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Dry food for dachshunds: reviews, advantages and disadvantages

The opinion of the owners of the rate is divided: Some feed their pets with natural food, others choose ready-made dry food. The choice depends on the beliefs of the owners and on the characteristics of the dog. On the one hand, giving dry fodder to the taxis is a convenient option for busy people, when you do not need to cook fresh food every day.

But some dogs have an allergy to dry foodOr they are accustomed to natural food, and refuse to eat dry balls. Although this happens rarely, since the dachshund is not an allergic breed and has an excellent appetite.

How to feed the dachshund with dry food?

Dry food for dachshundsCheck if the dry food is suitable for your dog,Just: you need to watch it for at least two weeks. If during this time she does not have an allergy or an upset stomach, then the food is suitable. Some owners fear that the food portions indicated on the food packaging are too small for a day, and the dog does not consume them.

Indeed, a handful of feed can look likeSmall, but carry out such an experiment: soak a portion of food in water and leave for several hours. You will see to what extent the food in the dog's stomach swells. The volume will be quite impressive, and, therefore, the stomach will not be empty. The main rule is not to give dry food to the puppies until they reach the age of two months.

Such an abrupt transition from liquid food to dryIt is harmful for small ones. When the puppies turn 2 months old, you can start to enter dry food, but give it not immediately in a dry form, and soak with boiling water, allow to cool and add a little warm milk. So it is recommended to feed about a week, then you can remove milk from the mixture and give just soaked food.

Only after this preparation of the stomach to dryFood can be transferred to dry food in its pure form. Calculating the dose is easy: each package has a dosage of feed depending on age and weight. If you know the weight of your dog, then determine the necessary rate of feed is not difficult.

An adult dog must be fed twice inDay, sometimes it is preferable to leave three meals a day, but the norm of feed per day should not be exceeded anyway. It simply does not break into two, but three times.

What kind of dry food to choose for dachshunds?

Dry food for dachshundsIf with a question of a mode of feeding and calculation of portionsIt's very simple, the choice of a certain type of dry food causes a lot of discussion among the owners of the dachshunds. The easiest way is to choose the feed recommended by the breeder from whom you purchased the fee. You can see with your own eyes that healthy and beautiful dogs are grown on this forage, get recommendations for feeding and profitable purchase of feed.

But what to do if you can not afford such a foodOr, on the contrary, you think that he is not too good, and you can find better. In this case, you have a huge choice: from feed-holistic to food economy class. It is impossible to recommend a specific type of food, you will have to choose it, based on the feedback of the owners or by trial and error, which of course is undesirable.

The main thing about what you should know is that all feedsHave different rulers depending on the age of the dog and its size. The dachshund is a small breed, so you need small-breed feeds. They differ in smaller sizes of balls and crackers, as well as a special selection of calories for small breeds. The age ranges of feed are designed for puppies from two to six months, from six months to a year, for adult dogs, for aging dogs.

Dry food for dachshundsThere are special foods for pregnant and lactating womenBitches. The main guideline in the choice of food is the percentage of protein, the main source of energy of dogs. Focus on feed, where this figure is not less than 22%, there is, on the contrary, high protein food - more than 30%, but some dogs may experience food intolerance with high protein content of animal origin.

With independent choice of dry food, no oneCan insure you against mistakes. But you can reduce the probability of errors to a minimum. Consult with the owners of dachshunds from their city or on forums, find out what they feed their pets. Also, one should not buy cheap feeds with a predominance among the ingredients of cereals. Moreover, in them, as a rule, there is even no division into feed for small and large breeds.

It is noticed that the rates are reluctant to eat large ballsSuch food, not to mention the doubtfulness of their benefits to the dachshund. To buy anyone not known food is also very risky. Some well-known brands are not limited to the division into large and small breeds and produce feeds specifically for a specific breed. For example, there is a Royal Canin food specially for the dachshund. For the selection you can see the rating of dry dog ​​food for 2014 and choose the most inspiring brand trust.

Important and the ability to constantly buy the selectedFood, its constant availability in a convenient place for shopping, as a constant change of feed will not go on a tax for good. The forage of some foreign brands to buy is problematic. It is important to consider the issue of choosing dry food in advance, even before the acquisition of the tax, so as not to arrange forced relieving days for it, until you are determined with a choice.

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