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Irish Wolfhound - description of breed and photos, prices and care

Irish Wolfhound - a real giant of the canine world, in whichHarmoniously combined majestic power and tender loyal love to their master. This is a large greyhound greyhound breed. Learn more about the characteristics of the Irish Wolfhound breed, the features of the dog's content and health, what are the prices of the puppies.

Irish Wolfhound: Features

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History of the breed

From the very name of the breed it is clear that the dog originated from Ireland, and its original occupation was hunting for wolves.

This is a very old woolly dog ​​from greyhounds. This group includes only the Scottish reindeer dog - dirhound. However, looking at the heavy-weight appearance of a wolfhound, it is noticeable how little it has in common with typical greyhounds.

It is known that the ancestors of the Irish wolfhoundTimes the Celts lived on the British Isles and helped in the pickling hunting of wild boars, moose and wolves. Their hard wool protected from rains and thorny bushes.

Legends were made about this dog. One of them turned the Irish wolfhound into a capricious princess, who did not reciprocate the druid. From her puppies and there was a breed of dogs with a fierce appearance, almost human reason and with royal blood.

Since the 17th century, dogs have become so actively imported that there are almost no such dogs in Ireland, and a decree was issued banning the exportation of "wolf dogs".

Now Irish wolfhounds serve in Buckingham Palace and participate in royal ceremonies.


This is the largest of the greyhounds, the coarse-wool breed, a strong, muscular, but elegant structure. Its height at the withers is 86 cm, and the weight varies from 45 to 55 kg.

The head of the wolfhound is long, the muzzle narrowed, not large ears are tightened back. The chest is wide, the back is long, and the long tail is slightly wrapped at the end.

The wool of the Irish wolfhound is tough and rough, on the head and ears is somewhat softer.

The color can be gray, white, tiger, black, red, deer or fawn. Allowed with a dark color on the chest a bright spot, light paws and the tip of the tail.

The character of the Irish wolfhound

This is a balanced dog, impressive not onlyHis power, but also restrained friendliness. Now it's not official, not a guard dog and not a fighting dog. It is a companion and a decoration for the lives of wealthy people.

She is very fond of children and gets along well with other animal wolfhounds, never attacks weak and small.

A sensitive dog terribly does not like family quarrels andDiscontent, offended by a brutal cry, even can get sick with the owner. Wolfhound does not like to live in an aviary, because he is not tolerant of loneliness. Therefore, despite its size, this is a domestic dog. It is best for him to live in a large country house, where you can run around a spacious plot, and in the evening at the master's feet to soak up by the fireplace.

Irish wolfhounds are very smart and goodAre brought up. For the normal development of this breed, the attention and caress of the host is vitally important. Even punishment should be combined with a kind attitude. They teach them fairly common commands and usual skills. When home keeping the dog as a companion, specialists do not recommend teaching the wolfhound to guard-guard service, so as not to awaken unsafe instincts in this large animal.

Features of the content

In the house this huge animal is almost invisible. All that he needs is a spacious and comfortable place to sleep, as well as the opportunity to run around without a leash.

Since wolfhounds are very attached to the owner and can even die with his long absence, the puppy should be specially trained to remain calm and with other family members.

The hair of a wolfhound does not need burdensome care. It should be periodically combed and, if necessary, bathed about once every three months.

For aesthetic purposes, the dog is slightly trimmed with the head, ears and the front part of the neck.

For the giant is very important qualitybalanced diet. At the same time, high-calorie food and overeating are dangerous. An adult dog needs 600-800 g of dry food. Sometimes it can be pampered with fruit.

It is extremely important to properly feed the puppy, carefullyHaving picked up qualitative vitamins and mineral additives that there were no problems with the health connected with very fast growth of a dog. And this, of course, requires certain costs and specialist assistance.

The development of the puppy can be harmed not only by overeating, but also by long walks.

The health of the Irish wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

The life expectancy of representatives of thisBreed is not great - about 10 years. There is a tendency to certain diseases. In the first place, these are genetic problems with the joints of the extremities associated with heavy weight: hip dysplasia, shoulder osteochondrosis, dislocation of the kneecap, elbow hygroma, osteosarcoma.

Also, representatives of this breed are not uncommonly bloated, pyoderma, hypothyroidism, dilated cardiomyopathy, Wobblers syndrome, Von Willebrand's disease, cataract, entropion.

Price of puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Puppies of the Irish wolfhound are quite rare. Even the cheapest animals without documents are of the order of $ 700. Elite puppies from exhibition parents can cost Up to 3500 dollars.

Photo of Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound
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