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Longhaired Dachshund

Long-haired dachshund is just thatA species that seems to be back in fashion among amateurs - not hunters and becoming a popular indoor dog. Long-haired dachshunds are very cute - a sort of extended caricature of a spaniel.

But for the preservation of working qualities such popularity is of little use.

Longhaired dachshunds were singled out inAn independent species simultaneously with smooth-haired, in 1915. The first mention of them occurs in 1820, but German breeders started to conduct serious work with them since 1874. This species has the blood of long-haired hunting dogs: spaniels, cops, perhaps, setters.

They gave the dachshund a great flair andThe ability to work not only in the hole, but also on the trail, and in places where even spaniels could not overcome thickets. But among hunters, long-haired dachshunds have never been as popular as smooth-haired and even woolly.

Long-haired dachshund, description

In the USSR long-haired dachshunds were brought after the war, and the dogs were not of the best quality, many of them were of unknown origin.

For 30 years, persistent pedigree work was conducted,And among the long-haired dachshunds there were good manufacturers with field diplomas, but by the 90s of the 20th century there was practically no left in the breeding book of dogs of this variety

Although the long-haired dachshund does not freeze and canLong to follow the trail in cold weather, skeptical practitioners are stopped precisely by wool. She collects enough dirt, and in winter she gets snow on it. Snowy pellets, freezing to the wool on the underside of the trunk and on the back of the paws, greatly impede the movement of the dog.

Long-haired dachshunds do not have such widespread distribution in our country, like smooth-haired.

They are concentrated mainly in large,Traditional breeding centers: in Moscow (the largest number of livestock), in St. Petersburg, in the Urals. Not bad "nests" of long-haired dachshunds exist in Yaroslavl, Novgorod, there are these dogs in Voronezh, Orel.

FINAL color and length of hair in these dachshunds are established usually after several lines, as a rule, in the second year of life.

The wool grows rather slowly. But when the long-haired dachshund is "dressed" completely, its fur coat becomes long and silky, on the body it is smooth and tightly fitting, it has a natural gloss.

It is this "shirt" that protects well from dampnessAnd rain. Wool should not be shaggy or tend to curl. Sufficiently thick "shirt" does not hide, however, the outlines of the dog's body. On the ears, under the throat, on the underside of the trunk, on the back side of the legs, the hair forms long silky (but not fluffy!) Strips.

Long-haired dachshund - driver

On the tail, the wool forms a pendant in the form of a fringe,That looks very exquisite. This is the beauty and pride of a longhaired dachshund. As soon as you do not call this "beauty - and plumage, and restroom wool, and adorns the coat.

Wool shaggy, wavy, in the form of curlsCauses serious criticism of experts. Fluffy wool and "curls" are not allowed at all. "Open", lagging behind the body or fluffy hair, although it may seem thicker and warmer, absorbs moisture like blotting paper.

It becomes mud and dust collector, andKeep it clean, requires constant combing and additional cleaning measures. The wool is matte, glossy, dry and hard to the touch, indicating that it does not have the fat layer necessary to prevent moisture from passing through it.

So, wool is one of the main breed characteristics of the variety. Hence the requirements.

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