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Zoopsiholog for the dog

Many refer to puppies as their own children: Feel sorry for them, carry them on their hands, stroke them, put them to sleep next to themselves. However, far from all caring "parents" think about instilling in their four-legged babies good manners, because of what subsequently they have serious problems.

Common situation? An experienced zoologist will make obedient the most restless and aggressive dog, correct mistakes in raising a dog - or help prevent them altogether.

Our service is both dangerous and difficult ...

In the narrow sense of the word, a cynologist is a person who is training dogs. But in fact, professionals working with pets, the whole team.

  • There are cynologist-instructors, correcting the behavior of animals.
  • There are experts who know everything about the breeds and capabilities of each individual.

Cynologist-zoopsychologist for dogsSuch specialists can act as judges in competitions and exhibitions. Cynologists-zoopsychologists are people who are able to disclose the reasons for the inadequate behavior of the animal, in other words - to consider for an aggressive grin a wide dog's soul.

Handlers are training dogs forCompetitions and exhibitions, and the leaders of official dog breeding are working to make good dogs watchmen, assistants in the search for drugs and weapons.

Whatever the cynologist is doing, his work is notSimple, because the behavior of the dog is often impossible to predict. He can bite his "tutor", seriously damage the bones or lay him on the shoulder blades. Because of this risk, any cynologist should not only know about the dogs all, but also be in excellent physical shape, have the skills of hand-to-hand combat.

And most importantly - the person who chose this profession,Should be resistant to any stresses and understand what a great responsibility it is: in the hands of the cynologist the future of the dog. "And at first glance it seems as if it is not visible ..."

Despite the fact that awards and prizes forImpeccable obedience usually goes to the dog, the work of the dogologist should not be underestimated. If you need the services of such a specialist, then how to choose a true professional of your business read in the article - Dog Cynologist.

After all, how well thisSpecialist, often depends on the long life of the animal: leave it owners at home or hurry to get rid of unnecessary problems, whether the career career of the dog will go up, will he get the main prize at the exhibition ... It is the cynologists who train guide dogs for the blind and dogs for canistering (treatment of Down's syndrome and cerebral palsy in the process of communicating with four-legged friends).

In addition, they train the dogs-rescuers. We are also obliged to the filmmakers for the good work of the smuggling department at customs: people of this profession teach dogs to find forbidden substances. By the way, dogs that acted in films could not have played their roles so well if the cynologists had not dealt with them.

It's terrible to think: Without these people, the world would not see a picture of "Buddy - the Crown of Air", "Commissioner Rex", "Marley and I", "Return of Mukhtar". By the way, in some cases with one four-legged actor worked a whole team of training professionals ...

The medicine against aggression

Raise a small dog can be and withoutProfessional assistance. But here the independent training of large dogs can be extremely dangerous, so the cynologist is engaged not only with the pet, but also with the owners of dogs.

The dog is engaged in zoopsychologyHe teaches a person to be a "pack leader" in the eyesFavorite, shows what patterns of behavior are correct, as possible, and how not to encourage and punish the dog, tells how to give fear to the animal. In other words - teaches the hosts everything that you need to know in order to live in peace and harmony with the dog.

Comment of the zoopsychologist

Unfortunately, not all owners of large breed dogsUnderstand what kind of responsibility they take upon themselves when they breed such dogs. A dog is not a toy, but a big animal, which, with incorrect education, turns into a weapon that is dangerous primarily for its owners.

So if you do not want to become culpritsTragedy, do not spare money and time, contact a professional who, according to your desire, will take care of dog training or give you some simple but important lessons of cynology. If you do not have the time or money for this, get a turtle, it will not have to be trained.

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