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The training and training of the fighting breed puppy

The appearance in the family of a puppy of any breed is,First of all a huge responsibility. For life, the fate of the pet, as well as for the fate of those who are close to you and the puppy. To get a puppy of a fighting breed is doubly or even more responsible.

Breeding breeds of dogs, at the gene levelAre aggressive and it is from education, and hence from your attention to the puppy, it depends whether aggression will become the main direction in the nature of the pet or it will become a strong and true friend for you and your loved ones.

It is from the nature and way of life of the owner that the puppy of the fighting breed will become. Noisy companies with loud music irritate these dogs, and to fight with irritation they will be aggression. All the attention of the owner, without exception, should be directed to the upbringing of the puppy.

If there are family members in the house that requireHeightened attention - these are kids, people of advanced age or close, needing additional supervision, they will be for dogs the object of weakness and will cause attacks of aggression. It is very important to engage in upbringing, and then the training of the pet.

Education of a fighting breed puppy

It is necessary, for a comfortable existenceDogs in human society. From the very beginning of the puppy's stay in the family, it is necessary to establish clear rules for the behavior of the dog and the regime of the day. The implementation of established rules must be carried out regularly and without any deviations or concessions. Not fulfilling the rules, is regarded by the dog as weakness and causes aggression.

Without the advice of experts, in the training of a puppy fighting breed, can not do. There are whole clubs of dogs fighting breeds. Communication with dog handlers continues throughout the life of the pet. Of course, the dog of the fighting breed living in the apartment becomes homely, but the accumulation of the instinct laid down at the gene level remains and can lead to tragedy.

Exit one - physical activity. Walking with a puppy fighting breed, must be long and intense. With age, these characteristics increase. Training puppy in the club, usually begins with four months of age. But, before the beginning of professional training, the puppy should receive an elementary education.

Know your own nickname, place, time of walksAnd behavior during their conduct, the implementation of standard commands ("sit", "next", "fu") - this is the basis of the rules of good parenting. Adequate attitude of the puppy to the collar and the leash, as well as the muzzle, the necessary knowledge for a decent and comfortable living of the dog next to the person.

Only from the owner, his willingness, to dedicate the dog time, effort and not a small amount of money, depends on how the dog will grow up and whether he will be a worthy and safe friend for you and your family.

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