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Golden retriever (golden): description of the breed, character, photo

Golden retriever - breed description, character, standard, training and puppies, photo

Learn about the temperament, standard and characteristics of a golden retriever. See what he likes, his description, character traits, molting and behavior. Look at the photo of the golden retriever.

Golden retriever

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The Golden Retriever has a unique history,Which is interesting because for a long time one version of its origin was officially recognized, and then another appeared that proved the legend of the previous one.

Beautiful legend

According to the mythical version, the breed originated from the RussianShepherds, who were circus dogs. The father of the breed, the Scottish Lord Tweedmouth, allegedly bought them after the performance in the circus, in which they struck him with their mind and skills. It happened, in his words, in 1858. The Lord bought 8 dogs for a fabulous sum and started breeding them in his estate, not far from the famous Loch Ness lake.

This story was told to everyone whoWas interested in the breed, and was even published in the journal Rural Life. The lord actively popularized this version and added that he wanted to organize an expedition to Russia, in particular to the Caucasus, to bring more Russian shepherds. It's hard to say why this legend was needed. Most likely, it was a kind of skillful PR of a new breed, which immediately interested everyone. The origin of surprisingly intelligent dogs, luxurious gold color, romantic circumstances of their acquisition - all was in the hands of Lord Twidmouth.

It should be added that his estate, in whichThe breed was born, it was really a fabulous and interesting place. It was a huge manor house with an amazing park of exotic trees brought from all over the world. Also here was a unique dairy farm and hunting grounds, in which, at the invitation of the lord, the cream of the Scottish society was spent.

The first breeders of golden retrievers wereOnly noble persons, which added to the breed even more noble gloss. So, Colonel Le Poer Trench purchased a puppy from Lord Tweedmouth, whom he subsequently registered with the English Kennel Club. The dog was recorded as a Russian yellow retriever. For a long time the circus version was popular, according to which a new breed originated from Russian shepherds. Her ancestors were even Caucasian sheep-dogs. Although the appearance and character of the Golden Retriever pointed to other ancestors, but most people believed in a beautiful legend.

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Official version

Golden retriever

Serious cynologists understood that the circus versionCan not be true. Therefore, it was only necessary to study the origin of the golden retriever, and the truth was revealed. Elma Stonex thoroughly studied the history of the breed according to the written sources found to her. Their credibility is beyond doubt, since these were the tribal books led by Lord Tweedmouth. They traced the chronology of the formation of the breed from 1835 to 1889. Now these records are kept in the English Kennel Club.

It sheds light on the history of the breed and the letter of the lordHis great nephew, who was also engaged in breeding Golden Retrievers. The letter describes in detail all the events related to the origin of the breed. The first dog the lord bought from a shoemaker from Brighton, who at one time received a puppy of beautiful golden color from a forest ranger from the estate of Chichester. The golden dog was called the Nous, which in the Celtic dialect means "wisdom."

Nous was tied with the water spaniel BelleTea color. From this mating, three yellow puppies were born, who became the founders of the new breed. About all subsequent matings, the lord made notes in tribal books until his death. The last puppies born in the estate during his lifetime were Prim and Rose. In 1995, papers were found to trace the pedigree line from Rose to the modern Golden.

Information on stitches with IrishSetters and bloodhounds, who also participated in the formation of the breed. All puppies of black color Tweedmouth rejected, leaving only yellow and golden. In the estate was organized kennel Gisechen, which was widely known in the UK. The owner of the nursery gave the best puppies to his friends, aristocrat-hunters. Some of them also were engaged in breeding the breed, actively pouring in the blood of Labradors.

Therefore, after the death of Lord Tweedmouth and the saleEstates the breed was not lost, although the circle of breeders was so closed that the general public and even the cynologists knew little about it. This is indicated at least by the fact that in the work of the famous cynologist of the early 20th century Robert Leighton about the hunting dogs of England, the Golden Retriever breed is not mentioned.

In the creation of the breed, great is the merit not only of the lordTweedmouth, but also those breeders who started to exhibit it and seek official recognition. One of them was Lord Harcout, who represented his dogs at exhibitions. Then they were not yet recognized as an official breed and were called straight-haired retrievers of golden color. Another equally famous breeder was Mrs. Charlesworth. In her kennel was born in 1912 the future champion of Great Britain, it was the first Golden Retriever, who received such a title. In 1913 the club of lovers of golden retrievers was founded. But the connoisseurs of the breed did not wait for official recognition until the 1960s. In Russia, the first representative of the breed appeared only in 1991.

Golden retriever is the second most popular dog in Europe. This is evidenced by the number of registered representatives of the breed in European clubs of dog handlers.

Breed standard: basic characteristics

The appearance of the golden retriever is remarkable for its proportionality. This is a beautiful, well-built dog, active, with confident movements and a friendly look.

The head looks harmonious with respect to the body. Muzzle should not be pointed or rough, it is wide and deep, but not massive. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is clearly pronounced. A special attention is deserved by the description of the eyes. They should be dark-karogo color, with the same dark stroke, and enjoy a pleasant expression.

Strong jaws with a scissor bite. Teeth large, preferably in a complete set.

Ears of medium size, hanging down. Planted approximately at eye level.

The chest is powerful, with deep, well arched ribs. The back is even, the croup and the tail, as it were, continue its line. The American standard allows easy grabbing.

Forelegs straight and muscular. Shoulder blades are equal in length to shoulders. The elbows fit tightly to the body, the blades are retracted. Such a structure of the limbs is necessary for the dog to perform its functions as a hunter. She runs lightly, without spending too much energy, throwing forward front paws far forward.

The hind legs are muscular, with strong bones. A well-expressed knee joint is important, it determines the extent to which the legs are pulled back during running and the force of the thrust.

The coat can be straight or slightly wavy. Undercoat tight waterproof. Around the head, starting from the ears, and on the neck, the wool is longer. Such mane gives the dog a good-natured expression, which is so appreciated in the breed.

The coat color should be golden or cream,But not red and not dark gold. It is inadmissible mahogany color or too dark. The American standard "dislikes" all colors, except for a rich golden hue. English is more loyal and recognizes pale colors.

The height at the withers of males is 56-61 cm, the female on average is 5 cm smaller.

The nature of the golden retriever

The nature of the golden retriever can be heardOnly positive opinions. It is difficult to find someone who does not like the communication with these interesting dogs. They are so good-natured and people-oriented that they are ready to constantly express to him their love and devotion. In this regard, golden retrievers have long ceased to be just hunters. They became companion dogs, guides, and they are actively used in zootherapy.

By their presence, they soothe people, relieve stress, eliminate aggressive behavior. They are used in working with children suffering fromAutism. They can comfortably comfort a person when he is upset or crying. These dogs perfectly feel the mood of the owner and any person. You can say that if you decide to buy a golden retriever, then you will always have a soft "waistcoat", in which you can cry. They say that even when you just hug this dog, you start to calm down, there is so much positive energy in it. Golden retrievers will never grin and bark at a man, so they are difficult to imagine in the role of guards and bodyguards. They do not have any suspicions, even with strangers. In other animals, they also suffer their love. They never provoke fights, and can even for a while calmly endure the attacks of other dogs, simply by withdrawing from the conflict. But sometimes the other dog still makes them angry, and then they give a worthy rebuff, showing their power.

These dogs are not just obedient, they are veryAre helpful. They constantly want to be useful. They will never lie quietly if the owner is engaged in anything, in which they can also take part. Some owners skillfully use this quality, and for example, learn to give them various items.

Golden retrievers happily go everywhere withMaster, get acquainted with other people and animals. You can be sure that a dog of this breed will never offend even unfamiliar children and it will be fun playing with them in a ball. But you do not need to think that this breed is only kind, calm, revered, capable only of playing games. There are many cases when golden retrievers saved people during fires, floods. They can save a sinking person without an outside team. Golden retrievers are not only smart. They are also able to assess the situation and quickly make decisions. The reaction in these dogs is lightning fast, so they act very quickly in extreme situations.

Golden retrievers have an excellent nose and outstandingAbility to train. Therefore, representatives of this breed are often used in the police, customs, airports to search for prohibited substances and weapons.

Friendship of a golden retriever Tommy with a leopard

Friendship of a golden retriever with a leopard

For the touching friendship of the golden retriever Tommy with the leopard watches the whole world. Animals live in South Africa in Pretoria and adore each other's society and joint walks.

Care for the Golden Retriever

Contain this breed can be both in the apartment, andIn a private house. The main thing is not to deprive the dog of his attention and not to leave her in constant solitude. A golden retriever planted on a chain, devoid of the society of people, is a sad sight. Such treatment does not pass without a trace for the mental health of the dog. Therefore, before you buy a puppy of a golden retriever, think about how much time you can give to it every day.

The peculiarity of the breed is that the dog does not choose one owner in the family, all members of the family can be trained with it or carry out hygiene procedures.

Dog Care Golden RetrieverUncomplicated. The main thing is, from puppyhood to accustom him to hygienic procedures and the regime of the day. Proper feeding is very important, but you need to pay attention to other aspects of keeping your pet.

You need to carefully monitor the eyes of the dog. If you find out from day to day purulent discharge from the eyes, then this is not an inoffensive phenomenon. This may be the first sign of a plague, and a symptom of the presence of worms. Therefore, do not limit yourself to simple rubbing of the eyes and dropping drops, you need to examine the dog for the presence of diseases. Although the reason can be more innocuous, for example, from the ingress of sand or dust into the eyes.

If the dog was on the hunt, then after that it is necessary to rinse her eyes, as during the run through the forest and thickets, the eyes usually get different debris.

Ears can be examined less often, about once a week. Rinse them with water or a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide. You can simply wipe the inside of your ears with a moist cotton swab.

Many people think that dogs should not take care of their teethCertainly. But sometimes this opinion leads to the formation of tartar, to the appearance of a yellow plaque. Such a dog can no longer become a winner of exhibitions. You can buy a special toothbrush and toothpaste and periodically brush your dog's teeth or do the same procedure with a cotton swab.

You can wash the dog on your own. Usually, this procedure is not necessary more than 2-3 times a year. To wash the golden retriever you need special shampoos that do not wash off the protective layer and do not lead to dry skin.

To comb the dog's hair is desirable every day,Then she will look well-groomed. After all, the golden hair of a retriever is one of the main advantages of his appearance. Especially this decoration is important for the exhibition dog. If you want to shine with your pet at exhibitions, then you need to turn to professional trimming services. You can master this art and yourself, then you need patience, free time and a special tool: a massage brush, scallop, scissors. And remember that judges at exhibitions are not very fond of when the work you done on the haircut is visible. Wool Retriever should look as natural as possible.

Golden retriever Giuseppe works as a salesman inStore their owners in the city of Ocala, in Florida. He greets buyers and helps them roll the carts with the selected product to the cashier. The store sells exotic fish, aquariums and related products.

Raising a Golden Retriever

Golden retriever - breed description, character, standard, training and puppies, photo

Some owners, after learning that this breedVery clever and kind, do not pay enough attention to her training. They decide that the dog does not need to learn anything at all, it will grow and become smart and obedient. This is an erroneous error, any dog ​​needs to be trained and taught at least the basic commands. A golden retriever who lives in the city must know at least 3 teams: "To me!", "Fu!", "Nearby!". The dog is quite large, and not everyone knows that it is good. If your big-haired retriever rushes to an unfamiliar child to lick it, then the parents of this child will not listen to your screams, that this is a kind dog, and she will not touch anyone. Therefore, start training the basic teams from the first months of the dog's life in your home.

If you are an enthusiastic person, then you mustWill also be interested in other opportunities for learning the golden retriever: freestyle, agility, circus training. With such a dog, you can engage in staging performances and perform with her at charity events in orphanages. In a word, the education of a golden retriever can make the life of its owner much brighter and more interesting.

Golden retriever Baxter from MassachusettsSaved his brother Bailey. They both got lost in the forest, and Bailey got stuck in a bush and could not get out. When Baxter returned home, he immediately led his mistress to the place where his brother was trapped.

Where to buy and how to choose a puppy

It is difficult to be guided by common sense whenOn the market you are offered to buy a charming puppy of golden color, and they say that it is a descendant of the famous Golden Retrievers. But it's better not to make purchasing decisions spontaneously.

First, find out if there is a city in your cityBreeders of this breed. Meet them, look at the golden retriever, his behavior, and decide whether this is the breed of your dreams. Then you can go to the canine club in your town and learn about the planned matings or already about the born puppies and say that you intend to buy a golden retriever for the soul or for exhibitions.

If there is no such organization in your city, then this isnot scary. Thanks to the Internet you can get in touch with fans of this breed. The easiest way is to find them on special forums or in groups in social networks. In the same place you can watch yourself and the breeder of the mother of your future dog. In fact, the choice of the breeder is also very important, because of his honesty and proper care of the puppies at the initial stage of their life depends on the health of your pet.

Golden retriever - breed description, character, standard, training and puppies, photo

If there is no opportunity to see the puppy's father personally,It is still desirable to contact the breeder and look at his photo, video. Before buying a puppy of a golden retriever, people pay much attention to studying the pedigree of his parents. On the one hand, this is correct, but this does not guarantee that there are no shortcomings in the offspring of the eminent couple. Therefore, more attention should be paid to puppies. This is not 5 minutes of observations of playing puppies. It is necessary to carefully examine the puppy both for health and for compliance with the standard. Therefore, it is not recommended to book puppies, which are only a few days old, seeing them only in the photo.

In Europe and America, golden retrievers are kept inThe state of schools where children with various diseases study. Dogs perfectly cope with the work of psychologists and healers, and also help children with limited mobility, supplying them with the necessary items.

Price of the puppy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

The cost of Golden Retriever puppies depends onAvailability of documents confirming his origin, on the availability of champions in the pedigree, and on the prospects of the puppy himself as an exhibition dog. The average cost of a puppy of this breed 25 thousand rubles. The minimum bar rarely drops below 15 thousand rubles.

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