law does not allow dogfights, so the goal of this organization is to maintain official breeding books that help preserve the breed, as well as conducting popular pitta competitions. This is a conformational show on which the exterior is judged, and veyt-pulling is a weight-pulling competition.

Now this breed is still popular, especiallyIn the US and in Russia, although it survived a series of persecutions, which were reflected in the fact that in some countries it was banned. Thus, in some EU countries import of pit bull terriers is prohibited, and the representatives of the breed that are present on the territory of the countries must undergo a sterilization procedure. In Germany, the state maintains strict control over the owners of pitbull terriers, for example, it requires special permission from the police in order to get this dog, an increased tax on their maintenance was introduced.

Pitbull Terrier in many countries of the European Union and in Australia is under an official ban.

Breed standard: the main characteristics of the pit bull terrier

Although the most important cynological organizationThe rock of APPT is not recognized, but standards have been developed for it by two organizations involved in the registration of pitbulls: ADBA and UKC. These 2 standards reflect different views of the management of organizations on the breed. In the first case, it is the fighting assignment of dogs that is considered to be the main one, and their exterior is subject to this goal. The standard from UKC is closer to the show-fellow pit bull - American Staffordshire terrier.

Standard from ADBA:

Appearance of the pit bull makes an impressionConfident strength and good health. Brilliant wool, attentive look, reflecting the strength of the spirit, athletic fit is the face of this pit bull. The relief musculature does not admit obesity, adult pitbulls are even slightly lean with slightly protruding ribs.

Head type allows for different options. If you look at the dog from above or from the side, then the head has a wedge-shaped shape, somewhat tapering to the nose. When viewed from the front, the head looks round. The bridge of the nose is well developed, the line under the eyes is wider than the line of the ears. The bite is more preferable than the scissor, the teeth are closed, the lips are close to the jaws. The eyes have the shape of an ellipse. The ears may be docked.

The neck is muscular and long.

The skin is elastic, thick, snug against the body, there are wrinkles on the neck and chest.

The chest is deep and moderately wide. The thorax tapers to the bottom and should not have a round or cylindrical shape.

The length of the waist is important, which should not be too short or too long, which affects the dog's dexterity.

The forelimbs have muscular shoulders, the length of which is somewhat wider than the thorax.

The hind legs have beveled hips thatAre at an angle of 30 ° to the horizontal. The thigh is well muscled and full. Bones of the hind limbs are thinner, which affects the flexibility of the dog, and the muscles are longer, which allows you to make vigorous movements.

The feet are small and well assembled with elastic pads.

The tail is set low, thicker at the base, slightly shorter than the hock joint.

Short and tough coat should shine.

Color is acceptable for almost any, except for the following: albinism and merle.

UKC Standard:

APPT - a powerful dog of athletic build. Strong skeleton, relief musculature combined with graceful mobility, the dog should not look heavy and fat. The body is slightly longer than the height at the withers. The dog is energetic, shows an interest in life, has a strong power and should not show aggression towards a person.

Head is large but does not cause sensationDisproportion in relation to the body. The head has a clear outline, in shape resembles a blunt wedge, the superciliary arches are well developed. The length of the muzzle and skull are correlated as 2: 3.

Well developed lower jaw. The bite is desirable scissor.

A nose with open nostrils, the nose can have a different pigmentation.

Eyes are low set and widely spaced. The blue color of the eyes is inadmissible.

Ears highly planted, can be cropped or uncropped.

The neck is muscular, without suspension.

The back is strong and sturdy with a slightly inclined top line. Strong and short loin, slightly sloping croup.

American pit bull terrier

The forelimbs are strong, located perpendicular to the surface. The distance between them is moderately wide. The shoulder blade and shoulder are approximately the same length.

Hind legs strong and muscular, widely spaced. Hock joints have well-defined angles.

The tail naturally continues the line of the top, tapering to the tip.

The wool is shiny, smooth, dense. Color of the coat is varied.

The weight of males is 15.9-27.2, the weight of females is 13.6-22.7

The height at the withers of males is 40-42 cm, the bitches are 2-3 cm smaller.

The painting by Rubens, dating back to the 16th century, depicts scenes of wild boar hunting with dogs very similar to modern American pit bull terriers.

Nature of the breed

Modern public opinion is not veryFavorably refers to fighting dogs, the personification of which are American pitbull terriers. Everyone can make a conclusion about the nature of this breed only when he gets acquainted with her, taking a small puppy and raising him. For many years the breeders considered the ability and readiness for battles, the so-called "game", to be the main breed characteristic. But at the same time, aggression towards a man was unacceptable and caused the disqualification of the dog.

Therefore, the nature of APPT is not incorporatedAggression towards people, although on the other hand anger in this breed with purposeful upbringing develops quite quickly. If the owner of the pit bull has the goal to get a reliable companion for active life, then this breed will perfectly cope with this role. Natural strength and energy makes pit bulls very inquisitive, they are ready to learn and explore the world every second. These are very active dogs that love when they are played with active games, they are ready to follow their owner everywhere and carry out his commands.

We can say that the nature of the pitbullerCreates exactly its owner, so so often there are conflicting opinions about the nature of these dogs. From pitbull terrier it is possible to grow up as the spiteful dog representing danger for surrounding people, and the peace and inquisitive companion which will perfectly get along with everyone. Especially important is the age of children for the development of the future character, at this time it is impossible to tolerate traumatic factors of the psyche.

The nature of adult dogs is stable. They realize their power, are confident in themselves, but do not strive for superiority over the master, on the contrary, they show their willingness to constantly benefit him. These are funny dogs, in which children's spontaneity and playfulness are combined with the care and discretion of a wise dog. Of course, the best qualities of the nature of the pitbull show only if properly trained and trained.

The true champion
Champion in wetpulling American pit bull terrier is listed in the Guinness book of records for the fact that he hauled the cargo 100 times more than its weight - 1, 7 tons.

Peculiarities of training and education of the pit bull

American pit bull terrier

According to the observations of dog handlers and instructors onTraining American pitbull Terrier is easily mastered by various teams and performs complex tasks. This is facilitated by natural curiosity and liveliness.

For the beginning it is recommended to pass OKD (general rateTraining) to accustom the dog to obedience. After that, for the owner of the pit bull opens a lot of opportunities for the development of the abilities of his pet. As practice shows, representatives of this breed successfully cope with the teams from the course of the ZKS (protective guard duty). In the process of mastering this course, a very important skill for pit bull is developed: the ability to control one's aggression, and the owner learns to control his dog.

It should be noted that it is not recommended to giveToo much attention specifically to the development of aggression against man. Becoming on this path pitbull terrier is a great danger to others. He always does not just bite, but as an experienced fighter instinctively chooses vital places. Add to this the destructive power of his bite, and you will understand how dangerous the accustomed to aggressive behavior is pit bull.

About his aggressiveness goes a lot of terribleStories, but according to statistics, pit bull attacks constitute no more than 10% of the total number of dog attacks per person. Such a wide public resonance is caused precisely by the destructive consequences of the attack of the pit bulls. A bad role for creating the image of the breed was played by some owners who purposely plant pit bulls as bodyguards and thoughtlessly poison them with people, frightening everyone around.

Fortunately, there are other lovers of this breed,Which open the pit bull terrier on the other side. They participate with them in interesting competitions: agility (overcoming the obstacle course), whitewashing (towing heavy objects), sprinkling (hanging on a rope), dog pulling (tug-of-war). These spectacular events are becoming more massive and serve to increase the popularity of the breed.

Care and maintenance of pit bull terrier

American pit bull terrier - it's unpretentiousA dog whose care is simple. The main thing is to provide a balanced diet, on which depends the formation of the constitution and the health of the dog. A simple rule of feeding for active dogs is to choose foods that have a high energy value. It is not necessary to feed the dog only with meat, there should be vegetable components in its diet, but meat is the main source of proteins, which are necessary for the growth and development of the dog and for the development of immunity.

Boiled meat is digested worse and losesA significant part of its nutritional value, but the raw product can be dangerous because of the presence of parasites in it. If you are sure of the quality of meat, then give it raw, if not - lightly cooked. Dairy products are also useful, except for milk, which contain proteins and fats.

There are many examples of dog diets in whichCaloric content and other important features are taken into account. As a basis, one of these schemes. Some owners prefer to use ready-made dry or canned feed. This breed may have allergic reactions to certain food components.

In order to ensure that all work on the preparation of a balanced menu is not wasted, it is necessary to give the dog anthelmintic preparations both for treatment and as a preventive measure.

Otherwise, care for the American pitbullteryVery simple. To bathe it it is necessary on the average 1 time in half a year, approximately once a week to comb out and wipe ears. The dog gets along well in the apartment under the condition of sufficient physical exertion.

Selection of puppy American pitbull terrier

Before choosing a pit bull terrier,You need to determine the objectives of its acquisition. Pet puppies are suitable as pet puppies, which are not intended for further breeding and visiting exhibitions. This is not necessarily a puppy without a pedigree, they can appear in the star litter.

Puppies of the breed class are those with whom you alreadyYou can qualify for prizes in exhibitions and breeding. Dog aristocracy are show-class puppies that can make a brilliant exhibition career.

The main problem is that to predict the futureA puppy at a young age is very difficult. Therefore abroad, for example, there is a practice of buying podschennyh puppies. In 6-8 months, as a rule, it is already possible to buy with greater confidence the model champion of the future champion modeled by experienced breeders.

American pit bull terrier

On the other hand, a puppy at this age alreadyFormed a character and habits that you might not like, and retrain it to your taste will not be easy. Especially it is difficult to do with such a serious dog as a pit bull terrier, so most people prefer to buy small puppies.

You can not give in to a momentary rush and buyPuppy on the first advertisement. It is better to compare several litters, to look at the general conditions of keeping and the health of the puppies. If the litter has at least 2 puppies with any vices, this already says not in favor of the other puppies. It is better to collect as much information about the breeder, from whom you are going to buy a puppy. Best of all, if he has contacts of buyers of previous litters, with whom you can contact and learn about what their dog has grown.

Price of pitbull puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

If you are offered an elite puppy for a largeMoney, this is an unreasonable acquisition, since elite can only be an adult dog, achieving excellent results in exhibitions and competitions. Therefore, basically the price of American pitbull terriers is formed from the ambitions of breeders and the presence of interesting pedigrees registered in American organizations. The average price for a puppy with documents - 20 000 rubles. Remember that RKF does not recognize this breed, therefore the presence of the RKF genealogy is impossible, and most pitbulls in our country are sold without documents at more affordable prices - 5-10 000 rubles.

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