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Training dachshund puppy and adult dog

Training and training dachshund puppy beginsLiterally from the moment of his birth. At first, learning is based on unconditional reflexes and instincts. Every day the puppy develops, it has new impressions, and by the month with a small taxon it is possible to engage in purposeful training.

It is interesting that if a puppy is brought up smart andTrained mother, then he copies her behavior. This training is through observation, the mother-dog accustoms the puppy to go to the toilet in the right place, does not allow to bite the master's shoes, in a word, he is raising a trained puppy.

But, of course, you should not rely entirely on parenting and you need to take the initiative into your own hands.

Education dachshunds

How to train a dachshund puppy and an adult dogTraining for teams must be preceded by educational work. It includes:

  1. Puppy training to the nickname,
  2. in place,
  3. To a mode of feeding,
  4. To the rules of behavior in the apartment and on the street,
  5. To the leash and collar.

If you can wait several times to trainMonths, since there are known cases of successful training of even adult dogs, then it is better not to delay with upbringing. At the rate, stereotypes of behavior are very quickly formed. This is a clever dog, and she will quickly understand that it is much more interesting to live ill-bred if the master will look at it through fingers.

For example, some taxes are very fond ofBeg at the table, jumping foreheads on a man and whimpering. All the undesirable actions of an adult dog are the result of omissions in education. To begin the education of a dachshund is necessary with the establishment of contact and mutual understanding with it.

First for the puppy the authority was the mother, then the owner should take its place. The puppy must learn the rules of life next to man:

  • Do not whine and do not run at night,
  • Get used to the toilet in the designated place,
  • Do not gnaw furniture and things,
  • Do not steal food from the table.

How to train a dachshund puppy and an adult dogOnce you brought the puppy home, determineFor him his place. When he will try to get on the chair or ask for you on the bed, refer it to a rug or a deck chair and say: "Place!". Immediately begin to enter the prohibitive command "Fu!". It should sound every time the dachshund puppy does an undesirable action. For example, whines before your bed.

If the puppy does not immediately allocate a place, he will chooseIt to itself and to overpersuade it will be very difficult. Make up for your taxes the regime of the day and try to follow it rigorously. This will help to quickly accustom the puppy to walking in the street, and on the whole it will have a positive effect on his discipline. Feed it only in a certain place at certain hours.

Be sure to purchase for dachshund toys, onlyDo not give it all at once. Puppy constantly needs new impressions, but he is not able to keep many objects in the center of his attention. After the dachshund has learned a little in the new house and ceased to behave restlessly in search of the mother, brothers and sisters, put a collar on her. Let her walk around the house to get used to it.

How to train a dachshund puppy and an adult dogThen you can try to wear an easy leash. Do not choose for a dachshund a heavy leash with a carbine, which will prevent it from moving. First time do not pull on the leash, letting the puppy freely run on it for you or ahead of you. But immediately it is necessary to stop the team "Fu!" Attempts to play dachshund with a leash. She must understand that this is not a toy, but a means of controlling her movement.

Later this will help in training the "Gulyai!" Team, when the dachshund will see the difference between a calm procession on a leash and running around on their business. Encourage the dachshund each time for good behavior.

Up to 4 months of the puppy is difficult to accustom to,That he would go to the toilet only on the street. You can not punish him for this, but you can just say "Fu!" Every time you see that he is going to do his business at home. On the street, on the contrary, encourage it. So, gradually, the dachshund will become a clean dog.

Training dachshunds

Train dachshund is very interesting, given herSmall size and unusual constitution. For example, the command "To lie!" Does not significantly reduce the size of the fee and from a distance you can not even see whether the rate is or is lying. The technique of any training can be reduced to three actions:

  1. The dog in different ways is forced to make the right move.
  2. Do so that the performance of the movement brings the dog positive emotions, that is, give a treat or praise and stroked.
  3. Before the movement is performed, give the desired command.

All these actions need to be done in a row 3-5Times to fix the reflex. For successful training it is important to interest the dog in the execution of the team. Specific advice here is difficult to give, it all depends on the individuality of the dog. But most of the rates are very fond of delicious bits, so they are trained faster for delicacy. Training should go from simple to complex. Up to two months of age, just do the puppy training, introducing the commands "Fu!", "Place!" And "To me!".

Then start learning the main commands:

  • "Sit!",
  • "To lie!",
  • "Beside!",
  • "Stand!",
  • "Walk!".

How to train a dachshund puppy and an adult dogApproximately from three months it is necessary to conduct trainingIn conditions of distracting factors in the street, when the noise of cars is heard, the conversation of other people. If you do not accustom time in time to noise of city streets, she will then be afraid of him and lose the ability to react to your commands in a noisy environment.

In principle, it is possible to train dachshunds andTo finish, as the basic commands will suffice for a harmonious life in a society of people. But if you want to expand the capabilities of your dachshund, then teach her to the team "Alien!", Find things by smell, perform items' shipment. Hunting instincts of dachshunds, like a normal dog, can also be developed by special training, which is called an adherence.

At what stage to finish the training of the fee, depends on the decision and interests of the owner of the dog. If the owner is a creative person, then his dachshundSkillfully performs various tricks: serves, dances, brings various objects. An imaginative hibernation can be taught to almost all skills available to canine intelligence.

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