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Castration and sterilization of dachshunds

One of the most discussed issues among owners of dachshunds is castration and sterilization of their pets. Many people think that the term castration refers to a male, and the term "sterilization" refers to bitches.

However, this is not entirely true opinion. Castration is an operation with complete removal of the sexual glands: the ovaries in females and testes in males. Sterilization eliminates the possibility of having offspring, but the sexual instinct and the behavior associated with it remains the same as in dogs that do not undergo this operation.

Is it possible to castrate, sterilize the dachshundDuring sterilization, bitches are simply bandagedOviducts, and when sterilizing males, the vas deferens are ligated. Most dogs are neutered, not sterilized. A common reason for this operation is not simply the unwillingness or inability to admit the fee for breeding, but the elimination of problems associated with sexual behavior. In the case of sterilization, problems such as urine labeling in the house, aggression to dogs and people, cages are not eliminated.

Only castration makes the dog more calm andIn a sense more convenient for keeping in a city apartment. Castration does not affect the mental abilities of the dog, on the contrary, makes it more calm and receptive to training. This is confirmed at least by the fact that dogs - professional guides of the blind are necessarily castrated, but they responsibly fulfill their duties and differ in intelligence and ingenuity.

Pros and Cons of Castration and Sterilization Procedures for Dachshunds

You can always find supporters and opponentsSterilization and castration. Supporters consider these operations to be useful for dachshunds, especially since female dachshunds are at risk for breast cancer incidence. If you perform an operation up to 2.5 years, the risk of this common disease is significantly reduced.

It is generally accepted that it is better to sterilize andThe castration is tolerated by males than females. The main criteria for choosing an operation should remain medical indications, not just the desire of the owner. Medical indications include:

  • Frequent heat,
  • False pregnancy,
  • Difficult births due to physiological characteristics or infection,
  • Anxious behavior of males.

Is it possible to castrate, sterilize the dachshundThere is an interesting opinion that in conditionsThe modern city of non-castrated males is constantly experiencing stress associated with the presence of a large number of stimuli for the sexual instinct. For example, the male dachshund lives in an area where a large number of bitches live together with him, who have periods of estrus.

Every time he goes for a walk, he getsPowerful bursts of hormones that are stressful for his body. The dog will suffer, lose appetite, and generally such a sexual assault will shorten his life and adversely affect his health. Castrated male will be protected from such troubles.

If the bitch of a dachshund badly transfers estrus, it becomesAggressive, badly eats, behaves inadequately, then these are alarming signs that can develop into a serious disease. Therefore, in this case, it is also recommended to perform an operation in order not to torment yourself and your pet. Of course, much depends on the value of the dog as a producer of offspring, but sometimes nature makes its own adjustments.

For example, the bitch that was plannedUse in breeding breeding, falls ill with an infectious disease of the genital organs and she has to remove them. It is difficult to judge the moral aspect of this operation. Opponents of castration and sterilization believe that these operations do not give dachshunds to live a full and happy life. Of course, it is doubtful that a dog will feel defective, if it has no offspring, in this sense people tend to shift their views to dogs.

Not giving birth to a bitch feels no less thanHappy than giving birth, especially since the inevitable parting with the puppies is an additional stress for the dog. Also opponents of the operation argue that the removal of the genital organs leads to hormonal failures, and for the rest of his life the dog will need to be fed hormonal preparations.

Is it possible to castrate, sterilize the dachshundThe owners of the dachshunds, who have suffered castration,That it is not so, and that after the operation they feed their pets with ordinary food without the addition of hormones. For the conduct of such operations are advocates of purebred dachshund breeding. They believe that this is the only way to protect dogs and their owners from unscheduled matings and the birth of mestizos.

When is it better to carry out the operation?

Sterilization of females and males in principle canHold at any age, but it is advisable to do this until 1 year in males, and before the first estrus in the bitch. So the probability of gynecological diseases in females will decrease, and the males will not have time to develop bad habits.

The decision to conduct sterilization and castrationDachshunds must be weighed and thought out, not a momentary desire of the owner of the dog. He must weigh the pros and cons in a particular case, and take responsibility for all the consequences of the operation or, conversely, for rejecting it.

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