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Grooming and trimming of the zwergschnauzer (zwerg): scheme, video, price

Grooming and trimming of the miniature schnauzer have their own distinctive features. The German standard in the description of the breed says that its wool coat must be wire-shaped, thick and hard to the touch.

The coat of this dog consists of a undercoatAnd a coarse enough short hair. Each integumentary hair, growing to a certain length, dies. It is ready for molting, but it does not drop out on its own, because it must be mechanically removed - trimming, that is - plucking.

Many believe that it is enough to pluck a woolHands twice a year to support the natural change of wool from the zwergschnauzer. But if the hair matures faster and the dog's coat is tougher, then it can partially fall out on its own and the dog does not get a neat look.

Wool grows in layers that do not differOnly long, but also quality. The uppermost, "old" layer of dead dull hairs covers the lower clean and healthy coat. The top layer is ready for change and is easily plucked by hands, since this wool is already dead.

The dead hair should be gently grabbed (only the longest hairs) and removed without damaging the lower layer. A new layer of wool will last for several months, until the next trimming procedure.

The basic rules of shearing and trimming of a miniature schnauzer

The plucking procedure for a young miniature schnauzerBegin in the warm season with a four-month age. On average, the dog is trimming 2-3 times a year, preferably in spring and autumn. It ripens in 4-6 months, and this process for each dog is individual. Preparing the dog for the exhibition, the trimming should be done for one and a half or two months before the event.

How to cut a miniature schnauzer,Black dogs with brown undercoat pluckedBetter not later than in a month and a half. Also, as the wool grows, the undercoat is repeatedly plucked, since it grows faster than the tail. Trimming the zwergschnauzer not everywhere, but only the body, excluding the head and the lower part of the neck, as well as the front paws and internal parts of the hind legs.

The head (with the exception of the muzzle) and the inner partsThe thighs of the hind legs are sheared with scissors or a special machine. The front paws, the muzzle and the bottom of the hind legs are only trimmed with scissors to create a neat appearance. For the correct trimming of a miniature schnauzer, if experience, there is no better way to contact an experienced master.

The most mistakes are made by owners who do not know the dogs when they cut their heads. If the dog does not prepare for the exhibition, then it is better for the owner to master the wisdom of trimming and mowing.

How to cut a miniature schnauzer by yourself? Necessary tools.

However, the cosmetic haircut of the zwergschnauzer before the exhibition is best done only by a specialist. To bring the pet to the standard view, you will need:

  • Trimming knife,
  • Sharp hairdresser scissors,
  • Dense metal comb
  • Mechanical or electric clipper for dogs.

Trimming is produced from the occiput to the tail, from abovedown. The plucking starts from the neck, then descends to the back and sides to the bottom of the chest, go to the shoulder blades to the elbow, hips to the hocks and from above trim the tail.

  1. With the thumb of the right hand, the wool is pressed to the blade of the knife, and at this time the left hand must hold the skin.
  2. Then the hair is removed with a sharp jerk. The pin should be produced in small bundles and only in the direction of growth of the coat. So completely removed and awn, and the undercoat and dog remains completely naked.
  3. Remains of hair can be removed with a machine. If at this time in the street it is cool, then the dog should be protected by a blanket for walking.

After the end of the trimming, you need to switch toThe remaining parts of the body: the head, neck and inner thighs, the chest in front, the stomach and the area under the tail. In some dogs, these parts are also well plucked, but the other animal is clearly hurt, so it's better to use scissors.

Ears cut short on all sides, removingFringe from the tip and edges. The hair that grows inside the ear is pulled out with fingers. An electric machine with a "nullivka" blade should always be cut according to the growth of wool, a mechanical typewriter - against wool.

A throat, before a breast and a neck cut shortly. Bunches of hair are removed from the inner corner of the eyes, but the wool under the eye is not removed. The bangs are shaped like a triangle and combed towards the nose, its width should not be wider than the forehead. The beard is only slightly trimmed and combed forward.

Side-whiskers should not hang around. The whole head should have the shape of a rectangle. The bottom of the tail and the inner surface of the thighs are cut short. Also, the abdomen and genital organs are released from the wool.

Wool on paws is trimmed with scissors and brushed up. Elongated hair and tufts are cut at the elbows. Paws should look like straight columns. Before the exhibition, the haircut of the zwergschnauzer should be repeated for 10-14 days, smoothing out non-smooth transitions.


If you prefer to entrust this procedureProfessionals, then be ready to pay about 1000 -1500 rubles if you live in Moscow or St. Petersburg. The price in Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan is in the range of 900-1000 rubles. In small cities, the cost of grooming and trimming of a miniature schnauzer varies from 600 to 800 rubles.

If you do not want to cut a pet in specialized salons, but prefer to call a dog barber at home, then be prepared to spend about 20% more.

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