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Dwarf pinscher (zwergpinscher): description of the breed, nature, price

Miniature Pinscher or Miniature Pinscher

Breed dwarf pinscher (zwergpinscher) Was bred in Germany. This is a small dog growing in 25 - 30 cm. Its weight varies from 4 to 6 kg depending on the sex. Can live 15 or more years.

The character of an indefatigable puppy and amazingDancing gait - this is the first thing that lovers of these dogs will note. An elegant toy doggie moves like a small horse, gracefully puts his strong legs and proudly looks around, because he's not somebody but a zwergpinscher!

According to the FCI classification, the dwarf pinscherBelongs to the group of service dogs. This is one of the smallest service dogs, along with a miniature schnauzer. Strong physique allows it to be widely used in various kinds of sports training (freestyle, agility, IPO, etc.)

Initially, a thoroughbred dog should have a dock tail and ears. But recently the ears of the pinschers are being cut off less and less.


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From the history of the Zwergpinscher

The native land of this breed, which is often calledMiniature or pygmy pincher, is Germany. To say for certain when exactly the history of these tiny dogs begins is difficult, however it is known that references to dogs similar to pinschers appeared in the 15th century!

Having originated in the area of ​​German Württemberg,Dwarf pinscher quickly won the popular love: living at the stables, small dogs regularly caught rats and guarded the master's property. It was for this that they were lovingly called "griffins of stables".

A little later, the brave and hardy kids becameAccompany coaches and stagecoaches, announcing the barking bark of the neighborhood all the way and thereby frightening possible ill-wishers. Often, they used to take the crumbs and go hunting: in short, despite the miniature size, it was a universal dog that successfully performed any tasks assigned to it.

Standard dwarf pinscher: height, weight

Miniature Pinscher

It is interesting that the dwarf pinscher is very similar toDobermann, but there is no relationship between them. In fact, a certain Mr. named Doberman at the time so much admired the miniature pinschers that he decided to bring out a similar sized dog.

Its appearance mini-pinscher really reminds Doberman in miniature: the dog's height does not exceed 30 cm, and weight - 5 kg.

Slender, with well developed skeleton andMusculature, the pinscher has high strong paws, the rear somewhat longer than the forelegs, a small but proportional to the body head with a very noticeable transition from forehead to nose, an elegant, moderately long and thick neck, oval eyes of dark color and smooth, shiny hair. In addition, classic dwarf pinschers should have cropped tail and ears, but more and more owners and breeders do not do this so as not to torment the animals.

The breed standard was formally adopted in 1880Year, and 15 years later in Germany, opened the first club of breeders of the dwarf pinscher. Thanks to them, the breed began to develop and increasingly appear at exhibitions in other countries. So, in Europe, mini-pinschers were recognized after the exhibition in France, where the dog was presented as a "smooth-haired terrier from the stables". And then the tiny dogs with cheerful disposition became favorites of the public, however, as it was with many breeds, world wars threatened the existence of zwergpins. Only thanks to the efforts of breeders and breeders, it was possible to preserve these wonderful animals.

On color distinguish monochrome, namelyBrown and red, and two-color, black-tan, dwarf pinschers, and the tie should have very clear boundaries: on the throat, above the eyes, on the inside of the hind legs, at the base of the tail and two identical triangles on the chest. It is interesting that earlier the standard allowed the third color - brown and tan, but now dogs with this coat color are bred only in the USA.

The character of the zwergpinscher

Dwarf pinscher is well suited for keepingIn the apartment, but requires experienced dog breeders who will not go on about the dog. It is of great importance for this breed to have an early and correct upbringing, which will help to avoid problems with such traits of character as stubbornness and spoiledness.

But in the character of the dwarf pinscher there is alsoTenderness, affection, energy. They get along very well with children, but it is necessary to teach children that these little dogs are not toys at all, and because of their size they are very vulnerable and need a personal space.

With other animals in the house, dwarf pinschers,As a rule, get on well. In relation to other dogs pinschers can be aggressive. They get along well only with those dogs they know from an early age.

By nature, suspicious, these dogs are prone toExcessive barking. Therefore, if there are frequent guests in the house, the dog should be specially trained to quietly receive guests who do not threaten the owner. In public places, this must be kept on a leash.

On the one hand it is cheerful and faithfulDogs, but on the other - demanding and strong-willed. But with their negative features, you can successfully cope with timely training. Fortunately, pinschers love to learn, and for this are smart enough. When the pinscher recognizes his master, he will be pleased to learn what the master wants.

This dog is ideal for people who live even in a small city apartment, because it takes up little space and rarely sheds, besides it is a very smart and easily yieldable breed.

The main thing in communicating with an animal is not to spoilPinscher, because he can be very stubborn and self-willed, if from an early age do not engage in his upbringing. And the rest is a sweet and gentle dog that loves his family, strives to always please the owner in everything.

She is able to become an excellent friend for yourChildren, if only they understand that a tiny dog ​​is not a toy. Pinschers also get along well with other pets, but can be aggressive towards dogs only if they are not familiar with them from an early age.

But to outsiders this breed is veryWatchful. Being a born guard, the dwarf pinscher will meet strangers with malicious barking, his hair will immediately stand on end, and his eyes will sparkle, because this dog is not of the cowardly and is ready to bravely defend his masters and their house.

On a walk the dwarf pinscher is more relaxed and withInterest explores all that surrounds him. Surprisingly, this kid is always full of the desire to fight, and even if the opponent exceeds the mini-pinscher in size and strength, it will not stop the brave dog!

Dwarf pinschers are great companions for single people, fun, playful and curious. They like to play with any home things, which sometimes presents a danger to the animal.

In general, the zwergpinscher is a fairly healthy breedDogs, but she also has predispositions to such diseases as: diabetes, urolithiasis, pannus, shoulder dislocation, glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases, as well as a tendency to deafness and epilepsy.

Care and maintenance of zwergpinscher

In the care of this is a very simple breed. It is enough to comb a small dwarf pinscher several times a week and sometimes with the help of a wet towel to remove the dead hair.

A small dog needs not much food, but the more important is its quality so that the dog is always active and healthy.

It is necessary to protect dwarf pinchers from cold andDrafts and in the cold season they should be worn in clothes. However, it should be borne in mind that due to its mobility, the dwarf pinscher does not get very cold in a small frost. Only at minus 7-10 degrees it begins to freeze the paws. Therefore, for winter walks you need not only overalls, but boots.

In heat, a small pinscher is threatened with a heat stroke. Therefore, for a long walk you need to take water for drinking, and in a particularly hot weather, the dog should be slightly moistened, especially if the dog is black and tan.

They also need to provide enoughMovable way of life, because this breed is quite prone to obesity. An apartment dog, even accustomed to the tray, must be regularly, ideally - twice a day, actively walking for at least half an hour. It is better to constantly offer him active games: frisbee, etc.

Dwarf pins do not like to stay at home aloneWithout any occupation. Therefore, for a long time it is not worth it to leave him alone or he will do something without the permission of the hosts, especially by playing things that are not intended for him.

This is a clever breed of dogs and in order to avoid the development of destructive behavior, they need constant mental activity. You can teach them something all your life.

The dwarf pincher is a great companion also because the representatives of this breed live in our climate for a long time, have good health and need the simplest care.

Miniature dogs are enough to comb several times a week, and they take brush strokes as a kind of affection and are very fond of when they are combed.

You can not take a pincher for the front paws orThe scruff, so as not to damage the tendon, it is better to carry the dog, holding it under the belly. Also it is necessary to protect the crumb from the cold and not let go of the leash in public places. But to walk the baby you need several times a day, because this breed is prone to obesity, which means that constant physical exertion to the pet is simply necessary.

It is undesirable to wash the zwergpins, since after this procedure the dog can easily catch a cold. So you should arrange bathing as needed - not more often.

It is important to shorten the claws in time, because the dog has a low weight, and they do not have time to grind off while moving, and this can even lead to dislocation of the paw.

To keep the dwarf pinscher healthy andCheerful throughout his life, it is important to monitor his diet. For this breed, natural food is preferred, with most of the diet being raw beef and horse meat, as well as poultry.

Pincher should receive food strictly on schedule,After which, ideally, he licks the plate and rest. If the dog does not eat or, conversely, stands near the plate with sad eyes, then the portion should be reduced or, correspondingly, increased. Sometimes in the menu you can include fresh chopped garlic for the prevention of worms and intestinal diseases.

The history of dwarf pinschers counts more than 300Years, and during this time they have repeatedly argued that, despite their miniature size, they are brave and faithful companions. And if you do not believe it, check it out!

Price of puppies and where best to buy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

How much does a miniature pinscher cost? Currently, the price of puppies varies From 10 000 to 30 000 rubles. The cost depends on several factors. The cheapest puppies are without pedigrees or tribal marriage. Their cost will not exceed 10 000 rubles. From 10,000 to 20,000 You can buy puppies with pedigree documents in nurseries. And at a price From 20 000 rubles and up to 30 000 rubles You have to give for a puppy, whose titled parents are champions and the puppy itself has a brilliant exhibition prospects.

Where it is better to buy a puppy of a dwarf pinscher, so as not to be mistaken?

Do not buy the dog from your hands orThe bird market. Also with disbelief is to treat private ads in newspapers or the Internet. Choosing a puppy is best for real breeders who have their own nursery. These experts know everything about the breed and will select the best puppy for you based on your wishes.

Photo of a zwergpinscher or a pygmy pincher

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