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Responses of owners about zwergschnauzers

In this article we have posted reviews of owners of dogs of the breed Zwergschnauzer, which they sent to the address of our site.

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Reviews of owners about the breed zwergschnauzer

For all my life I've had a lot of different dogsBreeds, from the mongrel to the Scots. Initially, not having enough experience in dog breeding, I pursued only a beautiful appearance. But I was always unlucky: the dog was too aggressive, too over-stubborn and disobedient. The last of my sad experiences was a cocker spaniel.

He rushed at everyone, including me. With outbursts of aggression, he began to gnaw everything that would get in his way, whether it be even my arm or leg. I, first of all, sinned at myself, that I was not so educated and that the breed has nothing to do with it. But it turned out that I was wrong. Having consulted with many friends who have dogs, as well as "shoveling" a ton of literature about rocks, I came to the conclusion that I need a miniature schnauzer.

And here 3 years ago in my house there was a smallZwerg. Now I want to share my impressions. I have two small children, so the most important question for us was the communication of the dog with the kids. I want to note that from the very first moment the puppy came to our house at the age of 6 months, he immediately found a common language with the children. Today this is the sweetest dog, smart and very cheerful.

An excellent guard, when the house comesStranger, he immediately begins to bark, but it is only to introduce them, as he calms down. It is very easy to train and educate. The dog got on perfectly with our cat, was friends from childhood. In food it is not easy, eats everything. At night he sleeps, he does not bark and does not walk around the house without any work. Very mobile and active, but at the same time observes a measure in everything.

He likes to arrange a mess in the house, but rarely does it himselfAllows. I never felt like it smells of "dog". There is a special smell, but it does not stink. A little hooligan, but the most loyal friend and just a good dog!

Vasily, Moscow

The recall of the owner of the miniature schnauzer about the breed # 2

Reviews of owners about the breed zwergschnauzer

For 8 years now I am a happy ownerTwo beautiful, charming black miniature schnauzers. I live in a city apartment, so I can say with accuracy that for a small room they are ideal. It is necessary only to walk more often, to accustom to the order and learn how to properly care for the hair and claws.

Over time, I learned to trim myselfBoys and cut their claws, so we do not have problems with wool. Excellent get along with all the neighbors, tolerant to strangers, without my team in the fight will not rush. No aggression to other animals in the yard and even to cats. Do not bark without reason, which is very important for me, since I have a child.

By the way, get along with the baby perfectly, together they playAnd fooled. My zvergi are very active, they can not stay at home for a long time. But when we go out, it's something! They simply do not know how to walk, they constantly run at a gallop. My husband and I even call them "motors." With the training I had no problems. They just love to fulfill my commands and get for this delicious or praise.

The only problem that arose inThe process of education is their excessive desire to protect their family from everyone, such a mistrust even to close relatives. It happened that they took our grandparents for "strangers", and did not allow them to go to the child. It took a long time to accustom them to a calm reaction. In general, the zwergs are very playful, clever and funny dwarf bearded. For their fierce gaze lies a very kind and huge dog heart!

Irina, Krasnodar

Feedback on Zwergschnauzer №3

Reviews of owners about the breed zwergschnauzer

My first experience in the establishment of dogs wasLittle crib. It was a girl who did not grow up to standard sizes and was literally a dwarf. I want to say that I have not seen a more faithful being in my life. It's not for nothing that this breed is called "companions".

She does not leave me for a minute: Sit at the TV or at the computer - she's on her feet, go to the bathroom or to the restroom - she's next. Such a small bearded security man. But, in fact, she just really misses being alone. This can often whine. In general, a very curious dog, open to everything new, likes to have fun and play. She loves to swim.

With regard to content and care, there is alsoMinimum of problems. Strigu, plucking, combing myself. Has got in the nursery already sterilized and docked. Aggression to outsiders began to be stopped from the very puppy's age. There were problems with walking, as she constantly barked at passers-by. Could "get attached" to someone and run after him, yapping and forgetting about me.

But the leash, the patience, andtraining. Now we walk, like civilized zwergs. She is a little jealous, even suspicious about my relatives. Can be offended and even napokostnichat at home in revenge. Now I can safely leave her alone at home, but only in a company with bones and toys. In general, a very smart, unflappable, cheerful, calm, non-aggressive dog. Perfect for a small apartment. Never for anything and never betrayed, focused solely on the owner and on his interests.

Mikhail, St. Petersburg

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