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Keeshond (Wolfspitz): description of the breed, nature, photo, price


German Wolvespitz (Keeshond) - the largest representative of the Spitz family. His ancestor is considered to be a peat dog, which was still alive in the Stone Age. Therefore, all the Spitz-like dogs are one of the oldest. The homeland of Wolfspitz itself is Holland and Germany, where it was first isolated as a separate species. This breed was especially popular in the Netherlands, where it is called a keeshond or a barge dog, as they were set up by sailors and boatmen to guard barges. Maybe that's why these dogs love to swim.
They also used to protect houses, protect and graze livestock and even for hunting.


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Appearance of keeshond, size

This animal is of medium size, the height at the withers is 42-45 cm. However, in this breed, it is more important not to dimensions that can reach 55 cm, but harmonious addition. The weight of these dogs ranges from 25 to 30 kg.

These dogs are compact and harmoniously built,Notable for their vertically standing hair, fox head and small standing ears. His tail with a thick long wool of medium length is raised by a tight ring tightly pressed to the back.

Characteristic for Keeshond "glasses" - combinationShades and spots around the eyes. The eyes of these dogs are almond-shaped, medium-sized and dark brown in color. The expression of the muzzle of the Spitz gives the impression that he is always smiling. For this wolf called "smiling Dutch".

Its chic dense and rather long wool is stiff and sticks out, especially around the neck, forming a luxurious mane, and around the hind legs - thick pants. Short hair only on the head.

Wolfspitz is only a wolfish color, for whichAnd are given their name. It can be all sorts of shades of gray. Also on the muzzle there should be a black mask, and on the head - black ears. Black and the tip of the tail. Usually the undercoat is very light, silvery or slightly creamy. However, in addition to the color with the Wolfs of Wolfspitz, there is nothing in common now.

Character Wolfspitz


This is an energetic and moving dog with a livingTemperament. She is self-confident and independent, very attached to the owner and even able to be jealous. To outsiders, the Spitz is cautious, treats with a reasonable degree of suspicion and distrust. Because it can be an excellent watchman. Keeshond is not aggressive and not shy, friendly and sociable.

Can be grumpy with unfamiliar dogs, but with pets in the house is friendly. Educate the Welshman patiently, but firmly from the earliest childhood.

Wolfspitz is very sensitive to the person and without words is able to understand what they want or do not want from him. Therefore, when a person is not up to a dog, she hides in a secluded place, so as not to interfere.

Spitz in childhood are comparable to small hurricanes,Because such a dog needs a long walk, take out on nature, physically load well. But as she grows up, she will become calmer, while retaining her living character.

This clever dog can easily be trained, for example, in Russia keeshond appeared exactly as circus performers.

These dogs often compete inObedience, work as a tracing agent, are used in the guard service and even in the work of psychotherapeutic consultations. So, it is already proved that patients of psychotherapists go much easier to contact a doctor in the presence of wolves.

Care and maintenance of keeshond

Spitz feels great in an apartment and at home.

Like all Spitz, they need to be regularlyComb out with a special brush at least twice a week. But unlike many other long-haired breeds of dogs, wolfspitz wool has a special structure and does not require complex care. Bathing it can be rare, as necessary. It is not recommended to cut such a dog.

Keeshond - physically strong and healthy dogs, often live up to 16-17 years. It is important only not to overfeed them, so that dogs do not gain fast excess weight.

Price of a puppy of keeshond

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Wolfspitz is a rather expensive dog. The cost of a puppy can fluctuate From 15 000 to 40 000 rubles Depending on the regalia of the parents and the further exhibition or breeding prospects of the dog.

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