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Clicker dog training

Using the clicker in dog training is one of the alternative approaches used in the training of the animal.

For reference: A fairly new method (approximately 1960). It began to be used in the training of dolphins, whose behavior could not be corrected either by hands or by voice. This method allows you to quickly and relatively easily produce the necessary behavior of the dog.

How does the dog training with a clicker?

Click - positive dog reinforcement inThe moment of its independent manifestation of the behavior necessary for us (even at great distances). The click instantly and clearly shows which of the dog's actions is correct and for it she will get a treat, even if not immediately.

Important: The dog must display that element himselfBehavior that we need. The trainer should not help the dog either with his voice or with his hands. The maximum that can be done is to artificially create an environment that will lead to the manifestation of the necessary behavior of the dog, which can be reinforced and subsequently secured.

Example: It is better to remember what we have reached our own mind - independently.

Algorithm for the formation of the necessary behavior with the help of a clicker

Clicker training

  • The development of a clear and confident association in the dog "snap - delicacy";
  • The division of the required exercise (the formed behavior) into several simple elements (behavioral acts);
  • Reinforcement of the above-mentioned behavioral acts to a sustainable state;
  • The combination of all behavioral acts into a single whole - the behavior being formed;
  • Overlay command (or any other signal) on the generated behavior.

Important: a click must occur at the moment the dog takes the action we need.

Positive Reinforcement Modes

  1. Constant reinforcement. Used at the initial stage of the formation of behavior (at this stage it is advisable to use a delicacy especially loved by the dog).
  2. Selective reinforcement (variantReinforcement): - click - immediately delicacy (one piece); - click - delicacy after a certain time (the interval can be different from 1 second to several minutes); - click - no treats; - click - a few pieces of treats (at different intervals), etc. etc. The use of variable reinforcement greatly accelerates the process of fixing the element of behavior, in comparison with the regime of permanent reinforcement.

Positive sides: - the possibility of instant reinforcement of the dog and even at a distance; - Increased contact with the host.

Negative sides: - Absence of emotions at the moment of reinforcement.

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