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Mating dog and dog dachshunds: advice of dog handlers

Hardships associated with growing a pupLong behind, and you become the owner of an adult dachshund. But do not think that all the experiences in the past, ahead of you waiting for a lot of interesting, and one of the most exciting moments - it's knitting.

When people set up a dachshund, they, as a rule,Vaguely represent the further prospects of its breeding and can not exactly answer whether they will knit it or not. This scrupulous question can not be foreseen in advance. For example, you did not intend to mate your mate, but he began to win titles at exhibitions, you were showered with offers from the owners of potential brides, and you decided on this step.

Maybe the opposite situation. You took a dachshund with a clear purpose to receive offspring, but it turned out to be sterile, or it does not have good marks at the exhibitions, so that it is allowed to breed. People are used to think that without binding the life of the dachshund will be bleak. In fact, it is not, but only if you castrate the dog to prevent hormonal sexual attacks. Then the dog's health will not suffer.

If, after all, your dachshunds are destined to give offspring, then you need to know the following important points.

Tips for mating for owners of tax-boys

Remember that if you decide to tie your ownMale, then he will demand from you further uninterrupted delivery of brides. Otherwise, he will periodically flee on walks, and dachshunds are especially prone to runaways and vagrancy in search of adventure. Also mated males are more inclined to aggressive behavior and constantly mark their territory, including houses.

Rationally knit only really excellentManufacturers, which for several years ahead are written to the queue for binding. Owners of promising males are known in their environment, and the owners of bitches themselves apply to them for suggestions of binding. In order to learn about your dog, you need to visit with him exhibitions from an early age and receive all sorts of titles and titles.

Value is represented only by those dogs whoReceive the titles of champions at large-scale exhibitions. Of course, everyone else can find their own heart lady, but this is likely to be simply an unplanned mating, and there will be a census without documents confirming their pedigree. In addition to attending exhibitions, the owner of the dachshund boy should monitor his health. The future manufacturer must have a veterinary passport with all vaccinations, the dog must be healthy and eat well.

Of course, he should not have internal andExternal parasites. Do not forget about the upbringing of your dachshund boy. You will often have to communicate with the owners of bitches that will come for breeding, and the dog must obey you and on the whole look like an intelligent and mentally balanced dog.

First mating for a dog

The first time you can knit a boy-dachshund already inAged 1.5 years, although he reaches puberty at 10 months. But it is the age of 1.5 years that is considered the period when the final formation of the breed's signs of the dog is taking place, so it is better not to plan the breeding until that age.

Advice to owners of tax-girls

If you are a lucky owner of a dachshund, thenKnitting for you is just the beginning of a series of important events, the culmination of which will be the birth and cultivation of small ones. Immediately evaluate your strength: can you take responsibility for such a large-scale event, and only then plan the binding. They knit the dachshund for the first time on the third estrus, sometimes it is done for the second heat, although this is not recommended. There is a great deal about the danger of mating at the first heat, and this should in no case be allowed.

If you really love your dog, notStrive to cash in on the sale of puppies, then there is not much work to do. Usually the dog knits 3-4 times in his entire life. The first time - about two years, and then no more often than once a year. After 6 years, mating is dangerous, and such dogs are not allowed to breed, as they bring weak puppies with various deviations from the standard.

With a girl's taxa it is desirable, but not necessaryParticipate in exhibitions. To their show career requirements are not as strict as those of males. But if you want the puppies to be with the documents, then the binding should not be planned independently, but through the cynological union. There, you will select the most suitable for the ex-terrier pair and make the union official, that is, with a record in the breeding book, puppy cards for puppies and other joys of civilized breeding.

Be prepared for the fact that for the sake of mating you may need to visit another city, and sometimes even in another country (if you are seeking to find a famous foreign groom). Matings always take place in the dog's territory, which from the owners of bitches requires very accurate calculations of a successful day for mating. You will have to carefully plan everything, because there are only a few favorable days for conception during estrus, and it is necessary that at this time, and held viscous.

You should not be hindered by the lack of tickets forTrain and other unforeseen circumstances. For binding, be sure to bring a collar, leash and muzzle for your dog. Even if it is not aggressive, the dog may not like it. She will try to bite him, and he will lose interest in your dachshund. To mating because of this did not fail, it is better to wear a muzzle at the first signs of aggression.

If you are a supporter of the theory of control mating, thenYou will have to come to the meeting with the dog, not one, but two times. There are different opinions on this matter: some breeders believe that it is better to hedge and arrange a control mating to ensure fertilization. Others are firmly convinced that if the dog is experienced and healthy, then the miracle of conception will happen on the first mating. It is better to plan a mating with an experienced male dog, in this case everything happens naturally, and people's help is not required.

If the dog is inexperienced, or as they say,Dog breeders, not untied, then he must have an experienced owner who will control the process of mating. In any case, there is always a way out, for example, you can invite a specialist: a cynologist or a veterinarian. Usually the process of tying in the dachshund takes place without complications, and does not require the intervention of the owners.

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