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History of the breed, the origin of the golden retriever, the Golden Retriever

In terms of origin - a golden retriever is a four-legged riddle.

The breed was recognized relatively recently - in 1931. About what was before the story is silent. But there are many conjectures. Some are quite reliable.

For example, they say that in 1858 Lord TwitmuntSaw in the circus a pair of Caucasian shepherds with fair hair. He bought them out. Puppies of golden color began to appear in litters. So, in the end, the color of the wool was fixed. However, this does not explain the hunting habits of the golden retriever, which is not peculiar to the Caucasian sheep-dog, nor its external disparity with it.

History of the origin of the golden retriever

According to another version, the breed appeared as a result ofCrossing a bloodhound of sand color with a water spaniel, now extinct. And some argue that his ancestor was a yellow nous, a cross between the same spaniel with a smooth-haired retriever.

Since in the diary entries of Lord Twitmouth it is mentioned about this dog, perhaps by attaching this version to the rest, we will get to the truth.

It is not excluded that for the breeding of a new breed the lordHe used the services of Caucasian shepherds, retrievers and spaniels. This explains all the manifestations and multifaceted nature of the "golden dog". That turned out to be a hunter in a luxurious fur coat!

However, all this is just a hypothesis. One thing is known - this extraordinary dog ​​really exists. And since her appearance is fabulous, it means that both mysterious and legendary should be a biography.

The Golden Retriever likes children very much, respects the elderly. He is an excellent travel companion and an indispensable assistant on the hunt. A golden retriever can be called a dog for every taste.

Therefore, it is now more often acquired asRoom-decorative dog, rather than as a hunting dog. In recent years, a golden (Golden) retriever often performs in dog agility competitions (agility). A powerful addition does not prevent him from being dexterous and impetuous.

Unlike the Labrador's relative -Heavy, easily susceptible to injury, the golden retriever is light and elegant, if you can call it that. And since he is also obedient and easy to train, it is an ideal dog for this contest.

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