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Cane Corso: description of the breed, the nature of the dog, care, training, photo, price of the puppies

Cane Corso Is the national pride of the ItalianDog breeding. The history of this breed is interesting because, despite its antiquity and uniqueness, it received official status only a couple of decades ago. Moreover, the breed, like the Phoenix bird, was literally reborn from the ashes, as it was on the brink of extinction. Why such a beautiful dog was undeservedly forgotten? To find the answer to this question, it is necessary to trace the entire process of formation of the breed.

Cane Corso

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History of the breed Cane Corso

The ancestors of the Cane Corso were Molossian dogs,Who lived in ancient Rome. They in turn originated from the dog-like dogs of the Etruscans, Macedonian dogs and the fighting dogs of the Persians and Carthaginians. Thus, the ancestors of the Cane Corso carried sentry and military service and were distinguished by their impressive size, fearlessness and devotion to man.

This is evidenced by the name of the breed. The word "cane" in Italian means "dog", and "corso" in different versions - the yard, the guard and the battle horse. In any case, already from the title it is clear that we are talking about a dog that served as a guard and watchman, and was sometimes used in military operations and gladiatorial fights.

Italians in one dog connected a lotSkills: a cane-corso guarded their property, defended the owner, grazed the cattle, if necessary, could play with the children or help in the hunt for the bear. A universal dog was mentioned in many works of Italian culture. The dogs, reminiscent of the Cane Corso, were depicted in the form of statuettes, painted on ancient tombs, described in books and even dedicated poems to them.

It is from literary sources related to15 century, we first encounter the mention of the Cane Corso breed, with which the Italians hunted bears. The fact that the life of this people was closely connected with this breed is evidenced by the constant mention of the dog in folklore. For example, a proverb appeared: "Laziness bites harder than a Cane Corso." There are interesting images of the struggle between dogs and a lion. All these testimonies are associated with the canoe corso, proving the continuity of this breed with the legendary Roman dogs.

The problem is that in ancient Rome was conductedPrimitive, but purposeful selection work in specialized nurseries. But the fall of the great empire also affected the breeding of dogs, which began to carry a chaotic "folk" character, which sometimes affected not the best on posterity. The decisive factor for the Italian breed was her non-recognition of the new aristocracy, which did not want to keep this big dog in its courts, behind which the glory of the common folk and countryside was firmly entrenched.

All this has led to the fact that a single breed has becomeDisintegrate into different species, mix with other dogs and lose their breed appearance. This was especially reflected in the character of the representatives of the breed, the features of which were reshaped by the owners to their own taste. For example, individual owners could cultivate unusual for the breed excessive aggressiveness.

Cane Corso was intended for freeContent in rural settlements, so with the growth of cities the demand for the breed fell to a critical level. It is possible that this breed would disappear completely, if it were not for the activities of Italian enthusiasts who decided to revive the ancient breed of their nation. To do this, they had to collect it literally bit by bit, traveling all over Italy in search of typical representatives of the endangered species.

Interest in the breed was aroused by the researcher Breber,Who studied the history and traditions of the Italian village, and the Cane Corso was an integral part of the life of the villagers. Published in 1976, the article gave impetus to the creation of the Society of Cane Corso lovers, which included Breber himself. The history of the activities of this society was accompanied by internal disputes and even conflicts between its representatives, so the way to advance the breed onto the pedestal of success was far from simple.

At the same time, enthusiasts have done a lot, theyHeld meetings of breeders, invited experts from the main cynological organ of the country - the Italian Kennel Club. Their efforts were rewarded by the recognition of the breed on an official level. This happened only on January 20, 1994. Before that, a standard was also developed, but it was edited periodically, eliminating various controversial issues, in particular, about the bite of a cane corso.

The Society of Cane Corso lovers has managed to achieveOnly official recognition of the breed, but also make it incredibly popular, but it failed to adequately respond to the sudden flare-up interest. Puppies began to buy people far from the idea of ​​high-breed breeding, there was a chase for the number of puppies, the best representatives of the breed were allowed to breed, and the best, on the contrary, could remain unused. With such difficulty, the revived breed was placed on the flow of mass reproduction with the loss of its best qualities.

However, the process of recognition of the breed was alreadyLaunched, and in November 1996, a cane corso was recognized by the FCI. In Italy, an association of Italian Cane Corso was established, which immediately set itself a serious goal: to prevent different interpretations of the standard and the appearance of other criteria for breed breeding outside of Italy. A number of studies were conducted, on the basis of which the breed standard was adjusted and entered into force on January 1, 2003. The same standard is used by the International Cane Corso Federation.
Interesting Facts
The ancestors of the Cane Corso were gladiators, who fought in deadly battles with lions and bears.
The type of model dog for the recognition of the FCI breed was the male cane-corso named Boris.
In Europe, cane corso is often used to protect elite boutiques and jewelry stores. The presence of a Cane Corso as a guard is an indicator of prestige.
Cane Corso became a companion of many famous politicians and oil magnates.

Breed standard: basic characteristics of cane corso

Cane Corso

Cane Corso is a large dog with a reliefMusculature. The case is characterized by a stretched format, when its length exceeds the height at the withers. Height at the withers is 64-68 cm for males and 60-64 cm for females. Weight - 45-50 kg and 40-45 kg respectively.

The head is massive and elongated with a wide skull. Forehead convex in front and flatter at occiput. Nose of black color with large nostrils.

The muzzle is shorter than the skull approximately in proportion 1 to 2, its width exceeds the length. Lips slack, covering the lower jaw and creating a profile line of the muzzle. Jaws are wide with a light snack.

Eyes oval, slightly convex, dark in color. A lighter color of the eyes is also acceptable in the tone of the color, but a dark color is preferable and a dark stroke is required. The expression of the eyes is attentive.

Ears hanging, high set, triangular with a wide base. Often the ear is clipped in the form of a triangle.

The muscular, strong neck is as long as the head.

The body looks strong, with a pronounced withers, which exceeds the level of slightly sloping croup. The thorax is very well developed.

A high set tail is very thick at the base, it is stopped after the fourth vertebra. In the excited state, it rises, but never assumes an upright position and does not twist.

Forelegs long and muscular, withPowerful shoulders and volumetric pasterns. Hind legs have a long thigh, a dry shin, a moderately pronounced hock joint. Cane-corso movements are wide and sweeping.

The skin is dense.

The coat is short and shiny, the undercoat is weakly expressed.

Color allowed black, different shades of grayAnd red, brindle. White markings on the chest and paws are allowed. If the color is not black and not gray, then on the face must necessarily be a mask of one of these colors, eye-catching.

It should be noted that due to the fact that the standardWas adopted recently, and the breed is still being formed, there are several types of cane corso. Disputes about some of the nuances are still conducted by experts at exhibitions, in particular, it is a question of an acceptable snack rate. Also an interesting moment is the relationship between the color and the features of the exterior. This is the reason for the proposals to exhibit dogs of the same color on individual rings, as the black cane corso gravitates toward the docks, the gray towards the mastino, the fawn to the boxers and staffers.


Speaking frankly, the appearanceCane Corso inspires respect and even timidity. Indeed, the power and strength of the body is accompanied by a serious expression of the muzzle. It's unlikely that an outsider will come up with the idea of ​​sticking to a Cane Corso with a lisp or trying to caress it.

One of the main qualities of the cane-corso character -This is a clear division of all the people around him and animals on his and others'. The temperament of the dog is balanced, lacking increased aggressiveness, so for the simple reason she will never attack or bite. But if she feels the intrusion into her borders, she is furious and can act on her own initiative, stopping the offender even without the host's command.

This is an intelligent and intelligent dog, in whichSurprisingly combined nobility of movements with a strong constitution. It seems all the more unusual that this breed has always been, as they say, close to the people, there is no arrogant aristocracy in it, but it is the living soul and immediate temperament of the Italian nation that can be seen.

Like a real Italian, cane-corsoRefers to his family and especially to children. They are unselfishly devoted to their master and show their whole desire to serve him faithfully. They readily execute teams, but their main mission is not an abstract training, but the role of a defender and watchman.

Cane Corso

Cane Corso always monitor the situation, withThe first impetuous movement of a stranger gives him to understand that they keep his attentive eyes on him. Unlike many other big dogs, they realize their power, so they can be allowed to play with young children. Cane Corso will not knock the baby off his feet and do not frighten him, for them the most terrible punishment is the crying of a child who is under their protection.

Cane Corso can not be bribed with delicacy orDistract his attention from the main function - to protect his family. This dog will go to the end, protecting its borders and those whom it loves. In connection with increased loyalty and affection, which arises as early as puppyhood, dogs are very hard to part with their master. It must be well thought that the noble heart of the Cane Corso is capable of loving only once, and will not survive betrayal on your part, if you have chosen this breed only for the sake of prestige, and then are ready to give up your pet.

Also worth noting is the amazing intuition of thisBreed, which manifests itself in the fact that she feels the danger well. Cane Corso is able to react lightly to aggression from a foreign person or dog, but they perfectly understand the boundaries between the game, a possible danger and a real threat.

Care and maintenance of Cane Corso

Issues of proper care have a determiningValue for the health of the dog and its suitability for further breeding. Even an excellent high-breed puppy can be rendered unfit for an exhibition career and breeding work if negligently related to the dog's content.

In general, these dogs are unpretentious, but still there isA number of difficulties. It is necessary to determine in advance the choice of the place where your pet will live. The fact is that his ancestors used to live in fenced areas, usually in a village yard. Since then, the Cane Corso has perceived any fence as its boundary. In other words, if your cane corso has been accustomed to running around the whole apartment since childhood, it will consider its entire territory to be its own fiefdom, and it will be extremely difficult for you to convince it not to show increased attention to guests or to repairmen. If you keep a dog on the street, then remember that our harsh winters are too hard for it, so do not forget to provide it with a warm enough booth. It is better to keep small puppies on a cold day in a heated room.

The prestige of this breed caused many peopleGive up the opinion that large dogs are more suitable for a private home. Therefore, cane corso in urban apartments is not uncommon. Of course, he can sit quietly for a while and wait until you pay him attention, but without games and physical activities, he will check for strength various interior items and decoration materials of your apartment. Therefore it is very useful to arrange walks with games, running and taking with other dogs.

Another important point is the care of the coat itselfBy itself it is not complicated, you just have to periodically brush it with a stiff brush. But because of the lack of undercoat, parasites inflict a lot of trouble on the Cane Corso, quickly reaching up to his skin. Treatment of fleas and in the warm season of mites will protect your dog from suffering and disease.

Of the remaining hygiene procedures, it is important to clean the ears, especially if they are docked. They quickly accumulate dirt, which must be removed with gauze soaked in a special solution.


Cane Corso's favorite treat is meat, andThis is not surprising, because a large dog is just necessary for energy. It is impossible to grow a reliable guard on cakes and vegetables. A dog needs an influx of proteins, but at the same time, the food should be varied, that is, even if the financial possibilities allow the pet to feed only meat and by-products, you need to find a place for a more affordable, but also useful diet. It's about dairy products, cereal cereals, vegetables and (if you can persuade your pet) about fruits and berries. It is strictly recommended not to give raw fish with bones, especially river fish, since there may be various parasites in it, smoked foods, sweets and food with an excess of carbohydrates are also prohibited. It is useful to gnaw large bones. If you give the dog raw meat, then do not forget to undergo timely prevention from internal parasites.

All this diversity can replace and goodDry food, but in this case you need to immediately decide on what you choose. Most dogs are reluctant to switch from dry food to natural food, and vice versa. Especially sharp transitions are harmful to the digestive system.

Education and training of the Cane Corso

Cane Corso

The main principle of the education of any dog, andCane Corso is no exception, it is considered the beginning of classes at an early age. Do not think that the puppy is still stupid, and postpone the upbringing for later. This can lead to the fact that the important time will be missed, and it will be difficult for you to train the dog for the necessary commands.

Even if a cane-corso lives in a private home, and youDo not plan to visit the exhibition with him and go out for walks in the city, he must have an idea of ​​the external life. It's sad to see when grown-up mighty dogs are frightened by the sound of an alarm or are shuddering in surprise from the flying up flight of birds. Puppy needs help to know the world around him in all its diversity.

Some owners make a serious mistake,Thinking that the main task is to grow an aggressive dog. You do not need to specially organize baiting with the participation of the Cane Corso, unless, of course, you are going to serve with him in the police. It is better to pay more attention to socializing the dog and teaching her to impeccable obedience. You can complete a general training course under the guidance of an experienced instructor or independently master the basic team.

How to choose a canine corso puppy, where to buy?

Fashion for the breed of cane corso in just a few yearsMade this dog prestigious all over the world. Many entrepreneurs took advantage of this to launch their business on stream production of fashionable breeds. Preservation of the true nature and appearance of this canoe corso worries them a little, and they go to the manipulation of genealogies and other ugly tricks, deceiving gullible buyers. Some even manage to trace the pedigree of their dogs almost to the Middle Ages.

So if you do not want to be disappointed andGet instead of a true Italian dog with atypical traits for the breed, you need to pay attention to the history of the nursery, carefully examine the pedigree, make sure the legality of the mating. Such precautions are not trivial, even for those who are not interested in the exhibition career of the dog.

Cane Corso

The fact is that after reading a lot of good things aboutThe character of the Cane Corso, people trust him to protect their homes, property and, most importantly, children. And who will be responsible if, through the fault of a self-serving breeder, you will get a dog with an unbalanced psyche?

Determine who is in front of you: An enthusiast of the breed or just an entrepreneur is very simple, at least according to the conditions of keeping the dogs. In the second case, as a rule, it is a corral from the cells in which the representatives of the breed are languishing, often poorly nourished and poorly fed.

Therefore, never buy a puppy on the market or,For example, by the metro. And the transfer from another city is also fraught with unpleasant surprises. If you are serious about acquiring a friend for many years, then do not be lazy and go to the breeder yourself.

Prices of puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Lower price bracket for Cane Corso puppies 12-15 000 rubles. As a rule, these are puppies without a pedigree or from parents with a pedigree, but not participating in exhibitions. In the category of pedigreed puppies, the price of a breed varies From 25 to 50 000 rubles.

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