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Buy puppy scotch terrier, price

When you decided to buy a Scotch terrier and you already imagine how a small terrier stud dog will live at home, happiness overwhelms the soul and you think only of one thing: you would rather see this miracle.

But still curb your feelings for a while, because before you buy a puppy Scotch terrier, you will have to solve several questions.

A boy or a girl?

Or, as the cynologists say, a dog or a bitch? While scotch terriers are growing, there is no difference. Both the boy and the girl will joyfully play, walk and play pranks. Character does not really depend on sex. A boy can be extraordinarily tender, touching for all his playfulness. A girl - bold and brash. And vice versa.

Of course, the males are somewhat more inclined toDog fights, especially if there is, whom to protect, but the girls can be violent by nature, although much less often. At puberty (6-9 months) the male will start playing sex games with his friends on the street.

Not very nice, but no one to scoldIt is impossible. This is a kind of training before a serious dialogue with the opposite sex. A dog can mark its territory, picking up a paw. Sometimes even at home - at the corners and furniture. This, however, can be disaccustomed. At the girl at a puberty the heat (blood allocation from a loop) which repeats two times a year begins and proceeds about 3 weeks. Bitches, as a rule, poured everything for themselves, but sometimes droplets of blood can be seen on the carpet or furniture.

Well, and most importantly the difference. If you decide to buy a dog of Scotch terrier, you deprive yourself of the happiness of seeing the emergence of a new life into the light, holding in your hands a tiny helpless blind lump. Eyes opened - joy! The eye has risen - joy!

But, of course, these are concerns. Feeding, cleaning ... God forbid, get sick. Buying puppies is a serious matter. (See more useful articles: Feeding a puppy, puppy food)

Price of Scotch Tissue

The price of Scotch Terrier puppies depends on a number ofParameters: from the quality (class) of the puppy, from sex, from the titles of parents, etc. Therefore, at the moment the price of puppies Scotch terrier from 15,000 rubles to 25,000 rubles and above.

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