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Irish soft-coated wheaten terrier: nature, photo, price

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This is a beautiful, small, harmoniously built and exceptionally intelligent dog. She is an excellent housekeeper and a patient nanny.

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Security features
The size
Attitudes towards children

History of the breed

Irish Wheaten Terrier

The mention of a dog with a soft coat of ripe grain, an intelligent and silent hunter, and a guard of gardens and cattle are found in many ancient Irish texts.

This dog for a long time remained peasantAssistant and only in 1932, one of the wheaten at the hunting trials drew attention to the brilliant accomplishment of their tasks. From that moment, interest in the breed and its breeding increased.

At the exhibitions the first terriers appeared in 1937. There they received the name "soft-coated wheaten terrier".

Now it is a very popular breed in the north of Europe. 10 years ago it appeared in Russia.


This is a medium-sized terrier, very natural and harmonious, firmly built. Its height at the withers reaches 50 cm, and the weight is from 16 to 20 kg.

Ears triangular hanging, tail docked up to 10 cm. The nose of the nose is black, the eyes are dark-hazel, not convex.

Its special feature is the texture of the wool -Silky and soft. The wool is homogeneous, without undercoat, uniformly and abundantly covers the body of the dog, slightly closing the eyes. When moving, it should be fluttering.

Wheatmen are born black, but by one and a half or two years they completely change their color to golden-wheat.

Character of the Irish Wheaten Terrier

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

These are very determined and quick-witted dogs. Like all terriers, they are cheerful, with dignity, but compared to other breeds of terriers, wheat farmers are less aggressive and not so obstinate.

These dogs are easily trained and they need a few repetitions to understand what the owner wants. They are distinguished by exclusive obedience and are quickly trained.

Wheaten terriers rarely bark, easily communicate with children and other animals, do not bully with dogs, although they can show fighting qualities, protecting their "own".

These dogs do not like being alone, they need to be constantly in the family. In this case, they are well suited not for experienced dog breeders.

It is always a cheerful dog, who enjoys sports with pleasure. They are often taught circus tricks, are engaged in agility.

Maintenance and care

These terriers need to comb every day,So that their hair does not get tangled. Wash them as necessary with a special shampoo. Exhibition dogs are cutting a little, just leveling the coat and emphasizing the silhouette of the dog. Trimming is also allowed. These dogs do not shed due to the lack of undercoat.

It is necessary to regularly clean the ears and teeth, cut the claws.

In food they are unpretentious and do not require tediousWalks, because it is well kept in urban conditions. At the same wheatmen are very fond of games and therefore become excellent companions of children, playing both in the house and on the street.

To an independent life outside the home, wheat farmers are not particularly adapted, therefore they do not imagine life outside the family and are not inclined to run away.


Veterinarians note in dogs this breed is prettyA frequent phenomenon of hip dysplasia. Also, dogs of this breed are prone to allergies, skin asthenia, cataracts, renal dysplasia, enteropathy with protein loss.

Soft-haired wheat terriers especiallySensitive to anesthetics, especially on the basis of barbiturate. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss with the veterinarian any procedure that requires an anesthetic. In general, representatives of this breed are very sensitive to medicines, so it is better for them to give smaller dosages of medications than other dogs of the same weight and size.
The life span of this dog is 12 to 15 years.

Price of the puppy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Puppies Irish wheat terrier in Russia is still rare, because they are quite expensive: From 300 dollars For the culled dog Up to 1000 dollars For a puppy with a good pedigree and an exhibition-tribal perspective.

Photo of the Irish Wheaten Terrier

Irish soft-wooled wheaten terrier Irish soft-wooled wheaten terrier Irish soft-wooled wheaten terrier Irish soft-wooled wheaten terrier Irish soft-wooled wheaten terrier Irish soft-wooled wheaten terrier Irish soft-wooled wheaten terrier Irish soft-wooled wheaten terrier Irish soft-wooled wheaten terrier Irish soft-wooled wheaten terrier Irish soft-wooled wheaten terrier Irish soft-wooled wheaten terrier
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