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Character and description of the golden retriever (golden retriever)

The character of the golden retriever (golden retriever) Very kind and flexible.

In the 90s of the 20th century in Europe and America aloneOf the most popular breeds are golden retrievers. Bred by British breeders, as a girlfriend's hunting dog, Golden Retriever has achieved worldwide recognition and fame as an excellent companion, children's favorite and even official dog. Retrievers often work as guides, water rescuers and customs dogs.

The Golden Retriever is very friendly, intelligent,Wonderful breed. It is used as a dog-nanny for a child, as a guide for the disabled. Even used in the police. The Golden Retriever is very accommodating and does any job that is offered to him. To the diverse abilities of the golden retriever, many are inclined to seek an explanation in the mysterious history of the breed. It does not exceed 100-150 years, and yet the origin of Golden is shrouded in legends.

Cynologists tend to see among his ancestorsLabrador retriever, a yellow straight-eyed retriever from the island of Newfoundland, and a Scottish spaniel, whose affinity is attributed to Golden's love for water and for swimming.

A subtle flair of the golden retriever, thanksWhich he helps the police in the search for weapons and drugs, many consider the legacy of the bloodhound, and the understanding of Golden in mastering various tricks, is not often explained by kinship with Russian circus sheepdogs.

Lord Twitmunt, when he was in Russia, noticed inCircus 2 Caucasian shepherds and he became very interested in them, agreed and took them to his homeland in England. In the selection process, when he created the golden retriever, he used spaniels, setters, pointer, and also these Caucasian sheep-dogs.

Golden Retriever pianist

It is for sure known that the breed is finallyWas formed in Great Britain in the second half of the 19th century. With the advent of more sophisticated weapons: a shotgun with a steel barrel, English hunters needed a dog capable of bringing them a shot game. An indispensable assistant in this became a golden retriever.

The Golden Retriever is considered remarkableThe hunter. It is used to feed game from water, sushi. The golden retriever has a very soft mouth and when he takes the game, he does not bother her in the process of presenting it to the hunter.

The first breed of dog breeders was approved in 1913Year. The path of golden retrievers to Russia was long and not close. The first dogs began to appear in the 80's of the 20th century and they were dogs of American origin. The breed quickly won numerous admirers and today centers of cultivation of the golden retrievers have become Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

Description of the breed

A golden retriever is a very bright, beautiful breed. She is very friendly, very obedient and the breeders are very attracted.

All golden retrievers have to themselvesFriendly expression, playful disposition and good nature. This dog is perfectly amenable to training, so it's easy to grow an attractive golden lump perfect nanny or friend for a child of any age. But you should not place Golden on the role of bodyguard. Aggressiveness is completely uncharacteristic of him.

Protection is not for a golden retriever. He will tell you that there is some kind of danger somewhere and that somehow one should react to this danger. He can not bite, can not attack a person.

Despite the softness of the golden characterRetriever, with his education, affection should be combined with severity. Golden has an excellent memory and what you allowed to do once will be difficult to forbid doing in the future. When in the first days, leaving the mother and his fellow tribesmen, the puppy is confused and frightened, you should not pamper his delicious from his table. This can not only accustom a child to begging, but also damage his health. It is better to ask the breeder beforehand about the usual diet of the puppy. Changes in the menu should be gradual.

From the 21st day puppies need additional nutrition. We must start feeding them with ready-made food. About a month they leave their mother and begin to eat ready-made fodder for puppies.

In order to Golden Retriever harmoniouslyDeveloped, he needs not only a full meal, but also regular walks. 2-month-old puppy needs to be fed a little, but often - 4-5 times a day, and walk 5-6 times a day, but no more than 20 minutes at a time.

Golden retriever with puppy

The first time will have to adapt to hisschedule. Do not wake the puppy to specifically bring out to the street, it is better to use the periods of wakefulness. Over time, the number of walks can be reduced, and the load will have to be increased.

For an adult golden retriever you need 2Walks in a day. One short - about half an hour - an hour and a second long - about 2 hours. In general, if a person does not have free time, he should not buy a golden retriever, because this breed of dogs is suitable for people who lead a sporty lifestyle that move a lot.

Walking is the best time for training a dog. Special hunting training of a golden retriever usually begins no earlier than a year. But to accustom the pet to perform in the process of playing the simplest commands you need from the first months. A puppy of a golden retriever for hunting training must know and be able to perform obedience commands. Teach his commands Sitting !, Lying !, Standing !, To me !, so that already in the process of training the hunting training, it was easy for you to manage it.

Golden retriever at the mirror

Among hunters in Russia, the golden retriever has not yet gained a proper popularity. For something about the show careers of their pets, the owners can talk for hours.

Success at the exhibitions is preceded by a long preparation. The dog should be taught to leash, collar, joint jogging in the ring and to the exterior rack.

The description of the golden retriever will not be complete, if not say a few words about his wool.

Golden Retriever Decoration - Fluffy, Longwool. The dog is recommended to bathe at least once a month. A golden retriever needs to be combed daily. In principle, you can, as often as possible. How many times do you have the opportunity to comb it, so much and comb it. It is recommended to use a special puleto. It does not harm the skin of a golden retriever, but only rips out dead hairs.

Beautiful fur is not only a pledge of beautiful appearance,But an indicator of the well-being of the dog. Wool in any weather remains shiny and elastic, if the golden is healthy, and its diet is correctly balanced.

For the exhibition golden retriever is not neededAny additives if you use dry dog ​​food. They already have a balanced amount of vitamins, trace elements, various additives, which will help to preserve the hair of the golden retriever in the proper form. Teeth will be strong, white, beautiful. His body will be harmonious.

With proper nutrition and active lifestyleA golden retriever can become a real long-liver. On average, the Golden Retriever lives 15 years, but the breeders tell of a surprising exception - a dog that lived 27 years and reveled its owner with its good-natured character and beautiful physical form until old age.

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