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How to teach the fee to the toilet?

Puppies dachshunds are clean from birth. This quality really helps to teach them to go to the toilet in the proper place. Of course, miracles do not happen, and even the most intelligent puppy will inevitably in the first months of his life make puddles and piles in your house.

It is inevitable, to which one needs morallyPrepare. Despite the fact that the puppy can not control its physiological processes for urinating and emptying the intestines for about 4 months, it must be taught from the first days of the appearance in the house to the toilet.

How to teach the fee to the toiletA small puppy of the dachshund makes puddles practicallyeach hour. He goes to the toilet after each feeding and after sleep. Use this feature to teach him to cope with a need in a certain place. At once to accustom the puppy to go to a toilet on street it does not turn out. First, he can not walk until he is vaccinated and has not passed a certain period after them.

Secondly, if you live in a multi-storey building on theHigh floor, then you simply will not have time to take it out on the street: it will make a puddle in the entrance or elevator. Instruction to the toilet should be started at home. You will be helped by knowledge of psychology and behavioral characteristics of dogs. Urine for them is a kind of visiting card, according to which they receive information about other dogs.

Therefore, they leave it only in the right andCorrect places from their point of view. It is rare to find a puppy who indiscriminately makes puddles everywhere in a row. Usually he chooses a place for this purpose. You were lucky, ate this place near the front door, but it could be a carpet in the living room, and a place under the crib in the children's room.

Establish a tray with the sides, high enough so that the urine does not spread, but the height of the rims should not be an obstacle for the puppy, it must freely climb and get out of the tray.

Never put newspapers or sand in the tray;You will gain yourself unnecessary problems. The puppy will tear newspapers and throw sand, so the ideal material is a rag or a special diaper for a dog toilet. When the puppy makes a puddle in another place, put toilet paper on it, and when it becomes impregnated with urine, take it to the tray.

How to teach the fee to the toiletOf course, the tray should not be standing somewhere very muchAway from the puppy. There are two ways to get a puppy to go into the tray: or to restrict his movement around the apartment, for example, close all the doors, leaving him in the corridor near the tray. Or put the tray next to the place that the puppy himself identified for the toilet. Then gradually move the tray further and further until it is in the right place for you.

Ideal place for the tray, if you wantTo accustom the puppy to go to the toilet on the street, - not far from the front door. When the tacitus gets used to going into the tray, start taking it outside the door so that the puppy sees this process. Then he will go to the door, and ask to go to the toilet.

This method works very effectively, but it hasOne drawback. The smart dachshund immediately understands that you can go to the toilet and at home, so even when you learn how to do things on the street, sometimes you will still be able to cope with them at home.

Puppies, who began to accustom late to the street,They can even tolerate it specially at home, causing righteous wrath of the owners, who walk long and unsuccessfully with them, but once they return home, the puppy immediately does everything in the usual home environment. The dog forms such a stereotype: you need to go to the toilet at home, and on the street, on the contrary, you can not. In addition, there are "shy" dachshunds that smell around the smells of other dogs, just can not leave a sign about themselves on foreign territory.

From this situation, there is only one way out: to walk the dachshund as often as possible, for example, 6-8 times a day, and show considerable persistence, walking until the puppy does his business on the street.

To fix the effect, take him out for a walkThe same place where the miracle happened (he went to the toilet), gradually he will mark it with his scent, and you will reach your goal. For especially stubborn puppies, you can take a rag from the tray to the street and put it on the ground, this should also bring the puppy to the right action.

Remember the important rule: Always scold and punish the puppy if you find him for committing a criminal act: he makes a puddle or a pile. If you already see the committed atrocity, but the criminal is not in place, then it is useless to scold him. The natural pull of the dachshund to cleanliness and your persistence and patience will help achieve an important achievement in your life together: the dachshund will go to the toilet in the proper place.

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