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Yorkshire Terrier: a description of the breed, photos and videos of Yorkies, the price

Yorkshire TerrierA small dog with a Napoleon complex. A big beast in a small body. Yorkes have a lot of big dogs. They are independent, grumpy and at the same time smart and hardworking. Now it is hard to believe, but originally Yorkshire terrier was taken out for catching rats. They had to rid the plants of northern England from rodents. This breed was brought to the aid of the working class for catching rats. Then they changed factories to the highest light of Europe and now they can be found everywhere. These small room dogs officially belong to small dog dogs, but still - it's terriers.

Yorkshire Terrier

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Excursion to the story: a dog instead of a cat

All the historians of the breed are sure that YorkshireTerrier is an exclusively English invention. They say that the Yorkies first appeared in Scotland. Local aristocrats were afraid of encroachments on their hunting grounds and strictly forbade commoners to keep large dogs. Therefore, ordinary peasants engaged in breeding miniature companions.

The poor townspeople and farmers for decadesPerfected the official skills of their small doggies. In the 18th century, the first informal club of breeders was opened. Tribal books at that time, no one led, so that the progenitors of the breed is almost impossible to install. The owners were only interested in the hunting qualities of pets.

Hence the confusion! The ancestors of the breed are still trying to record almost all of the small dogs that existed at that time in England:

  • Skye,
  • Paisley and Clydesdal Terriers,
  • Toy terriers,
  • Scotch terriers,
  • Dandy dinmont-terriers and even Maltese bolonok.

Compact Scottish dogs everywhereThey used to protect houses from rodents and they also accompanied the owner's caravans on trade trips. These pets were unpretentious in their content and were characterized by immense courage.

The official recognition of the legendary Yorkie was only a century and a half ago.

From village to town

With the rapid growth of English industryThe peasants in search of earnings reached out to the big northern cities. They took their favorite pets. And the dogs excellently showed themselves in the new terrain.

Soon the breed was deliberately brought fromScotland to North England to rid streets and houses from rats. And the Manchester and Yorkshire people sent small hunters to textile factories and coal mines, warehouses and ports.

It is here, in the mud and soot of EnglishIndustrial landscapes of a four-legged aristocrat were noticed by professional breeders. Although the breed was brought up by ordinary peasants, their creations seemed truly ideal. It was necessary only to improve the appearance of the dog.

So in the work on breeding includedProfessionals. They made friends with miniature dogs from Scotland with English black and golden terriers, divers, paisley and clydesdale terriers. At the same time weavers and workers of mines were engaged in breeding. A few years later, without any experiment in the house of a simple worker, an elegant miniature dandy appeared - Hadersfield Ben and the fate of the breed was sealed.

Father of the breed

Hadersfield Ben

This dog is called great without exaggeration. He lived only 6 and a half years, but became the ancestor of all modern Yorkies.

Hadersfield Ben was born in 1865 and almost twoYear he lived with Mr. V.Estwood. The dog was not that small. He weighed 5 half kilograms. But his appearance and character were charming. Even then, many said that Ben is the best representative of miniature terriers.

And then about the amazing dog, Mrs. Foster recognized,Which was a well-known breeder and respected judge in dog championships. In 1867, she bought Ben from Estuda for a huge sum. And soon the dog, unknown to anyone, became a real star.

For 4.5 years, the dog won 74 prizes onVarious exhibitions and competitions. Ben was also a brave fighter. In those days in England for fun often fighting dogs with rats and Hadersfield always came out victorious.

But the most important thing was what the experts calledBen is the best dog of his time. He got into the tribal book of Great Britain and gave high-quality offspring. His children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren became champions several times. And in 1886 they were recognized as a separate breed, which received the proud name of a Yorkshire Terrier.

Great Champion

Another great champion is the dog Ted, who alsoWas bought by Mrs. Foster from a simple worker for a round sum. This outstanding York got 25 cups, 75 prizes and 15 times became the "Best representative of the breed." In 1890, experts called it the most perfect terrier ever to exist.

How to become an aristocrat?

By this time, Yorkes appreciated in EnglishHigh society. The cost of dwarf copies jumped to the sky. Rich ladies and their cavaliers gave out entire fortunes to possess the coveted pet. At the end of the 19th century, during the reign of Queen Victoria, appearing in public without a Yorkshire terrier in her arms was considered a bad form.

However, this dear little dog did not need advertisingAnd royal support. Immense charm, impeccable appearance and company character did not leave a chance for mankind - Yorkies began to spread gradually around the planet. First they got to the USA, and in the middle of the 20th century they appeared in Germany and other European countries.

Standard of breed Yorkshire Terrier

Standard and Description of York

Of course, the first Yorkies did not look like the current representatives of the breed. The standard was first published in 1887 and was refined many times. The final version was adopted only in 1898.

Initially, it was stressed that the YorkshireTerriers are compact dogs. But the permissible runaway in weight was great: from miniature semi-kilogram dogs to real "giants" weighing 5.5 kilograms. A lot of controversy was about the position of the ears. Both semi-detached and uncircumcised ears were allowed, and standing docked ears.

Later it was decided that the ears should be smallAnd standing by nature. The maximum weight of dogs was limited to 3.2 kg. But other characteristics of the breed, relating to the exterior and character, have not changed.

Particular attention breeders and judges at exhibitionsGive the pet hair. It should be straight, long and flowing like a skirt, on both sides of the body. In this case, from the back of the head to the base of the tail is a parting. Silky and shiny dream of any fashionista - the must-have for every Yorkshire terrier.

Strictly fixed the color of the breed. The parting and descending hairs from the back of the head to the tail are white-gray steel without admixtures. The tail is dark blue. And the chest, head and limbs are red-brown, golden.

However, recently a few individualsMeet the requirements for color. Dark dogs, as a rule, have slightly wavy hair, and light - straight. So the breeders pay more attention not to the color, but to the quality of the fur coat.

In general, Yorkies are very reminiscent of shaggy and amusing bolonok with a straight line of back. But they have a wide and confident step, strong straight limbs and a muscular neck.

Small, yes deleted

Representatives of the breed did not once becomeThe smallest dogs on the planet and fell into the Guinness Book of Records. For example, a york from Thailand with an increase of 12 cm weighed only 481 grams, and another dog from Blackburn at 6, 3 cm weighed 113 grams. By the way, the notorious Mrs. Foster also managed to grow a York-Lilliput in her kennel. Pet Bradford weighed only 681 grams.

Yorkshire Terrier character: Perpetual motion machine

Yorkshire Terrier - one of the smallestBreeds, and the cheerful character, fearlessness and "sense of humor" of this doggie completely compensates its sizes and do not leave doubt that before you "real" dog. But the poor Yorkie! Exhibition successes of the breed of dogs make the most brilliant representatives spend their lives in papillot and bird cages.

Care for silky wool, which is plumeSpreads along the exhibition ring, professionals consider the most important. But is this dog necessary? Yet the Yorkshire Terrier, whose owners have little interest in exhibitions, lives a more fulfilling and happy life.

Unfortunately, the Yorkshire Terrier occupies one of theThe main places on the list of unfortunate long-haired breeds, for which exhibitions have turned life into prison maintenance. Yes, the Yorkshire Terrier is an extremely beautiful dog, but it's not a toy!

Yorkshire Terrier is an excellent dog-friend. He will share with his owner joy and sadness, will be able to settle in every part of his heart. In its nature Yorkshire terrier - prankster and hunter, so the owners of Yorks need to be very attentive. The hunting instinct of his ancestors did not disappear at all, and he is able to fearlessly rush not only at the butterfly or bird, but also at the huge rat, which he unexpectedly found in the old house.

And how the Yorkshire Terrier stands up for his master! If someone broke your territory, the Yorkshire Terrier will immediately find out a stranger and will try to do everything possible to drive the insolent.

But the main purpose of york - to beNext to you and honestly divide not only the tidbits at the table, but all your hobbies. It is known that due to their character, dexterity and courage, Yorkshire terriers successfully perform in agility - a wonderful form of active recreation for the owner and his dog.

Yorkians just crave close physical contactAnd your adoration. They will follow you around the house like a shadow. He gets along well with strangers, but can be very aggressive towards other dogs. Yorkies are very affectionate and adore when they are hugged and held on their knees.

Yorkshire Terrier breed takes 2nd place in the world in popularity.

Battle Comrade

Interest in Yorkes especially increased after twoWorld wars. In the 40s, funny shaggy Smokey became the hero of the war. Its owner was a pilot of the Air Force, and the dog often took part in combat flights. A faithful four-legged girlfriend has saved her owner's life more than once and taken him in arms.

She warned the military about the attacks of JapaneseKamikaze, jumped with a parachute, helped to lay communications, accompanied the nurses to the wounded soldiers. Smokey rose to the rank of corporal, earned 8 military awards. She lived for 14 years, and after the war she starred in 42 TV shows.


Efforts of cynologists and breeders YorkshireTerrier has turned into an ideal companion. It's not just an elegant mod with an impeccable body build and a pretty face, but a real gentleman. Even when he shamelessly naughty and mischievous, you can not resist his inexhaustible charm.

Like other terriers, the miniature York is bold,Inquisitive and indefatigable dog. He is selflessly in love with the master, but he is courteous and kind to other people and animals. He has a wonderful mind and a great sense of humor.

However, it is important to give him enoughTime, otherwise the dog will get bored and find entertainment itself. Prepare for the unexpected, because he has more energy! But you are unlikely to be happy with the joke that he will throw out. In addition, a york can become very loud - and all in order to attract your attention.

Once in the binding, touching baby will saveSelf-control and dignity. His penetrating hypnotic view will reflect the whole gamut of feelings. And you will understand that it is impossible not to forgive a charming bully. He skillfully disarms you with a simple kiss in the nose.

But do not leave the Yorkie alone, no matter howBrave and self-confident he seemed. It is necessary to constantly look after the pet, in which at any moment the hunter's excitement may awaken. Without supervision and leash the kid runs the risk of running into trouble: he will quarrel with a neighbor's dog, slam into some mink or eat a poisonous mushroom.

Look how fragile!

The rest of the Yorkshire terrier will not deliverNo hassle. This dog is considered to be the most convenient for home keeping. Judge for yourself, the long coat almost does not shed and does not smell. So, farewell allergy and woolen hats on furniture! It is enough to choose a practical short haircut for the pet and periodically update it.

In addition, york can be fully taughtUse the cat's toilet. He can cope with poverty, even on a newspaper. So you do not have to worry about it if you are late at work. You do not even need to walk the dog in rainy and cold weather. But do not deprive your pet of the pleasure of walking and running around!

The babies have good health, which allows themTo live up to 20 years. However, do not ignore simple procedures. To avoid conjunctivitis, daily wipe your eyes with a cotton swab dipped in water or chamomile tea, comb the hair on the face. Periodically clean off the plaque and stone deposits from the teeth.

Remember, though york and get along with children, it's better not toTrust his little nesvysysysham. Still, this dog weighs less than some cats. Careless play of children or simply inattention of adults can lead to serious injuries. Address in a fragile baby delicately, especially in puppyhood. And do without physical punishment!

Famous owners

Among the stars of cinema and music that have chosen YorkAs a favorite pet, you should name actors Sylvester Stallone, Jean Paul Belmondo and Vladimir Mashkov, singers Joseph Kobzon, writer Sergei Lukyanenko, fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin and stylist Sergei Zverev.

Price of the breed Yorkshire Terrier (york)

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

How much does a Yorkshire terrier puppy cost and at what age is it better to buy it? Why the spread of prices can be up to several tens of thousands of rubles?
The fact is that puppies of Yorkes are usually referred to different classes. From this in many ways depends on their value.

  • Puppy without pedigree (pet-class) can be bought at a price From 5000 to 15000 rubles.
  • Puppy class breed (dogs suitable for breeding) you can purchase From 15,000 to 25,000 rubles.
  • Puppy Yorkshire terrier show class (offspring of parents of champions), individuals with a potentially magnificent exhibition career. Their cost begins From 30 000 rubles And the upper bar does not exist

Also, the level of prices is affected by the distance from Moscow. The further, the cost of Yorkie puppies will be cheaper.

Yorkshire Terrier - not a toy or decoration

Recently, miniature dogs again in vogue. Secular lionesses and stylish people carry them with them, posing with four-legged pets in front of the cameras.

But, choosing a Yorkie, you should not approach this, as to the search for another plush accessory. Every pet is a real person with a unique character, weaknesses and virtues.

Remember, you choose a friend and companion who is counting on your love and attention. And although puppies Yorkshire terriers are worth a lot, this investment will pay off with interest.

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