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Vaccinations for dachshunds and adult dogs

The dachshund is a cheerful active dog with natural immunity, but it needs additional help in the form of inoculations to protect against dangerous infectious diseases.

The duty to make the first vaccine is entrustedOn the breeder, this is the most civilized scheme of purchasing a puppy with a veterinary passport. If you did exactly so, then in the vet passport there is information about vaccinations:

  • Date of vaccination,
  • The name of the vaccine,
  • Its serial number.

What vaccinations and when do dachshundsYet the most common is the situation,When the puppy is purchased without vaccination. The reason for this is mainly that future owners want to buy a very small puppy to do his education. In this case, the responsibility to vaccinate falls on the new owner, and it can not be neglected. The most common infectious diseases are:

  1. plague,
  2. Viral enteritis,
  3. leptospirosis,
  4. Adenovirus,
  5. hepatitis,
  6. rabies.

They give in to treatment very difficult, and the chancesTo survive at the small puppy, having picked up a dangerous virus, are reduced to zero. Therefore vaccination of the dog is necessary. Even if your puppy lives in isolated conditions, does not communicate with dogs, walks only in your private courtyard, do not neglect vaccination.

You can bring the virus, and you, for example, on the soleShoes, it can move the mouse, the dog can escape and walk for a few days. There are a lot of unforeseen situations during which infection can occur. In addition, without doses, the dachshund will not be allowed to breed, visit exhibitions, or travel with you abroad.

Vaccinations for puppies of dachshunds

The scheme of vaccination of the puppy of a dachshund can be different. It all depends on the time of the first vaccination, on the change of teeth and on other factors, for example, the rate may fall on the day prescribed for the vaccination, and then it will have to be rescheduled. Therefore, we give one of the possible variants of vaccination as an example:

  1. 2 months. The first inoculation against plague, enteritis, hepatitis, adenovirus.
  2. 2, 5 months. Revaccination, that is, a repeat of the first vaccination with the same vaccine.
  3. 6-7 months. The second inoculation against plague, enteritis, hepatitis, adenovirus, leptospirosis.
  4. 1 year. The third inoculation against all infectious diseases and from rabies.

What vaccinations and when do dachshundsSometimes owners make the first inoculation of 6Week-old puppy with a special vaccine against plague and enteritis. This is done in order to protect the puppy from illness as early as possible and speed up the process of visiting the streets with him. While the puppy is not vaccinated, and within 7-10 days after vaccination, the puppy on the street can not be taken out.

This scheme is conditional not only by age, but also byA set of diseases. For example, sometimes the first inoculation against rabies is not in a year, but at 6 months. Also the composition of vaccines varies. There are polyvalent vaccines, which, with one vaccination, protect the dog from several diseases at once. There are monovalent when one vaccine is administered against each disease.

Before vaccination must be conductedDeworming, giving puppies anthelmintic. The first time this should be done by the breeder, when the puppies turn 21 days old. Repeated de-worming is carried out in 1.5-2 months, that is, 7-14 days before inoculation.

Inoculations of adult dachshunds

The owner of the taxi knows about all the vaccinationsDogs that are confirmed by a veterinary passport. If you have already acquired an adult dog, then you should ask about the vaccinations made. It is widely believed that if a dog does not become infected with dangerous diseases for up to one year, then nothing threatens her. In reality, this is not so. Immunity from vaccination is an average of about a year.

Therefore, the adult dog is vaccinated againstInfectious diseases every year, that is, if you have been vaccinated in a year, then you need to do it in 2 years, 3 years and so on. In any case, it is necessary to do an annual vaccination against rabies, which is dangerous for people. Taxes that are used as hunting dogs, vaccination against rabies is vital.

It is recommended to do vaccination in veterinaryDoctor, as sometimes dogs can have an allergic reaction to the vaccine, which requires immediate help from the vet. A proven vaccine adult dog can be vaccinated and yourself, if you have skills in this matter.

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