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Kerry blue terrier: description, photo, price. Nature of the breed

Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier - An old hunting dog originally from Ireland, the mountainous county of Kerry. Officially they say that the breed is 150 years old, but the Irish claim that it is much older.

The ancestors of the dogs of this breed were a black and tan British terrier, as well as a powerful Irish wolfhound, to which the blood of wheat terriers and bedlingtones was poured.

Thanks to this mixture of blood, the Kerry Blue TerrierBecame almost a universal dog. He is a serious watchman and excellent pick-and-go in the house. The Irishmen of these dogs used to hunt small game and as shepherd sheep flocks. Since the kerry is an excellent swimmer and adores the water, he was used to catch otters in the deep water. Today these dogs not only please owners as a pet, but also work in the police.

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Kerry Blue Terrier

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Security features
The size
Attitudes towards children

Appearance and size

Kerry Blue Terrier - a medium-sized dog, strong, but elegant body. In males, the height can be 46-49 cm, bitches very little less. Weight up to 18 kg.
A characteristic feature of this breed is its head - an elongated shape, narrow, with a barely noticeable transition from forehead to muzzle and beard. The eyes of the dogs are very dark, almost black.

Thin small dog ears are located close toCheeks and directed forward. The neck is proportional, but rather long, the chest is deep and fairly wide. The legs of the kerry are strong and straight, with muscular thighs. The tail is thin, usually docked, held straight.

Color kerry blue terrier can be fromDark-steel to light-silvery. It is curious that puppies are born coal black and only to two, and even three years they get their precious "blue" color. Although it can change in different shades throughout life.

Nature of the breed is kerry-blue terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier

This is an excellent hunting dog, although it is now more often held as a favorite of the family. This is a cheerful and always active pet that gets along well with children.

At the same time, her decorative appearance is very deceptive, the Kerry Blue Terrier is a wonderful watchman.

One of the drawbacks of the character of the kerry isCall the love fight with other dogs that have come to "its territory", that is, where it walks. This applies not only to the cables, but also to the bitches, whose combat character often wakes up after the appearance of the puppies.

To pre-cut this terrier habit,It is necessary to teach kerry obedience from an early age, to become for him a sufficiently zealous teacher. This is a pretty stubborn breed, but you need to work with it patiently and do not be zealous with pressure on the dog and severity. Dogs of this breed are bright individuals.

Maintenance and care

Despite the luxurious head of hairThis breed, caring for it is not very difficult. The curry has no undercoat, and therefore they do not shed, which greatly facilitates the cleaning and cleaning of the dog's place. Therefore, the representatives of this breed are very convenient for keeping in the apartment.

The dog can be periodically washed and must be regularly combed out with a stiff bristle brush.

It is a very active mobile dog and it needs regular physical activity. Therefore, it is suitable for the same active and sporting owner.


Kerry Blue Terriers have excellent immunity and very good health. They are very resistant to various infections and absolutely not predisposed to rickets.

The kerry blue terrier has a tendency to earInfections. Due to the fact that the ears of this breed fit tightly to the head, the ears are poorly ventilated, sulfur accumulates in them. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the dog's ears, clean them regularly, and regularly cut hair from the inside of the ears.

Some dogs are prone to abiotrophy of the cerebellum, hip dysplasia, cataracts or entropy.

Price of the puppy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Puppies of this breed are worth From 270 to 400 dollars Depending on the parents and the intended use of the puppy.

Photo of Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry-Blue Terrier Kerry-Blue Terrier Kerry-Blue Terrier Kerry-Blue Terrier Kerry-Blue Terrier Kerry-Blue Terrier Kerry-Blue Terrier Kerry-Blue Terrier Kerry-Blue Terrier Kerry-Blue Terrier
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