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Dachshund. Origin of the breed, history of origin

Homeland tax is considered to be Germany - foothillsThe territory of the country in the west and sandy grounds in the north-west, covered with forests with an abundance of game. There, then these dogs began to breed for hunting badgers. "Dachshund" - badger dog - the second name of dogs of this breed.

The tax is described as a German short-legged hound and a normal dog for hunting fox and badger. And the "true" hounds, with real hunting qualities, provided themselves with food in the forest.

Their same short brothers with short legs inThe forest among the thick bushes was tugovato, but because of their small size, they were quite competitive with the previous inhabitants of peasant households and sheds, differing from them with a very important feature: they were still hounds, even half!

Selection and selection of the breed of tax were directed toBecoming a squat type and a narrow, but strong dog. With a long snout and a good voice. Because it is very difficult for a dog to pull a badger out of a hole, such cases are not frequent.

Also it is necessary to undertake a shovel. And given the structure of holes in the sides and the depth, the strong voice of the dachshund pointed out exactly where to dig this shovel. The dog just kept the beast in place. Then the dachshund was definitively confirmed and the original name of the "badger dog" was established.

At the rate of a loud, deep voice and beautifulDeveloped sentinel instinct, so they, to all their virtues, are excellent defenders. As a result, by the end of the 17th century, the dachshunds had acquired their classic appearance, which persists until our time.

Currently there are 3 varieties of taxes:

  • Standard rate
  • Dwarf dachshund
  • Rabbit dachshund.

Standard dachshund (especially coarse-wool)They were used to search for the dead on the blood trail, when hunting large game, on a rabbit and rabbit, and also as a normal dog when hunting for badgers and foxes. The rabbit dachshund was bred specifically for hunting rabbits.

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