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Puppies retriever golden, Where to buy? How to choose?

Where to buy a good golden retriever puppy? In order not to miss, refer to an experienced breeder of golden retrievers, recognized by the club.

He always has healthy standard and well-groomed puppies. But choose a breeder who cares not only about appearance, but breeds dogs, given their natural inclinations.

Golden retriever - working dog and must constantly work,Even if he is kept at home and constantly exposed. Modern dog breeding clearly distinguishes between working and exhibition dogs. But this spoils the breed, contradicts the nature of the golden retriever. Fortunately, true admirers of the breed refer to the Golden Retriever, as to a dog, and not just as a medalist.

They are selected for breeding beautiful and at the same timeIndustrious individuals. Of course, it is not easy to create a super champion at once in all areas. But this is how the true retrievers, corresponding to the name "golden dog", are obtained. It is for such professionals and breeders, only such breeders can get an excellent puppy of a golden retriever.

Golden Retriever Puppies Photo

Puppies of a golden retriever are adorable! It is very tempting to choose the most beautiful or the one who caresses you more. However, this is not the best selection criterion.

A puppy of a golden retriever should be affable, sociable and from the first months should exhibit the inherent qualities of a retriever. Follow the way he plays with rags and chopsticks.

It is very important to check out how the puppy is golden(Golden) retriever "brings game". If he strives to grasp with an object the object placed in front of him or thrown back for a short distance, then the selection was carried out correctly.

As for appearance, trust the breeder's advice. Amateurs often judge superficially and at times make unforgivable mistakes.

A classic example: A person takes the largest puppy of a golden retriever from a litter - and in vain, because the beauty of the dog is not measured by weight. Especially in golden retrievers, whose standard requires proportionality.

Puppy should not choose the largest ofLitter - choose the average for all parameters. Ears, paws, nose, tail - everything should be proportionate. Trust the advice of an experienced breeder. Excess in this breed is never worth. In golden retrievers, even the average puppy looks large.

Puppy of Golden Retriever

This breed is characterized by a rapid growth of the puppy. This is fraught, because muscle tissue in its development, often ahead of the bone. So try not to overwork the dog.

Excellent if the movement of the puppy is goldenRetrievers are given easily, but avoid overloading. Up to 4-5 (about) months, do not allow tedious climbs and descents on the stairs. It is better to take the baby in your arms. You will protect your dog from early injuries and dislocations.

The fact is that muscle tissue often outstrips bone growth, and a golden retriever puppy is very difficult to carry his own body on a weak, for the present, skeleton of bones.

Health of Golden Retriever puppies

Whatever you cook your dog for, it's not superfluousWill clarify the inclinations and diseases that are a scourge of individual breeds - such as progressive retinal atrophy and hip dysplasia - in fact they are affected by all dogs.

Puppy retriever puppy

The fact is that some clubs pay due attention toAttention to this problem, and some forget about it. So, for example, it is believed that hip dysplasia occurs only in German shepherds, then how the disease can affect any medium and large breed dog. The club of German Shepherds, however, beats the alarm and is justifiable, since the question is serious and everyone should be aware of.

If the disease is hereditary, then it is possibleFight, selecting for breeding only healthy individuals. Conversely, the risk increases if you knit unchecked dogs. In the case of a golden retriever, it is also necessary that the puppy be from healthy parents. However, this is not enough to completely eliminate the danger. It is important that each owner thoroughly examine his pet: checked his eyes, took X-rays, excluding from the reproduction of the carrier genetic deviations.

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