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Clicks for dachshunds: names for girls and boys, how to call

Dachshund is an intelligent and sensitive dog, devoted to itsOwner. To at least to a small extent to thank her for loyalty and love, every owner must choose for his pet a beautiful and euphonious name.

Clicks for dogs are invented very much, but for each breed there are the most suitable.

How to choose the right name for the price of a boy or girl

  1. The society has established certain rules, which should be followed when choosing a nickname.
  2. Choosing a name for the rate, you need to focus on its appearance and character.
  3. For purebred dogs, the nicknames Bobik, Sharik, Zhuchka, Druzhok and other "common people" nicknames do not fit.
  4. Choose sonorous short names consisting of a maximum of two syllables. It is believed that the dog still perceives only the first syllable of its name.
  5. Do not call a dog incomprehensible for perception by nicknames. If you select a foreign word for a nickname, you must know exactly what the translation is.
  6. The sense of humor of the owner should also be adequately implemented in the nickname of a dog, it is better not to overdo it.

How to name the fee? The most popular nicknames for boys and girlsCall the dachshund so that you are not ashamed orIt is inconvenient to pronounce the name in public places. Agree, it will be inconvenient for you to shout in the park "Taxi driver, to me!", "Radiator, next!" Or "Engine, walk!". For the same reason, it is better not to choose the names of people for nicknames.

The peculiar appearance of the dachshund does not needAccentuation, it can not be called Strabbard, better call it beautiful and noble, emphasizing the beauty of her character. It is noticed that active names are well suited for sonorous names with voiced consonants at the beginning of the nickname: J, Z, G. Do not give the name of the terrifying names: Zagryzun, Zlob, Attack, Zadira and the like.

For the dachshunds, for some reason, the fame of rather aggressive dogs has been fixed, and such a name will not add popularity, especially since aggressiveness is by no means the most important quality of the character of the tax.

How to name the rate of the boy?

For the dachshund boy you can find or come up withMany beautiful names. Usually small dogs are given names that reflect their diminutiveness, but for dachshunds, the choice of names is much greater. Remember that the dachshund is a vigilant watchman, a talented hunter, an indefatigable playful and intelligent friend. Therefore, your boy is quite suitable for serious nicknames:

  • Hamilton,
  • Graph,
  • Gray,
  • Tyson,
  • Theodore,
  • Ike,
  • Amur,
  • Jim,
  • Jeffrey,
  • Zeus,
  • Milan,
  • Amethyst.

Despite its small size, the dachshund proudlyHas such sonorous names, and you will not be reproached for choosing the wrong nickname. You can choose, on the contrary, less impressive nicknames, which will also go well with the appearance of the dachshund boy:

  • Poof,
  • Roy,
  • Pete,
  • Darcy,
  • Denis,
  • Hyphen,
  • Jazz,
  • Jerome,
  • Demo,
  • Disco,
  • Dali,
  • Dale,
  • Bucks,
  • Max,
  • Chuck,
  • Charlie,
  • Chip,
  • Eric,
  • Nick,
  • Tim,
  • Luck,
  • Fido,
  • Fred.

How to name the fee? The most popular nicknames for boys and girlsYou can select an unusual name for theWill make your pet unique and unrepeatable. To do this, play with a combination of letters, for example, by adding a name from the first letters of the names of family members. Another good option is to open an encyclopedic dictionary or dictionary of foreign words.

So your knowledge base will be enriched, and you will pick upHis favorite is an unusual name, the meaning of which you will be pleased to explain to everyone who wishes, shining with your knowledge. There are cases when the future owners have already prepared a name for the dachshund boy, but they saw it for the first time, and they immediately come to mind another: for example, Candy (because it's long as a wrapper) or Mozart (because the fees are emotional and sometimes love Sing, expressing their feelings).

Names for dachshund girls

There are a lot of variations for the fee of a girl:

  • Agatha,
  • Aster,
  • Adele,
  • Gamma,
  • Josie,
  • Gina,
  • Julie,
  • Dina,
  • Della,
  • Mink,
  • Nora,
  • Gibby,
  • Debra,
  • Martha,
  • Linda,
  • Tina,
  • Chara,
  • Yuna,
  • Hughes.

How to name the fee? The most popular nicknames for boys and girlsThe dachshund's fees are very loyal and affectionate, soOften the owners do not hold back and give them home names, which are assigned to them: Paw, Lask, Bunny, Umka, Button. You can give the girl a nice long name with a convenient option of reduction: Virginia - Vira, Josephine - Josie. Sometimes mistresses call their dachshund derivatives on their own behalf: Victoria - Vicki, Svetlana - Veta.

If we take into account that dogs by their character in many respectsLike their mistress, then this choice further emphasizes this similarity. The girl's taxa can be named after a foreign singer or actress. After all, these dogs are very artistic, plastic and musical. Suitable names for geographical objects are suitable for choosing a name.

If you like everything unique, then think up your own nickname for your girl's tax. Of course, this should not be a simple set of letters, but a meaningful combination. The main thing is that the name has a positive aura, then the life of your dachshund will be much more cheerful and happier.

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