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How to play with the puppy? 8 games with a puppy with training elements

Playing for a small puppy is a must. In the game he learns, physically develops.

For an adult dog, the game is physicalWarm-up and confirmation that the pet is a member of the team. Consider some interesting games and activities for puppies with training elements that will contribute to its good development. These games are quite suitable for more adult pets.

Games for puppies: recommendations of a cynologist

1. Everything that hangs, lies, hangs at the nose, the puppy must be taken in the teeth, ripped or chewed, killed or hunted. This instinct tells him. He is not to blame for this. First, do not need to provoke the puppy: remove the shoes, close the boxes tight (including the garbage can), turn the curtains. Secondly, give the puppy the necessary toys:

  • Balls,
  • Any soft toy,
  • Great beef bone,
  • an Apple,
  • Rolled up and rolled into sausage tarpaulin,
  • Wooden sticks,
  • Dense rubber "pishchalki."

It is very important to play with the puppy correctly. After all, themselves, without realizing the owners can develop in their favorite bad habits. Attention, do not assume the following, very common mistake. Allowing the puppy to play with old slippers, you allow him to gnaw new slippers, but not only them, since the smell of all shoes is common.

If the puppy's behavior is undesirable, distract himAttention. For example, if lying at the leg of a chair, your puppy paid attention to it, distract him with the game, and during the game, slip him another toy. Still it is possible to sprinkle it not tasty to the smelling for the puppy means (for example, an eau-de-cologne).

In the event that the puppy has already had time to chewUnwanted object and looks at you, waiting for a response, you can say "how bad" and go out the door, behind which to knock the ball on the floor, thus showing that you have a less interesting lesson.

For an adult puppy who is already familiar withBy the command "Listen!", Draw a watchfulness and then after that go to the door. Before you leave, walk the puppy, feed, play with it, leave the toys, when you are already dressed, say that you go to work or that you will come soon if you leave for a short while. Thus, you will teach the puppy to navigate within a time frame. This will come in handy to you in the future.

2. If you throw a puppy at any object, pay attention to where it drags it. If your puppy is sent to you, give the command "Aport!". Now take from him this item and praise. You can treat it with something delicious with the words "Aport, good!".

3. When you come home, pay attention to how the puppy sniffs things, and at the moment when his nostrils are working, give the command "Nyuhai!".

4. Playing with the object, in front of the puppy, put it on the floor in such a way that it can not be seen. Give the puppy the command "Seek!". With age, you can complicate the game, making sure that the puppy is looking for a toy on his own. The team can be given first "after". After that, start using the name of the subject "Look for a toy!", "Look for the ball!".

5. To play with a dog that has not yet formed jaws and teeth in a tug-of-war can not, because this will lead to their deformation. A dog with a tendency to dominate and the makings of a leader should not be conceded to a tug-of-war.

6. "Game of hide and seek". A dog must first sniff a person. After this, the "Seek!" Command is periodically given and the name of the person to be found is pronounced.

7. Throw a toy between family members, ensuring that the puppy clearly follows your movements and the movement of the toy.

8. To get the attention of a puppy who has already turned 4 months old for your movements outside the house, sometimes hide from his sight.

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