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Agility for dogs in Russia: competition rules, shells, videos, tracks

Want to really make friends with your dogAnd start to understand each other at a glance? Then you need to urgently sign up for agility training. And while you are considering whether to go or not, we will tell about this amazing sport.

Agility for dogs (from English Agility - quickness, agility, dexterity) is a sport in which a dog and a host participate. Its essence is to go along with the dog as quickly as possible to pass the obstacle course without making mistakes.

Handler is the owner of a dog or an expert who participates with a dog in competitions.

The history of the emergence of agility for dogs

The first agility tricks were shown asEntertainment January 1, 1078 at the exhibition Kraft in England. The idea belonged to John Varley, who offered to hold shows with the participation of dogs in the intervals between exhibitions. Animals had to overcome obstacles in the same way as horses in equestrian competitions.

Rules for dog agility training

Together with his companion Peter Minwell, John createdA program of barriers, tunnels and crossbeams, then informed several dog breeders about it, so that they prepared their pets for the impromptu obstacle course. The show was a tremendous success, so soon agility became the official sport.

The basic rules of the agility competition

  1. A dog must voluntarily participate in competitions: coercion is inappropriate here.
  2. Pet must run without toys, treats and other incentives.
  3. The handler can control the pet only by voice and gestures.
  4. Do not touch the dog or obstacles.
  5. Organizers must distribute to the cardholdersObstacle course. In all agility competitions, different "routes", so participants are usually allowed a trial run. This will help develop the right strategy, leading the person and the dog to victory.
  6. The pair have only one attempt - to overcome the band repeatedly within the same competition is not allowed.
  7. The jury takes into account the speed, accuracy and technique of passing the obstacle course.
  8. For errors, points are taken.

Secret of success

Weasel and praise are the main levers of managementPets at the time of the competition. To achieve an ideal mutual understanding between man and animal, it is necessary to make a lot of efforts and arrange regular training.

Interesting Facts

  • Dogs engaged in agility are more disciplined than those who do not practice.
  • Many owners of pets who are addictedAgility, argue that this sport harmoniously combines two useful and pleasant for a person moment: communication with your beloved dog and physical training.
  • Agility training is an interesting hobby, as well as an excellent opportunity to spend a lot of time communicating with your pet and other dog breeders!

Dogologist's opinion

- At what age can we start agility?

Cynologist: - Age does not matter, you can lead to training and puppies. But the sooner a pet begins to engage, the more he has the chance to achieve a good result.

- How to decide on the choice of a class on agility?

- For each owner their favorite is the best andCapable, so for an objective choice of the level is better to contact the coach. He will be able to assess the possibilities of the animal and give recommendations. In any case, it's worth starting with the simplest and gradually evolving. Agility is a sport in which, I think, there is no limit to perfection.

- Are all dogs capable of doing?

- Animals in terms of movement, muchMore capable of people. Repeat some action with the proper grace they are easy. It is rare to find difficultly trained pupils. Most dogs are very interested in agility.

- Do the owners always manage to establish the necessary contact with the dog?

- Often, animals stop attending classesPrecisely for the reason that the owner did not want to train further. Sometimes, very capable dogs come to us, but their owners do not have enough skills to communicate with animals and free time to develop the pet's talent. This we can teach in training, however, unfortunately, often, faced with the first difficulties, the owners lose interest in cynological sports.

- What, in your opinion, is the secret of the success of the "man-dog" bundle?

- It's all about the desire of the owner. If a person wants to achieve results, he will succeed. You just need to be patient and work hard.

Obstacles and shells used in competitions

  • Slide - 2 slats, put in a triangle. The pet should climb and go down them. The height of the barrier reaches 1-2 meters.
  • A swing is a revolving design without laths like a children's carousel. One of the most difficult tests.
  • The tunnel is a pipe about 6 meters long, through which a dog must run through.
  • Leap is the bar that the pet needs to jump over.
  • Podium - a platform with an area of ​​one square meter. The dog must run to him and stop
  • Slalom - stands, through which the dog needs to go through a "snake"

Agility classes for dogs

  1. The standard is the simplest class. The obstacle course consists of 15-22 shells.
  2. Snooker is a class in which all obstacles are marked with numbers denoting the number of points for overcoming the obstacle.
  3. Relay is an agility class in which several handlers with dogs are combined into one team and in turn pass an obstacle course, passing each other's baton.
  4. Joker class, in which the handler guides the dog at a certain distance, trying not to stand behind the restrictive line.
  5. Jumping - agility, obstacles in which are oriented to jumping. On this band, the highest speed was recorded.
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