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Dominant dog

Do you have a dominant dog? The pet does not fulfill your commands, and sometimes growls at you? Urgent measures must be taken. What you need to do - we'll tell you in this article.

Many know that any dog, how muchObedient she was not considering the family as a pack. And it is important for her to know who of those she sees is the "leader" If the dog decides that the main thing is him, he will stop listening.

Live with such an animal in one house very muchDifficult, and re-educate him is even dangerous: a four-legged tyrant will defend his high position at any cost. As usual, the problem is easier to prevent than to solve, but both are in your best!

Prevention of dominant dog behavior

Prevention of dominant dog behaviorDoes your pet already have 3 weeks of age? Then you can start to educate him. From an early age, try to give the dog to understand what you can do, and what - you can not.

  • Teach the animal basic commands for obedience.
  • In no case do not play with a tiny puppy in aggressive games: he will grow up and get used to what you can fight, and coping with an adult rottweiler will be much more difficult than with a carapace.
  • Do not cause anger in the pet, do not play a giveaway or tug of war.
  • Socialize the kid: make friends with other people, your friends.
  • After vaccinations - let him talk with non-aggressive dogs.

An unsociable dog, no matter how friendly he was, like a time bomb: growing, he still does not know how to react properly to people and fellow humans.

Signs of the dominant dog

  • At best, such animals show disobedience and ignore the commands of the host,
  • Come on feet to people,
  • Growl at the moment of eating, as if someone is planning to take it away
  • Fiercely defend their toys.
  • Dominant dogs sleep wherever they like,
  • Pushed,
  • Mark territory and attract too much attention, forcing the owner to play with them when they want it, not him.

There are also more complex cases - when in behaviorPet notes appear. With a growl, he threatens the owner, family members or guests. Such dogs can bite a person if they do not like something or if the threat in his behavior is imagined.

Most often, purebred males tend to dominate. Some experts believe that potential "dominants" are husky, Caucasian and Central Asian shepherds, bull terriers and rottweilers.

However, most connoisseurs and zoopsychologists still agree that the dog's aggressive behavior is the result of her incorrect education. In other words, the owner gets what he himself worked for.

What to do?

If the dog has shown aggression, it is better to take him toA professional cynologist: an expert will work with a dog and give you advice on correcting misconduct. It is dangerous to retrain a dog yourself, even if you are convinced that you know everything about the habits of these animals.

If the pet aspires to leadership, but whenThis behaves quite peacefully, you can solve the problem yourself. Remember that you can only re-educate your pet if you change your behavior. A dominant dog needs to be given more attention and time, but not as a leader, but as a slave.

The main rule: always behave calmly, do not be nervous, do not get angry and do not use violence against the dog - it will make her pissed, not obedient. Talk with such an animal you need a strict and low voice. In other words, the dominant dog must meet in the person of the host leader, not the subordinate.

Behavior in the street: important rules

  • On a walk daily, practice with the dog team for obedience: "sit", "lie", "wait", "to me", "close", "walk" and others.
  • These actions need to be brought to automatism.
  • Delicacy - the best assistant in training: encourage the pet a delicious slice for obedient execution of orders.
  • To exercise more effectively, do not feed the pet before walking.
  • Spend less than 20 minutes a day and soon notice positive results.
  • Some dog breeders are recommended to the ownersDominant animals always pass in front of the pet in the doorways and first descend the stairs. Others say that this is not necessary, but really important are the teams "near" and "do not pull" - it helps to correct the behavior of the dog while walking with a leash.
  • If the dog learns to perform these actions, the age-old question "Who is walking whom?" Will disappear by itself. The route of your street promenades should also be chosen by you, not a favorite.

With a dominant dog, you have to walk longer in order to consume all of its irrepressible energy. Then at home the animal will behave calmly, rest, and not fight for leadership in the "pack".

Dominant dog in the house: advice of dog handlers

Dominant dog in the house

  1. Select the zone for sleeping, playing and eating.
  2. She should sleep on her comfortable stove.
  3. The host's bed, sofas and armchairs are taboo. Only with your permission, she can sometimes violate this rule, but she should not get herself anywhere without a team. If the dog does this, lower it or even gently push it to the floor and take it to the place.
  4. Feed the dog can only be speciallyEquipped for this zone. In the kitchen, its bowls should not be - it is better to put it in the corridor. This trick will help that the animal will not beg for food when family members are sitting at the table.
  5. For games the pet should also have its own territory. Give him an area where there are no things that he can get hurt, and there is nothing that he can spoil.
  6. A joint game is always started and stopped by the host.
  7. Entertainment should be peaceful: even jokingly fighting a pet, you provoke aggression in it.
  8. We must not forget about classes and at home. Work out the commands "impossible", "place".
  9. Develop the perseverance of the dog, say "sit" or "wait", and let the animal go by the "walk"
  10. Obedience, again, should be encouraged by delicacies.

The best punishment for bad behavior is indifference. Do not pay attention to the dog for as long as possible. This will give the pet to understand that he did wrong, and such a strategy will not only not raise him in the eyes of the owner, but will also make an even more insignificant mischief.

Full submission

It happens that the animal behaves perfectly,When the "main" owner of the house, but completely ignores the commands of other family members. This "duplicity" is explained by the fact that in one person the dog saw the leader, and put himself in second place, so he tries to fix all the others. Often dogs dominate children who are unable to show the pet their importance.

If the pet does not listen to one of the membersFamily, you need to make this person important to the animal. The one ignored by the dog should feed the pet, play with it. All other members of the family, and especially the owner, do not fulfill these functions anymore. The dog will understand that it depends on the one whom he did not consider significant before, and will start to obey him, not forgetting about the power of the "leader".

Finding out who is the boss in the house, the main thing is not to overdo it. Do not break the pet: it should have the right to embody some of their desires. And remember: even a dominant dog needs love and affection. Perhaps he does not pretend to lead, but only desperately tries to attract your attention, which he so lacks! Love your pet, and he will do whatever you want!

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