/ / Description of breed Caucasian Shepherd, characteristics, care, training, care and health, photo of Caucasian Shepherd

Description of breed Caucasian shepherd, characteristics, care, training, care and health, photo of Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Learn about the temperament, standard and characteristics of the Caucasian Shepherd. Look at what she likes, her description, character traits, molting and behavior. Look at the photo of the Caucasian Shepherd.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Tendency to training
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Large, impressive, beautiful. Similar to the big teddy bears, these dogs can not help but attract attention to themselves. But even 30 years ago the breed of the Caucasian sheep-dog was practically unknown outside the USSR. Today they are widespread, but many look askance at them. They say that they are aggressive, biting, poorly amenable to learning. And yet, if the Caucasian sheep-dogs are properly nurtured and educated, they become the most faithful watchmen and the most balanced representatives of the canine world.

Probably, originally Caucasian ShepherdsUsed as guardians and protectors of sheep herds. But there is no doubt that the Caucasian Shepherd is the first and foremost a protective dog, both in character and in constitution.

If the dogs accompany the flockHead forward, then the watch sheepdog holds it high to be able to control as much space as possible. While other dogs are lynching fast, jumping, literally flying over the ground, the Caucasian sheepdog rushes with a short step, even when walking on a leash. Everything says that the main task of the shepherd dog performed not only on the pasture, but also in the owner's house, most likely mainly in the owner's house.

Beautiful watchmen, Caucasian shepherds,Suspicious and hostile to any stranger who has a formidable look. These dogs have a strong and bright, independent character. Perhaps, these characteristics do not suit everyone, but they are ideal for a good guard dog.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog - an excellent watchman and a guard

Affectionate in the family, formidable defenders of the house andOwners, the Caucasian sheep-dog, undoubtedly deservedly enjoys great popularity. It is very easy to love such a dog, it is more difficult to properly train it. However, if you act reasonably and responsibly, success is assured.

For those who are attracted by the Caucasian sheepdogs,Should remember a few rules. If you cultivate dogs with love and respect, feeling your responsibility for this intelligent and receptive animal, then you will never have problems with the Caucasian sheepdog, but only the joy of having a terrific friend close to you.

The size

Caucasian Shepherd Dog belongs to large breed dogs

The height at the withers is 64-72 centimeters

Weight - 45 - 70 kilograms


Caucasian Shepherds live on average 10 - 11 years

Where is it better to live Caucasian sheepdog?

Despite its size, it can well live inCity apartment. The need for movement in large dogs is smaller than in dogs of small breeds. Of course, a large dog can not always sit alone in the house, especially at a young age. Its development will suffer from this. If you do not have a garden, you should try to walk with her as often as possible, so that she can run and run low. When you return from a walk, it will settle at your feet calmly and quietly. You will not be embarrassed by the size of the animal. The adult dog is very serious and flexible. She will never break the order in the house. Of course, when she's a puppy, you need to show some patience.

Caucasian sheep-dogs can live quite on the street whenAny temperatures. Still the Caucasian sheep-dog not simply well transfers snow, she adores it - both puppies, and adult dogs. Recall that the guard dog, even if she lives in the garden, should often visit the house to communicate with the owners. If the Caucasian shepherd is too often alone, she will not be able to establish the right relationship with the person.

It is not necessary to think that a formidable watchman canBribe, something delicious, not at all. The more we seduce the dog, the more he will concentrate on his task - to protect what belongs to him from home to car. By the way, you can be calm, a more reliable anti-theft device simply does not exist.


Hygienic norms for the Caucasian sheep dog are verySimple: wash them as little as possible, but simply comb out with a brush. Since the Caucasian sheep-dog has longer wool than the Central Asian, then it should be combed more often, so that the wool does not fall into the coils. Ideally, you need to do this twice a week. For this purpose, a brush for hair like a porcupine is well suited. She does not spoil the wool. If you want to lead a dog to the exhibition, you need to fluff her hair, so that the animal looks even more impressive. Mane is raised by combing it against the coat, and the back and the groin are combed in the direction of the fur so that they do not visually appear above the withers.

How to choose a puppy

We have already said that the Caucasian Shepherd is suitableNot every owner. But how difficult it is to resist the temptation to take a puppy that most resembles a bear cub. 3-month-old puppy instead of moving on the legs, rolls on sausage. He still does not know how to coordinate movements and to watch him at this time is a real pleasure.

How to choose a Caucasian Shepherd puppy

Recall, however, that at 6 months he is alreadyRepresents a dog of impressive size, and a year turns into a real giant. If we really love these dogs, try to make our choice consciously, not in a hurry and very carefully. First of all, you should contact a nursery specializing in the breeding of this particular breed.

At first, A good breeder makes selection for the beauty of the exterior and character. Therefore, it is from him that we find the right, balanced dog.

Secondly, A conscientious breeder always wants to put his puppies in good hands. So, if he thinks that the Caucasian sheepdog does not suit you, he will honestly and openly tell you about it.

If you have questions when purchasing a puppy,He will be able to answer you, give useful advice on how to nurture, educate and feed the dog. He will not leave us without help and with us will follow the growing up of the puppy, until his full maturation.


Caring for proper nutrition will avoid a number ofMistakes and grow a healthy and balanced dog. And here, too, you need to contact professional breeders. When choosing a puppy, do not forget to inquire about his hereditary diseases. Like all large dogs, the Caucasian sheep dog often has dysplasia.

Dysplasia is the pathology of the articulationThe hip joint can take a variety of forms, and in severe cases, leads to loss of ability to move. The reasons for it are often genetic, so it is very important to purchase a puppy from healthy parents. But to give a guarantee that the puppy will be healthy is not easy enough.

Therefore it is very important to make a dog once a yearX-ray to exclude from the binding those individuals who will be carriers of genetic defects. In the rest, the Caucasian Shepherds are hardy, long-living dogs, easily overcoming the 10-year boundary, especially when the dog does not have excess weight. The longevity of a dog and the quality of its life depends largely on care and nutrition.

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