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Feeding Scotch Terrier puppies

You can start with low-fat kefir. The smartest quickly begin to lap out of the saucer, and the rest first lick their faces, and then they themselves begin to lap.

The next day you can try canine cans for puppies. They carefully knead with a fork and give each separately. Watch with a puppy chair.

After 3-4 days Scotch terrier can soak dry food for puppies (1/2 cup of food pour cold water to the top, after 2-3 hours the food is ready).

If you feed dogs natural food, puppiesScotch terrier can make a shovel - scrape a large piece of meat with a knife and give each puppy a small lump with a pea. You can cook porridge from grated rice and buckwheat in a coffee grinder. There you can add a shovel. Cottage cheese is desirable nonfat.

At this time the bitch can begin to regurgitate puppiesFood. This is very useful for children. But you need to carefully monitor the food of an adult dog, so that it does not have large pieces, otherwise the puppies can choke them.

First, additional food is given 1 time per day. After 5-7 days - 2 times a day, increasing the amount of food. A week later (by the 35th day) - 3 times a day. By the 45th day puppies are transferred to 4 meals a day. This is their main food, although the bitch can still feed the puppies 1-2 times. By two months the bitch is not allowed to go to the puppies.

Scotch-terrier puppies are very playful. Watch them for hours. But their games can turn into real fights to the blood. Punishing babies is useless. Terrier temperament! It is better to set the fighter on for 2-3 days, and perhaps even before the day of sale.

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