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Pregnancy at the dachshund: normal, false

All the worries about choosing a father for futureThey stay in the past, mating has occurred, and your dachshund became pregnant. Do not think that now you can breathe a sigh of relief, the most interesting thing is just beginning.

You have to spend with your dog about 60Days in anticipation of a miracle of birth. All the charm of waiting is that the exact date of birth is difficult to call. Rare dachshunds give birth to the order of the owner, when he took a day off at work. Basically, the pregnancy rate lasts 58-62 days, but one must be prepared for both premature and late births.

How long does the pregnancy last for a dachshund and what is dangerous is a false larkIt is customary to count the dates from the first day of mating,Although the dachshund can get pregnant and re-mating, which is done in a few days. To make it easier for you, you can use the calendar of breeding and the birth of puppies. The first day of mating takes place, 63 days are counted from it. It is this day that will be the approximate date of birth.

Dogs of even one breed are individual according to the reactionOn pregnancy. One rate will behave as if nothing is happening to her and ignore her worn-out sides, leading a normal lifestyle. The other, on the contrary, will become unnecessarily restless and will walk the tail of the owner, looking into his eyes and as if asking: "What's happening to me?".

Although most of all, of course, worried about the owners,Especially those who have to participate in the birth of the dog for the first time. In order not to call every day to the vet and not ask: "Does my pregnancy have a normal pregnancy?", You need to know the approximate signs of pregnancy at different times.

Signs of pregnancy in the dachshund at different times

How long does the pregnancy last for a dachshund and what is dangerous is a false larkThe state of pregnancy is easiestCharacterize not by the days, and not by the months, but by the weeks. Immediately after successful mating, the bitch stops the allocation or changes their color. This is one of the main signs by which you can determine whether fertilization has taken place. In the second week there are transparent mucous discharge.

There are no external changes in the dog, but someMay begin to change the appetite (both increase and disappear) and develop a toxicosis, expressed mainly in vomiting in the morning. In the fourth week, embryos in the uterus of the dachshund become similar to puppies. If you do this at the time of the uzi, then the head, legs and other parts of the body will already be visible. You can also determine the number of puppies, this information is useful when giving birth, so that there are no "forgotten" in the uterus puppies.

The number of puppies can, with sufficient experienceDetermine and palpation, that is, palpation. Taksiata groping in the form of ampoule-like expansions in the uterus. In the fifth week, the dachshund is already seen a voluminous abdomen, the waist disappears. This statement applies to dogs with normal weight before pregnancy.

By the way, in dogs with overweight puppies feelvery difficult. On the sixth week there is an increase in mammary glands, especially this sign is noticeable in primiparous females. In the seventh week, the dachshund is noticeably fuller, and its interesting position can not be overlooked. The fruits are already covered with wool at this time. On the eighth week you can hear the puppies' heartbeats through a special tube, you can see their active movements.

The dog becomes inactive, as she already hasIt is difficult to move on their short legs with a big belly. On the ninth week the belly of a bitch falls almost to the floor, the waist line reappears. Puppies are very well probed. As a rule, a few days before the birth, they cease to stir: they are already very crowded, and they are gaining strength before going out.

Normal pregnancies are just for thisScenario, without significant deviations, and end with the appearance of wonderful healthy babies. But the owner of the dachshund, although he should hope for the best, still has to get acquainted with various pathological conditions, one of the most dangerous among them is false suicide.

False pagination at the rate

How long does the pregnancy last for a dachshund and what is dangerous is a false larkFalse pregnancy or whelping is a dangerousFor dog health condition. It develops after estrus, during which fertilization has not occurred. Fortunately, false palsy is not such a frequent phenomenon in dachshunds, but still you need to know about it. The hormonal balance is disturbed in the dog's body, as a result of which it behaves as if it had become pregnant.

There is a false pregnancy in many ways. Some dogs just behave restlessly, hang around the house, try to arrange a nest for non-existent offspring. Through the eyes of a person, the whole process looks heartbreaking. Imagine that your dachshund collects at home soft toys or just different rags, behaving with them as if they were her puppies.

In especially severe cases, a false pregnancyIs expressed in the fact that the dog arranges an imitation of childbirth in the time prescribed by the laws of nature. Unprepared for this event, the owners begin to think that the dog does give birth. After such false birth, lactation begins, which is very painful for the dog, because there is no one to deliver it from the milk, since it does not have puppies.

False pregnancy is the greatest stress forOrganism of a bitch and for her mental state. The dachshund has a predisposition to breast tumors, and lactation with false pregnancy further increases the risk of getting this dangerous disease. The only preventative measure is castration of the dog.

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