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Dwarf fee: dimensions, photo, price, where to buy

The dachshund is one of the most numerous breeds of dogs. In addition, the breed is divided into nine species. Not every breed of dog can boast of such diversity.

But along with the merits of this breed feature has a significant disadvantage: difficulties in choosing a puppy of the kind you need. Three types of taxes are known by their size:

  1. Standard,
  2. Dwarfish,
  3. Rabbit.

Description of the small dachshund: dimensions

How to choose and where to buy dwarf dachshund

Dwarf dachshunds, as well as other species, canBe smooth-haired, long-haired and long-haired. The dwarf fee at the withers is 30-35 cm, its weight varies from 3 to 4 kg, the breast volume is 30-35 cm. Although the difference in height and weight between the varieties is not so great, demand for a dwarf tax is dominant because of its optimal Sizes and a tiny muzzle.

The choice is influenced by the fact that dwarf dachshundsAre considered decorative dogs in comparison with standard and rabbit dachshunds, in which the genetics of ancestral hunters is strong. Of course, one can argue with this statement, since among dwarf dachshunds there are dogs that can hunt, and in general their character and manners are far from the behavior of sofa dogs.

But if you are determined to buy a dwarf dachshund, you should know how to choose it correctly so as not to be deceived in your expectations and not to become the owner of a standard or rabbit dachshund.

How to choose a dwarf fee?

How to choose and where to buy dwarf dachshund

The only way not to be mistaken with the kind of dachshund is to take a dog aged 5-6 months or older. The smaller the age of a puppy, the more difficult it is to correctly identify its belonging to a dwarf species.

In this case, onlyAcquaintance with the parents of the dachshund. Necessarily need to know the size of the father and mother, but even miniature parents are not always a 100% guarantee of dwarfism, because the taksenka has more grandmothers and grandfathers, and he can inherit their genetics.

There are cases when from standard ratesOne or even several dwarfs are born. This is not surprising, considering that all fees have a common origin, the dwarfism gene is present in many dogs, and one day it can become dominant. It is a mistake to think that the smaller the puppy, the less it will be in adulthood. Often such kids in a couple of months catch up and even overtake the size of their litter.

Therefore, even if you take with you to the brideSpecialist, you have a chance to acquire not a dwarf, but a standard or a rabbit. Therefore, if you are so important is the size of the rate, then take it in a more mature age, when you can predict its final height and weight. In the west, it is customary to divide the types of tax not according to growth, but by weight and volume of the thorax. Therefore, do not forget to measure these parameters, and not just growth at the withers.

Where to buy dwarf dachshund?

How to choose and where to buy dwarf dachshund

The answer to this question is simple: A dwarf fee should be bought from reliable breeders who guarantee the puppy's belonging to this breed species. Of course, it is not necessary to conclude a deal withContract, it is enough to know the address and contact details of the breeder. If you live with him in the same city, and he values ​​his reputation, it is not in his interest to deceive you.

The most optimal option is to buy a fee inKennel or through a club of fans of dachshunds or simply through a cynological association in your city. In this case, you will get guarantees that the binding was planned, you will be able to trace the pedigree of the father and mother of your puppy. You can buy a dwarf fee simply by ad, but here you must already understand that you are at risk and your dog can grow quite large for a dwarf.

To go to the bird market in the hope of buyingA dwarf fee is at least unreasonable. Remember at least an anecdote about a man with a bear who was looking for in the seller's market, a year ago, sold him this lovely hamster. If you do not want to be in the same position, it's better not to try to buy a dwarf fee on the market.

Prices for puppies

All breeders have an unspoken contract aboutThe average price of puppies. Those who openly engage in dumping are not welcome, drastically reducing the prices of purebred dogs. Much depends on the region, on the pedigree, on the ambitions of the breeders.

The average prices for a dwarf fee are 10-12000 rubles. But if you do not have such a sum, do not worry, you can always buy a dog on special terms of the contract or talk with the breeder about the possibility of purchasing a puppy in installments or on credit.

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