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Training of a golden retriever

A golden retriever needs to be given a lot of attention. Your society needs it. He will happily participate in all kinds of activities.

He feels like a full member of yourFamily, therefore requires respect. If it is perceived as a decorative element, it becomes morose and stubborn. Sometimes it can disobey the owner. But do not blame him.

A golden retriever is considered less obedient,Than his cousin Labrador Retriever. And the only difference is that a golden dog is thinner and more vulnerable than a Labrador. Therefore, his attitude towards the family is a direct reflection of his attitude towards him.

The Golden Retriever is a fairly large dog andTo the same athlete. For him, the movement is life and a private garden will not be enough for him. If you let him go alone, he will lie down and lie down. And to maintain the form he must run. This is easy to achieve if another dog appears in the garden.

A pair of golden retrievers in addition to the fact thatCaresses the eye, automatically retain the shape - the dogs play with each other. It would be ideal to have a married couple. But if you do not need unscheduled puppies, you can have two bitches or even two males. The Golden Retriever is extremely peaceful. He is not grumpy and finds a common language with all breeds. It is better if the dogs grow together, but you can take the puppy in the family where the adult dog lives. But do not forget to pay attention to everyone equally, without depriving the old-timer. After all, even the golden heart eats away jealousy.

Training of a golden retriever

Training for a golden retriever is not violence, but the basic life requirement. If you are an opponent of hunting, it is not necessary to take up a gun. You can

Golden retriever. It is necessary for him to feel needed for happiness. Retrievers love to bring objects and with ecstasy play with their prey.

They also gambol with the disc they sent. Bringing an object, they expect to immediately fall from the spot after the new export. They are pleased that they distinguished themselves. To do this, they do not need the smell of fresh blood at all - it's enough to buy an ersatz (substitute) game in a dog shop.

Working for a dog is always kind of a game, soTo accustom a golden retriever to work, it is possible from puppyhood. In 2 months the puppy of the golden retriever can already perform developmental exercises: grab the cookies that the owner holds in his hand.

It is also important to teach him to respond to the call. Convince him that returning to the owner is always a holiday, promising praise, caresses and treats. Such a science promotes the development of the relationship of friendship and trust between the dog and the master.

When to start training a golden retriever?

The earlier you begin to practice the trainingGolden Retriever, the better. It is also useful to tie a cloth with a knot, lead it in front of the puppy's nose, stretch it along the ground, and so on. This stimulates the hunting instinct, causes a desire to grasp the object with teeth. After the rags, you can go to toys. Then start the game with throws.

First, throw near, on the sly. Puppy is still difficult to follow the movement of your hand. If the subject is thrown overhang hurriedly and far away, the puppy will not even notice it. Do not worry if the puppy hides prey, instead of returning it to the owner. The instinct of property is not superfluous. Let the dog be proud of its prey. If you have a good relationship, you should call her, she will immediately appear with a toy in her teeth.

When a Golden Retriever puppy is not without adventuresBring you the first prey in life, sincerely rejoice for it. With a young dog from 5 to 9 months can already play almost seriously. Do not expect from him immediately impeccable performance. But it is at this age that the puppy learns the basics of future work, both on land and in water. For correct teaching it is better to give it to a special school of retrievers, since the training of this breed is especially difficult.

Golden retriever in water

First of all, the golden retriever must learnDive, following the instructions of the instructor, which leads them along the shore. They must obey a whistle, not just a voice, because the whistle is heard much further. Each team has a special whistle. A good golden retriever needs to learn the basics of subordination and be able to execute commands, both on a leash and without a lead.

In 10-12 months, the golden retriever should alreadyRespond to the call. Hunting dogs should not know the command - "To the leg!" It is sufficient that the dog walks next to the master and sits down when he stops. Instruct him that you can not overtake the owner. It can be dangerous when real shots are heard.

And the main thing in the work of the retriever is aging. In other words, the ability to remain calm in any situation and wait patiently for orders from the master. To achieve this, it is necessary to hone the rack by command and stop the dog on the run. A stand for hunting dogs always means sitting position. The command "To lie!" Is not used. She is practiced with indoor dogs.

It is equally important to teach the dog to stopRaid, even when she runs to the master. Here, subtle psychological techniques are necessary, otherwise the dog may take offense, feel rejected. After such a stand, call the dog a little more loudly and joyfully praise her, let the dog feel that you are happy reunion.

At about 9 months the dog is already performing serious,Responsible exercises, and not just involved in the game. If the training went properly, it is not discouraging. One of the first serious exercises is called "Ruler". The instructor throws 3 items in a straight line at a distance from each other. Then sends the golden retriever to the 1st item. If he did the exercise, you should praise him, congratulate him. And then hide the object, wait a few moments and send the dog to the 2nd object.

A more complex exercise is the so-called "clock". In this case, 4 objects are arranged in a circle on 3, 6, 9 and 12 hours. The first thing the dog discovers without difficulty. Since the mind of our dog is dog-like, such an exercise requires a lot of concentration from him. Send a dog need not only forward, sometimes it should look for an object that is behind it. To do this, you need to train her team "Back!"

Golden retriever on the hunt

Throws alone do not make sense if the dogIs not able to find game or ersatz in dense grass. To properly search for a dog must master 2 skills. 1 st - tracking, that is, remembering the place where the prey fell. And the second - the actual search, when the canine sense of smell is included. Many mistakenly believe that olfactory reflexes are automatically switched on. The dog must be taught, hiding the object in places hidden from the eyes.

In the water, where the smell of the dog is not an assistant, especiallyThe 1st skill is important, because the dog is not used to immerse the head under the water. Having noticed the prey, the golden retriever tears after it and starts swimming. Golden retriever, like his fellow Labrador, is not only able to move under the water, he treats this element with passion and is very happy when he enters the water.

Like a Labrador retriever, a golden retrieverThere is a natural protection against cold and moisture. Its wool is completely waterproof, and the subcutaneous layer of fat protects against temperature fluctuations. But this layer does not work properly if you do not follow a proper diet. Dry dog ​​food, which is sold in stores, even if it has a quality guarantee, is designed for an average dog and does not take into account the needs of a waterfowl dog.

Therefore, fats must be added to food,Coordinating their quantity with an instructor and veterinarian. Strangely enough, both the golden retriever and the Labrador, with all their love for water, have an Achilles heel. This is the tail at its base. If you keep it in water for a long time, the contracture of the adductor muscles may occur. Therefore, the base of the tail should be wiped dry, especially in the colder months.

But the most serious and correct exercises,It is necessary to know the retriever - he will be taught by a specialist. The instructor will competently and tactfully teach you to understand each other, obedience from him and excerpts from you ... There are many commands and requirements applicable only to workers, hunting breeds of dogs. Even if you bought a dog not for work, but for "the soul", education, as well as communication, you still need. And in the conditions of a metropolis, this is already becoming a demand for the unutilized. The dog should be safe for themselves and not "strain" others. Do not economize on reasonable.

A brilliant hunter or a dog in a golden fur coat -The golden retriever is truly unique. If you like retrievers, give him wide expanses and clean mirror surface of the reservoir, and most importantly make him your close friend and constant companion. And in return he will give you the greatest treasure - a golden dog's heart.

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