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Puppies of Scotch Terrier Puppies

The hardest are the first 3 days of puppies' life. Both the kids and the mother are still weak enough, so the bitch can fall asleep and not hear the puppy whine that she accidentally crushed. This should take care of you.

Large and strong puppy Scotch terrier, bothRule, from the first day they suck themselves and push their brothers and sisters away from the very dairy nipples. You must follow the weak puppies so that they do not stay hungry.

The main occupation of small puppies is to suck, but,Having eaten, - to sleep. Puppies of Scotch terrier are born with closed eyes and, like sealed ears, they see nothing and do not hear. Therefore, life seems wonderful to them, as long as it's warm, satisfying and licking mom. Especially talented puppies already by the 7th day after birth can crawl off the litter to make their gave on the newspaper, and then crawl back. Shear claws with puppies, cutting only the tip so that they do not scratch the abdomen with mom while eating.

Approximately on the 10th day ears open, and on12-14th day of the eyes. This is always a great joy, this is a new stage in the life of scotchs. By this time, it is necessary to prepare a fenced-in territory more so that the puppies can move and train themselves in games and fights. To do this, fence the space with an arena, floor the floor with an oilcloth, and then with newspapers. Already on the 15th-16th day the puppies begin to actively creep and even play with their mother, brothers and sisters, grabbing them by the tails, ears. If before mother licked their tummies, and everything was clean, now the puppies crawl out of the lair on the newspaper and there they do their deeds.

By the 20th day puppies of Scotch terrier puppies begin to rush around the arena, play catch-up.

Approximately by the 21st day, acuteNeedles fangs, and by the 25th - incisors. Puppies of Scotch terrier begin not only to scratch the bitch, but also to bite it from all their puppy strength, and this is very painful. Therefore, the bitch approaches puppies less and less, and milk begins to decrease. So you can start feeding puppies.

Usually, as soon as the puppies begin to receive additional food, the bitch stops cleaning after them. Now you will have more worries. It will be necessary to change the newspapers quite often.

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