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Collar for dachshunds

Species diversity of collars for dachshunds will impressAny, even the most fastidious dog owner. This important accessory can be chosen for any situation: for walks, for exhibitions, for solemn outings.

Rarely the owner of the fee is limited to only one collar, acquiring for his pet a lot of practical and beautiful models.

Types of collars for dachshunds

Which dog to buy for dachshundsThere are several classifications for an accessory for dachshunds. Depending on the material, the collars are divided:

  • Leather;
  • Textile;
  • Synthetic (nylon, kapron);
  • Metal.

By thickness and shape:

  • Thin;
  • Thick;
  • With thickening in the middle;
  • Round;
  • Rectangular.

Depending on the purpose of use:

  • Training;
  • Walking;
  • Exhibition;
  • Decorative.

Leather collars are made of medium leatherRigidity. Too soft collars have a significant disadvantage: they twist and bend. Too rough rub the neck of the dog. Textile collars are a good option for small puppies, they are soft and comfortable, but over time they stretch and lose their original appearance. To use every day a textile collar will not work for a long time, it will fail quickly enough.

Metal collars are very reliable, but theyGive the dog unpleasant sensations. The touch of cold metal and strong pressure on the neck of the dog makes for a dachshund wearing a metal collar a real torture. For a taxi, thin collars fit well, since in thick collars the dog looks rather ridiculous: the paws begin immediately from the collar.

You can choose a collar with a thickening inMid: such an accessory allows you to avoid twisting and does not damage the wool cover. It is especially recommended for long-haired and wire-haired dachshunds. Round collars have rounded ends and form a smooth circle on the neck of the dog without protrusions and pressing edges. This is also a very good option for dachshunds. Round collars look elegant, they are reliable and safe.

The traditional and most common option is rectangular collars. If you deploy such a collar, then its shape will exactly repeat the rectangle.

What collar to choose for a dachshund?

For everyday walks, it is best to chooseLeather collars. They have proven themselves in the practice of tax collectors. The leather accessory securely fixes the dog's neck: it will not stick out its head and will not run away from you while walking. The rag collar can tear at the most inopportune moment and release the dog to freedom.

Synthetic collars also do not equalReliability and durability with leather, but they look fashionable and unusual, so they can be worn occasionally on a dachshund, going for a walk. For training, you need to choose a metal or leather collar. The famous strict collar on the dachshund is rarely seen, but because of its obstinacy, it can receive as a gift from the owner such an unusual accessory.

With a strict collar it's good to work out the team"Nearby!" And the forbidden commands "Fu!" And "You can not!". Decorative collars are used for photo shoots, for visiting visits and various outlets for the light. The accessory is worn as an ornament. Sometimes for a safety net, a normal leather collar is put under it, and the leash is attached to it.

In this case, beauty often hurts practicalityAnd reliability. Decorations in the form of rivets, emblems and stones weaken the material of the collar, which can tear at the place where the decor is attached. Therefore, for everyday walks, it is better to use ordinary leather collars without ornaments. Remember that the dachshund, despite its small size, has a very developed musculature, it is a strong and energetic dog that does not fit fragile rag collars for decorative dogs.

The role of the first collar can be the usualRibbon or lace. The appearance of it on the puppy's neck has an educational purpose: the dachshund from the first days will get used to the new sensations for him, and the collar will not be perceived by him as a foreign element. Even if you accustom to the collar of an adult puppy, you need to choose a soft and light model. If you put a heavy leather collar on the dachshund, the puppy will be dissatisfied and try to pull off an unpleasant object.

Where can I buy?

Which dog to buy for dachshundsThe easiest way to buy a collar is to go intopet Shop. You can even take your dachshund with you to immediately try on an accessory. Sometimes the collar itself looks ordinary, but at your rate it will emphasize all its advantages. There are also reverse situations, when a beautiful and expensive collar delivers a dog inconvenience and looks inappropriate. A wide selection is available in online stores.

Also you can go the complicated way and orderCollar dachshund for the designer. In this case, you can embody any fantasy and fashion trends. There is a way for hard-working owners: to make a collar yourself, decorating it with generals or decorative stones, or maybe you want to have an emerald or even a diamond on the collar of your tax.

In short, the days have passed when the dachshund was driven by ordinary ropes, now you can buy or make any collar for your favorite dog.

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