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Trimming and haircut west highland white (white) terrier, price, video haircuts vest

Dogs of West Highland White Terrier need not only a haircut, but also a permanent trimming, which has some features.

When trimming, the overgrown coat is plucked fromUsing special tools or hands. A new, growing coat forms a new, more attractive layer. For the first time the puppy is trimming at the age of three to four months, when the wool is already ripe.

Throughout the body you need to pull out long strands,Leaving a more rigid and short coat. Ideally, this trimming should be done about once a month. Then West Highland White Terrier will not only always look well-groomed, but it will be easy to carry the procedure itself.

If it is rare to trim the west highland white, it will look untroubled, and even after trimming, the short coat will stick out. You can fix this only by plucking all the hair up to the bare skin, or by cutting the pet. However, the haircut makes the coat softer. It gets dirty, does not fit well, and further trimming becomes more complicated.

How the West Highland White Terrier is cut

Haircut and trimming vestaA hairstyle at West Highland White is allowed only inZone of the anus, on the head, chest and feet. These are the most sensitive zones, in comparison with the back, sides, neck and tail. However, all the same, it is better and more sensitive zones, especially on the legs, to trim even if the dog does not attend the exhibition.

Too soft-clipped hair on the paws willWax up and get dirty, which does not happen with the right hard coat. At the exhibition, the trimming should be done only by a specialist. Although this procedure is pretty - about 2000 rubles. However, between hikes to a specialist, you can take care of the dog yourself.

The basic rules of hairstyle west highland (vesta)

  • First, the dog needs to brush with a brush over the woolFrom the back of the neck to the tail, then in the upright position - the stomach and hind legs. If there is no experience in trimming, it is better not to use special knives to not injure the animal. In this case, it is worthwhile to pull out the wool with your fingers.
  • To improve the grip, you can put a little baby powder on the wool.
  • Now you can grab the fold of the skin with your left hand fingers and pull it upwards. The longest hair will become more noticeable. They can be captured with the thumb and forefinger of the right hand.
  • You do not need to grab a bunch, just a few hair. Now they can be pulled with a sharp movement.
  • To begin with, you should walk on the back from the withers to the tail. In these places, wool grows fastest and needs constant thinning.
  • When plucking, the hair should be combed regularly to see the result of the work.
  • On a muzzle it is necessary to cut off a bang with scissors accurately and to go on ears, having left on centimeter from an end of an ear.
  • It is better if someone at the same time supports the dog's head so that everything will turn out neatly.
  • Wool on the chest and throat can be shortened with thinning scissors.
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