/ The dog does not obey: why and what to do?

The dog does not obey: why and what to do?

It is not uncommon that even a clever dog, which regularly deals with a cynologist, on a walk, simply does not obey us.

And no matter how we try to make efforts to educateHer commands and discipline, while working with specialists, a pet can not deviate from its principles. So, in the classroom, everything can be fine, but when we go out with a dog to walk - it seems to be replaced and all further requests or instructions the dog seems to specifically ignore.

Why does the dog not obey?

But this behavior has its own reasons, whichLaid deep inside. Let's look at it in order. Sometimes people believe that this behavior can be remedied only through constant punishment and encouragement, using a stick and carrot. But such a decision is far wrong ..

Why does the dog not obey?

The dog's psyche is arranged in such a way that for herThe leader is important - the leader, and not just the owner who feeds it. So - the owner should be the dominant, and the dog needs to be brought up in such a way that she understands this from the first days of life. The more developed the ability to dominate your dog, the more difficult it will be to lead and train. An important point is how the other members of the family behave in dealing with the animal.

What if the dog does not obey? Important rules!

  • It is not necessary to make it clear that the dog is loved by everyone,And it is in the first place. Undoubtedly, the topic is not about any mockery or cruelty over the animal. A domestic pet should understand that he is in second place after the owner, or in our case - the leader.
  • Do not allow the dog to sleep on the hills, for example on the couch. After all, nature is arranged that way - the leader always sleeps above his pack.
  • Never miss a dog in front of you at the door when you go for a walk. You must be leading as a leader!
  • During lunch or dinner, kick the dog offKitchen, and begging and feeding tidbits from the table should generally be prohibited. Remember, the leader is the first, and then all the rest. Therefore, feed your four-legged pet only after you have eaten.
  • With a dog you need to play when you want it, and not when the initiative shows your dog.

If you go always on an occasion and do everything like itWants - he will certainly become a leader, which will lead to problems and disobedience. Dogs that dominate can often display an inexplicable aggression towards the guests.

Prevent this behavior. A dog can voice a voice when you give a specific command. Keep in mind that a new puppy from the very first day will show and in every possible way show his preponderance in the new house.

Remember games with biting. If you see something like that, take the kid by the scruff, shake it a little and press it to the floor. Hold it in this position until the puppy begins to whine. Only do it carefully, because you are a teacher, not a fan. Thus, a puppy from an early age will begin to understand that the leader and leader of your pack is YOU, and he will have to serve you all his life.

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